Wrong Time, Wrong Place, but Awfully Lucky

Hey guys! I'm sooooo sorry this is short. I kinda rushed and only went over it just to get it posted. I only rushed so I could get it up for y'all. I wrote this, so do not blame Rose Black Dragon, blame me. Please do not be mean. I will attempt to make it better in a little while, but right now I've been busy, and my mom switched back to this hard drive and I had it on my other hard drive, so yea. Sorry! When I edit it, I will let you know, and it will be longer.

Disclaimer: I only own Alex and the other guy. Yea, I'm being mean to my own OC. Oh well!

A/N: Sorry again for the shortness!

Warning: There are bad words!

Alexandria giggled as Michelangelo led her across the rooftops. She and Mikey were on their first date. Of course, there were no clouds, no wind, and it was neither hot nor cold. It was pretty good weather.

"Mikey, where are we going?" Alex asked, catching up so she was right next to Mikey. She looked between him as well as looking in front of her, so she didn't fall. Mikey stopped, and Alex ran into his back. She stumbled, and almost fell but Mikey caught her. Alex smirked, and kissed him. Mikey was surprised, and then enjoyed it. A moment later, they broke, and stood. Alex then asked: "Why the carnival?"

"Well, this is only going on tonight, so I decided to bring you here." Mikey asked, smiling.

"Mikey! I'm so happy! To me, this is the most romantic date ever!" Alex said. Then she hugged Mikey and he stumbled, but caught his balance. He chuckled.

"Thought so." Mikey said.

What followed was them getting their tickets, and entering.

The largest roller-coaster Alex screamed and Mikey laughed.

On the Tunnel of Love, Alex cuddled right next to Mikey, and Mikey was smiling the whole time.

When they ate, they joked about themselves as well as their families.

It was while they were exiting when she realized a guy dressed in a T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and hat, watching then. She glared at the guy. He then walked the other direction.

"What's wrong?" Mikey asked. Alex looked at him.

"Nothing! Everything's fine!" Alex said happily, and then looked where they were going. As they headed to the beach, Alex wondered in her head who that mysterious guy was. A few minutes later, they sat on the end of a dock, Mikey's arm around Alex's shoulder, and Alex cuddled into Mikey's chest.

"Alex?" Mikey asked, looking at her. Alex looked at him.

"Yea, Mike?" Alex asked with a confused emotion on her face.

"I'm sorry." Mikey said, looking away.

"For what exactly?" Alex asked.

"For not being able to give you a normal life. For not being able to be who you deserve." Mikey said. Alex used her hand to bring his face back towards her. He looked away.

"Michelangelo, look at me." Alex said. He looked at her, and she continued, "I realize that you think that I deserve better, but I am good with what I have received. All I need is you and your love. I would like to keep it that way." Alex then smiled. Mikey was speechless, and then smiled and found his voice.

"I am so lucky to have you." He said, and then a kiss followed. Then, Alex felt something wrap around her waist. She screamed as she was pulled back onto shore.

"Alex!" Mikey yelled, and then stood.

"Mikey!" Alex said, as she stood up and grabbed her bow and arrows. She looked around, and sensed many people heading towards Mikey. She gasped, and ran towards Mikey, shooting an arrow right past his head, and then what followed was a scream of pain. Alex smirked as she approached Mikey.

"Alexandria, how convenient." A male voice stated, and out of the darkness, the mysterious man fron the carnival appeared.

"Axel?" Alex asked.

"Who's Axel?" Mikey asked confused.

"My ex boyfriend." Alex said, aiming her bow and arrow at Axel as he took off his coat, hat, and looked at Alex.

"Alex, my dear, you have failed to learn not to aim your weapon at me." Axel said, and Mikey screamed. Alex looked and saw that a foot ninja sliced the back of his thigh.

"Mikey!" Alex screamed, and ripped off a piece of her long sleeved shirt. She wrapped up his thigh, and Axel growled.

"And you, the bastard who I used to date, have not learned to leave my family alone!" Alex said.

"Well, Alexandria, in order to get you to avoid hurting me, I must mess with them." Axel said, smirking. He crossed his arms and leaned to the side.

"What the hell do you want asshole?" Alex asked.

"Oh, it's simple really." Axel said, and smirked.

"Just tell me." Alex growled.

"You." Axel said. Everything went quiet.

"Alex?" Mikey asked.

"Yea?" Alex asked.

"Should we fight or no?" Mikey asked, going back-to-back with Alex.

"Wait." Alex said. "Axel, I wanna make a deal with you."

"Alex! No! It will be like making a deal with the devil!" Mikey exclaimed. Alex sighed.

"Oh, no, please continue." Axel said in his evil voice.

"Take me and leave the turtles as well as my family alone." Alex said confidently.

"Alex! No!" Mikey yelled.

"Mikey, I have to. Please, let me." Alex said. Alex walked up to Axel.

"Very well." Axel said, and then grabbed Alex. She flinched, and then sighed.

"Foot Ninjas, retreat." Axel said. And for Alex's finial words, she said:

"I love you Mikey."

Well, again, I am sorry it is not that long, but I rushed, and this is all that came to mind. Love you all, and byez!