Kim Possible

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All Good Things… Must Come To an End

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Prologue – All Good Things…

Alex on knees looking down at the picture of her once girlfriend and lover Kim Possible, they loved each other so much. A few feet away from her stands Shego, looking on at the line of graves, has Alex cries behind her. Alex reaches over and touches the picture of Kim. She picks up the picture and put to her chest wanting to be with Kim, She can't stop herself from crying even more. She puts the picture down next to the head stone. She get up and starts walking away from the grave, it a walk that feels like forever just to get back to her car, once she is in the car, tears still stream down her face and cheeks.

Once she gets home, Clover and Sam are sitting on the couch watching T.V. Clover looks back and sees Alex walking by them and upstairs and in to the bathroom of the house. She walks over to the bathroom mirror and opens it, she look for something that she hoped that she never have to look for, and she reaches for a small razor blade. She walks to the toilet and sets down. "I'll be seeing you soon Kim." Has she put the razor blade to her wrist…?