Wrong Time, Wrong Place, but Awfully Lucky

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It seemed the night and Leonardo had a mutual understanding. The sky didn't have a single cloud, the stars sparkled to the full, the temperature was warm and nice and his girl had the loveliest smile in the whole world.

Both of them were running across the rooftops, holding hands, and smiling from time to time to each other.

Leo and Vane reached Central Park. There, protected by the shadows they could loaf about the small forest.

Vane wanted to feel the same Leo was feeling, so she took off her shoes. The soft grass was so thick she thought it was a perfect imitation of a soft cloud. After all, she was feeling like she was on cloud nine on her first date with her beloved sword master.

"I am sorry, Vane." Leonardo said suddenly, lowering his head, after a good twenty minutes walking. "Sometimes I think you shouldn't be with me, you deserve to be with a human and don't deprive yourself of the world you are used to be. I can't offer you the life you are worthy of."

"What could I miss from the human world, Leo?" Vane asked, being completely sure about her feelings. "I don't need to be at a fancy restaurant or in the local movie theater to enjoy your company. Besides, if those things and others are worthy to be missed, then I will gladly renounce to them without thinking. Nothing in this world is more important to me than to be completely yours."

"Are you mine?" Leo asked, full of hope.

"I am only yours, my lovely turtle." Vane replied. "I am sure the other girls in this world would be so jealous if they knew I have the best boyfriend in the whole planet."

Leo smiled broadly and took Vane's face between his hands and kissed her tenderly.

Then, it was Vane's turn to be sad.

"You know, I am the one who should be sorry. I was also thinking that you deserve to love a better woman, Leo."

"Why do you think that?" Leo asked puzzled.

"Because, I realized I should have waited... until I meet you to give my first kiss. You deserve a pure woman, not someone like me who has been already kissed by a scumbag." Vane thought sincerely about that.

"Nobody can stain an angel like you. Maybe you already kissed someone who wasn't me, but it was our destiny to be together, so it doesn't matter at all." Leonardo was stroking her hair as he was talking.

"Don't be sad, Vane, matters like that one, doesn't matter. Some time ago, I was considering a lot of things that could separate us. Being from different species, our love could be considered a huge mistake... but after much thought, I reach to a conclusion that love, real love, can overcome all the barriers. Please, let me make you the happiest girl. When the time comes, we will be together for all the eternity."

Vane was fascinated hearing Leo's words, she thought she could be there until the end of the world, listening to her true love.

Without any warning, Leo scooped her up into his arms and jumped to a thick branch of a huge tree. Leonardo continued jumping until they almost reached the tree's top.

There, in a safe place, Leo put her down. Vane looked at him speechless. A few seconds later she caressed his arm's muscles and smiled with pleasure. Her prince charming was so manly.

The dense foliage of the tree served as their hideout. That gave the couple a chance to experience sensuality. They invited it to appear for just a moment, they didn't want the purity of the love they had to be stained with an improper action.

Leonardo just stayed there looking at her too. Vane's hand traveled across Leo's whole arm until it reached the back of her love's head. Vane took the tails of Leo's bandana and put them close to her nose, breathing in his scent. Leo's face reddened.

"Always remember this moment, this woman and this feeling, because I won't forget them, never." Vane said, looking into Leo's eyes, enjoying Leo's shyness. "Also remember you only have to say a single word to experience all this at any time you want, making me the happiest woman on Earth."

Leonardo had never seen that side of a woman's mind, he felt he was being loved to the fullest; he smiled and let out a sigh completely satisfied.

After that, they sat on the branch, gazing at the moon.

"I have something for you, girl." Leo said taking her by surprise, he took the object out from his belt. It was a toy ring.

"What's that?"

"I found it a long time ago, when my brothers and I were looking for toys to play with, in the dumpsters. I liked it because it seemed real, although my brothers said it was a toy for girls, I decided to keep it. I hope you don't feel offended, but I would like you to take it, it will represent the love we share. I promise I will buy you a real diamond ring when you decide to stay with me for the rest of your life."

"Oh... Leo... is the most wonderful gift I have ever had. I don't care about the real diamonds. Only the frivolous girls can think a real diamond could represent real love. I swear I won't take it off, I will keep it until the day I die!" For Vane, the purity in Leonardo's soul was more valuable than a mountain made of diamonds.

"Okay, Vane. What you must say, young lady?" Leo said teasing her.

"Hmmm, I am not quite sure, maybe... thank you so much for loving me in such a way I didn't know it could exist."

Mixing the words and the action, the girl kissed him again, enjoying Leo's taste.

When they broke the kiss, they sighed deeply.

"Maybe your brother was right Leo; the city could run out of oxygen if we keep sighing." Vane commented chuckling.

"If I didn't care about the people's safety, I wouldn't mind."

"I wonder how our little siblings are doing." Vane said aloud. "I know they have to discover what real love means, but I wanted my sister to enjoy her innocence a little more."

"I was thinking the same about Mikey, but don't worry, for those two a date means to play video games until they eyes are completely red." Leo told her chuckling.

"Yeah, you are right." Vane agreed. "So, where were we?"

"Oh yes… close your eyes my love, I also have a surprise for you." Vane said stroking Leo's cheek.

Leo did as Vane told him, but exactly at that instant a dart stuck into Leo's arm.

Vane's eyes widened with horror, Leo wasn't unconscious, but it seemed he had a hard time trying to control his muscles' movements. Vane held him still and took out the dart of Leo's body. A few seconds later a dart hit her too.

They couldn't prevent the fall. But despite Leonardo couldn't completely control his body, he protected Vane twirling his own body and wrapping her with his arms. That way, only the turtle collided directly with the ground. Vane was completely unharmed but one of Leo's arms broke.

Leonardo couldn't avoid letting out a cry of pain.

"Leo... no..." Vane tried to get off of him. She didn't want to hurt him any longer. She felt how Leo's body was shaking with pain but she couldn't move properly.

"Are you okay, Vane?" Leo asked really worried, his voice sounded a bit strange.

"Of course… I am fine, you protected me Leo, I am so sorry I couldn't do more." Vane answered hardly. "As soon as I can stand up, I will help you."

"Don't... worry about me, Vane, you must... go. The ones who attacked us will come soon. Run as fast as you can, I... I will face them." Because of the unknown substance placed inside the dart, the leader couldn't speak faster.

"How can you... tell me that? I will never leave you... ever; I don't care if I die here, with you." Vane's condition was like his.

"But..." Before Leo could finish talking, a rude man lifted Vane by one of her arms, taking her away from Leo."

"No! Leo!" She called out, trying desperately to get away from the stranger who was holding her.

"Vane!" Leo tried to stand up, but a large group of Foot ninjas grabbed him tightly. They didn't care about Leo's fractured bone.

"I told you I will kill this freak, Vanessa!" The girl immediately recognized Vixen's voice. "But you never listened to me, you always thought I am stupid, well, you will regret that, girl."

"KILL HIM!" He yelled to his followers.

"NO! DON'T DO IT!" Vane tried to stop him, but the man slapped her and the girl fell to the ground. Vane's mouth was bleeding.

When Leonardo saw that, it made his blood boil.

"HOW DARE YOU TO TOUCH HER?" For just a moment the group of foot ninjas who were holding him, were careless and Leonardo could release himself from them. The turtle unsheathed a katana with his good arm and pounced on the man.

For once, luck seemed to be against the good guys, at seeing that the angry turtle was approaching him, Vixen took out his dart gun and aimed it at Leo. The hands of the foot ninja were shaky but he shot anyway.

The dart hit Leo on his leg before he could do something.

The rest of the group had recovered from the impression and once again they grabbed Leo and they started beating him.

Vane got some of her strength back and she attacked Vixen. But a couple of ninjas blocked her path and held her down.

"Vixen, please, now you have what you wanted, let him go!" Vane begged a couple of tears trickled down her cheeks.

Instead of being satisfied, the ex's anger got bigger, he hasn't seen someone as arrogant as Vane crying and now she was doing it for a freak!

"There was a time I had begged to see one more of your smiles, to see your tears, and taste one more of your sweet kisses. But now, you are wasting them in a mutant, a monster, a nature's oddity! What's wrong with you, woman!?" Vixen asked with a mixed tone in which anyone could perceive the mockery and the disgust.

"Vixen... if you order your men to stop... I will go with you without complaining..." Vane said biting her lip and without looking at him.

"Bear in mind that you will never see this freak again... are you sure?" Vixen asked heartlessly.


Okay. Let's go! We must tell the Shredder that one of his hated enemies has perished." Vixen and his entire group left Leonardo behind, lying on the soft grass, bleeding badly.

The only thing Vane could do was to drop her shell cell and hope that Leonardo's brothers could find him before it was too late.

"Leo... I love you. Please, don't die. I hope you can forgive me..." She thought sadly for herself, Vixen was almost dragging her.

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