The room was dark and quiet. It was a room that was hardly cleaned. It
was located in a police department, used for questioning criminals. A
lone table sat in the middle, accompanied by two chairs. A lion-like
figure sat on one of them.

The door creaked open as a large green crocodile stepped in the room.
He flicked a light on as he went over papers.

"...Thunder the Lion, correct?" the crocodile, known as Vector asked.

The figure nodded.

"Well, Thunder." Vector continued, "You realize how much your wanted
for in Central City?"

"Look, man, I didnt do it."

"How? You were filmed on video! Are you trying to tell me a lion
looking just like you stole thousands of weapons from G.U.N?"

The figure didnt answer.

"Where are your teammates?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?" Vector tried not to chuckle. He had seen this so many times.

"Look, how long will it take for you to get through your head that I
didnt do it?"

"Sorry, Thunder. But I dont believe you. Now listen, your going to be
held in a cell, at G.U.N Agencies. I was just trying to get you to
talk, but I guess G.U.N's going to do it, the hard way." Vector then
unlocked the figure's arms from the table, placed handcuffs on him,
and led him out the door.


"Sonic?" a familiar voice asked. Sonic opened his eyes to find Sally
Acorn in front of him.

"Hey, Sal..." He said with a yawn. "Sorry, I must've dosed off.

"No worries, Sonic." Sally reassured him. "I need to talk to you about
something. You heard about the break-in at G.U.N, correct?

Sonic nodded.

"Well, Chaotix and G.U.N got one of the team members, but the rest are
still out there. Should I we get the Freedom Fighters on their trail?"

Sonic sighed. "We cant, Sal. Egghead built that new air base. If we
dont do anything about that, Eggy will have the advantage, and that'll

"Then what do we do? These criminals must be stopped!"

Sonic looked up at the night sky. He just now remembred that he had
fallen asleep alongside the Lake of Rings. Memories came back as he
gazed at the stars. A smile spread on his face as an idea came to

"Why dont we make a new team to send after them?" he said.

Sally thought about this. "Do you mean... recruiting new people?"

Sonic nodded. "Ask around, advertise it, whatever. We'll get new
recruits, train them, and bam! A new team!"

Sally nodded. "Hopefully, this will be easy."

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