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"Oh, crud..."

Darkness landed his airboard down beneath the dark trees and turned to
the direction where the explosion had sounded. Devlin, Scorch, Unova,
and Lexi piled off.

"Blast, we'll be lucky if they're alive." Devlin growled, running
towards the wreckage of the flaming ship. The others followed shortly.

"Geez, what WAS that?" Scorch asked aloud. "Those jerks literally took
our ship down with a remote control! Now we've got half our team

"We don't know that yet..." Unova calmly informed.

The first thing they noticed was Thunder clinging to a tree, barely
conscious in the branches. Lexi quickly scampered up and pulled the
lion down, setting him in the brush. He seemed to be in a state of
shock, which meant the others would be, as well.

Devlin had arrived at the ship and pulled a large sheet of metal off
of what appeared to be a Mobian form.

It was Bedwyr. The turtle blinked and weakly stood up, using Aquarion
to balance himself.

"That was... rather discomforting..." he stated.

"You guys need to rest," Darkness told them, leading them over to a tree.

Lexi was searching through the torn remains of the cabin room. She
thought she heard a groan escape from beneath the ripped wall that had
fallen apart. She swiftly began lifting the large pieces, grunting due
to the weight.

"You two can watch all you want." she said, turning to Scorch and
Unova, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. The wolf and hedgehog took the
hint, as Scorch helped her move a large chunk of rubble while Unova
disposed of the rest via pyschokinesis.

Both Bangs and KT were under the pile they had removed. KT was
coughing through the dust while Bangs had been knocked unconscious.
Rotor was found laying in the brush just a short distance from the
wreckage by Darkness, and Whirl had climbed out of the remains
himself. Lexi and Devlin propped Bangs' form up against the tree with
Bedwyr, while both KT and Whirl insisted they were fine. Rotor felt
extremely dizzy and had to sit down for a few minutes. Everyone seemed
to be alright, but there was still one problem.

"...Where's Eclipse?" Devlin asked.

The others looked around, and saw that indeed, Eclipse was the only
one missing. Darkness walked over to the lynx and pointed towards more
wreckage lying a short distance away. "If I had to guess, he's
probably in there."

Devlin nodded, and the two made it over. There were three walls that
appeared to once be half of the cabin room, while the seating of the
plane was strewn across the ground. There was also a large plate of
metal embedded into the ground.

Devlin blinked. "Are these... claw marks?"

For sure, several lines were torn through the sheets, as if a large
animal had torn it apart.

"...This doesn't look good." Darkness remarked. He turned to see the
rest of the team approaching, the ones that were injured had
apparently been healed by a Chaos Emerald that Rotor brought.

Bedwyr and Lexi both approached the large metal plate in the ground
and prepared to lift it up.

Suddenly, it flew up on it's own, and a loud roar echoed through the
jungle. Bedwyr quickly regained his footing while Lexi grabbed onto a
tree so as to stop herself from being knocked back.

Whirl quickly made his way over with Thunder. The two peered through
the cloud of dust that had risen, and glimpsed an extremely large
hedgehog. A werehog, to be exact. It growled and threw a small object
out of the dust cloud.

It was a broken inhibitor ring.

[Music Playing: "Monster", by Skillet]

"Aw, crap..." Whirl and Thunder said simultaneously.

The creature clapped his hands together, causing a sonic boom effect
to send the entire team flying into the trees.

As it stepped into the moonlight, it could be clearly seen that this
creature clearly was Eclipse, only his fur had become a pale white,
his boots were now spiked, as well as his collarbone. His eyes glared
with the feral radiance of a wild dog. He let out a roar and charged
at the group.

The team reacted quickly, everyone taking shelter while the monster
began furiously ripping apart the forest. Whirl and Bedwyr were the
first to come out and quickly launched a barrage of high-pressured
water at the werehog.

"Great wonders almighty! What IS that creature?" Aquarion shouted.

"I have a feeling that is... er... WAS, Eclipse." Whirl replied,
picking the broken inhibitor ring pieces off the ground.

"Quick, whatevers wrong with him, he needs to be calmed down!" Unova said.

"Yeah yeah, could you be anymore obvious?" Lexi asked as she attempted
to hold the monster's arm down. The Werehog growled at her and tossed
the hedgehog into KT.

"Whoa!" KT explained, getting knocked to the ground. The werehog
towered over the two of them, and prepared to slam a massive fist

The hedgehog and fox reacted quickly. Lexi launched a kunai at Eclipse, while KT whipped out her pistol and shot the
werehog's arm. Although they appeared to weaken his arm, Eclipse
disgarded it as a minor casualty. It did buy KT and Lexi time to get
out from under the creature, though.

"Hey, big guy!" Scorch called, launching a fireball at Eclipse.
Darkness rammed into him with his airboard, and Unova launched a stone
with pyschokinesis.

The attacks seemed to slow Eclipse down only slightly, as he continued
charging through the woods on a rampage-streak. He managed to lift a
large piece of the ship and slam it into an unexpecting Rotor, who was
sent flying into a tree.

Bangs gulped and quickly fished out her iPod. It had been so long
since she had used her music powers, and she wasn't sure if they would
work the same as they used to. Nevertheless, desperate times called
for desperate measures, and this was a desperate time.

Quickly powering up her music player, she shifted through each of her songs.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Bangs is extremely talented when
it comes to singing along with music. So much, in fact, that she uses
it to manipulate the notes and turn them into various different

Anyway, the kitsune settled on a song called "Monster". It seemed
reasonable enough given the current circumstances. She stood up and
quietly began singing with the lyrics.

Eclipse suddenly grasped his head. Sharp pangs shot through each time
Bangs hit a specific note. He groaned as he felt his strength slowly
start to deplete. He saw Bangs and growled, rage fueling every bit of
strength he had left. He charged at her and prepared to claw her

"Don't even think about it." Thunder growled, jumping down from the
trees and delivering a kick to the werehog. Thunder's size had
increased greatly, and it was almost equal to Eclipse's. His eyes
glowed and his claws and teeth had grown out. Thunder had engaged his
beast form, one of the perks of Serum X getting pumped into your body.

The large creatures bombarded each other with various attacks, and the
fight appeared even. Unfortunately, Eclipse managed to grab the lion
by the mane and throw him to the ground, holding him there and nearly
squeezing the life out from his neck. The pangs suddenly returned as
Bangs began singing louder. He stopped and grabbed his head again.
That was when bullets from KT and Darkness, water from Bedwyr and
Whirl, fireballs from Scorch, flying rocks from Unova, and knives from
Lexi and Devlin rained down onto the large hedgehog. This combined
with Bangs' destructive voice and Thunder's revived fists pushed
Eclipse to his limits.

The werehog roared and beat his fists into the ground, causing
everyone to lose their balance. Eclipse growled, before hanging his
head down, exhausted.

[Music Stops]

Whirl slowly approached him. "...Looks like he lost control of himself."

Rotor coughed and stood up weakly. "He's got traces of lycanthropy in
his blood, as well as some type of serum. The inhibitor rings seemed
to be holding it in, but now that they broke..."

Bangs shut off her iPod. "Well, at least he seems to have calmed down
a bit." She motioned to the werehog Eclipse, who was now laying in a
tired manner.

Rotor nodded and turned to the rest of the group. "Did everyone make
it out of that okay?"

The team nodded in affirmative, while KT decided to raise a question.

"Do we have any way to track that group that downed our ship?"

The walrus shook his head. "Unfortunately, no. Could you pick up
anything from your technologies, Darkness?"

The coal-black hedgehog sighed, "I'd normally be able to, but most of
the bioreading trackers are equipped into my airboard... which got
pretty beat up..."

Rotor groaned. This meant that there was still a group of
ship-sabotaging creeps out there, and they had no way to locate them.

Scorch glanced at his disappointed teammates. "Well, it can't be THAT
bad, right? I'm sure the worst is behind us."

That was when several large helicopters shot low over the jungle,
hovering a short distance above the group. Turrets were plainly
visible among the aircrafts, trained on the Alternates. Along with
that, thousands of armed hooded figures stepped out from the shadows,
each aiming a gun. Eclipse growled and obtained a feral stance, while
Lexi punched Scorch's shoulder.

"You totally jinxed that, hot-head."

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