Wrong Time, Wrong Place, but Awfully Lucky

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*I only own Axel and Alex, and Rose owns Vanessa and Vixen*

*Co Written by Rose Black Dragon*

Character Profiles

Hey! I know a bunch of you HATE character profiles in the beginning, but:


Good Guys

Name: Alexandria

Hair Color: Orange

Hair Style: Long braid to the side

Weapons: Kamas

Outfit: orange tank top, short jeans, orange high tops

Extra Information: Alexandria has ADD and ADHD. She is super hyper, and loves video games and skating, as well as cooking. She is very close to her sister.

Name: Vanessa

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: long and straight

Weapons: Katanas

Outfit: blue long-sleeved shirt, long jeans, white sneakers

Extra Information: Vanessa teaches what she knows about ninjitsu to kids where she works. Where she works is "Nina's Ninjitsu". She comforts and protects her younger sibling.

Bad Guys

Name: Axel

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Style: mohawk

Weapons: Knife

Outfit: red t-shirt with a skull on it, ripped jeans, red sneakers

Extra Information: Axel is Alexandria's ex-boyfriend. He is the bad boy type. He loves beating people up, and works for the purple dragons.

Name: Vixen

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: bad-boy style

Weapons: katanas

Outfit: blue shirt, jeans, black sneakers

Extra Information: Vixen is Vanessa's ex-boyfriend. He loves to meditate and train. He works for the Shredder.

*There! Now you know the extra people! Hope you enjoy the story! Gonna get the first chapter up ASAP. The story was written by me, co-written by Rose Black Dragon*

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