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Chapter one




Harry walks over to where Ron and Hermione where waiting for him "hey." They look over to him "hey there mate. How those ugly muggles did treat you over the summer break?" they walk over to where the other 3rd years are at "same as usual…"

"Harry, why haven't you told anyone? I am pretty sure Dumbledore would help you." Harry look at his only friends "I'll tell you and after we eat…" they nod their heads. Hermione smiled at Harry will he was thinking about how he should have been a girl. Ron was hitting on Harry like usual, when other people see them. They think Ron was just trying to get Harrys frame and glory, which he did not want it.

When they get to the castle, they set down with the others. What people did not know was that there were dark, grey and light witches and wizards in the Gryffindor house and they were full of bullshit they act like the Slytherins.

When the first years came and went to their houses, Harry, Hermione and Ron were talking to some other students. Harry was just eating fruit, like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Because that was the only thing, he could handle. Hermione was fussing over Ron, who was eating like a pig.

However, that to was an act, you see the so-called golden trio was really what you call teachers 'pets'. Harry was a light wizard and a reincarnation of Shou Sakurai, older brother to Yuki Sakurai; he could not remember the rest because when he wakes up he will forget. Hermione was not really a human but an Opasts, who was what the humans call demons. No one can tell that he was really using his powers so that made him a dark 'wizard'. Ron was a grey wizard, he was not that jealous about Harry and did not eat like a pig, he did have a temper but not that bad and he was gay, he thought it was fun to hit on Harry only. He too was a reincarnation of someone named Ryusuki Giou.

Now that Harry thinks about it, why does Ron hit on him? Was he that cute as Ron said or was it because he and Ron are friends? But he did not know for sure.

"Harry, are you there?" Harry jumped a bit and looks at Ron "huh? Sorry what Ron?" the red head look at him with worry "are you okay?" the dark hair teen thought about it "y-yes..."

"That's good. Will then us was going back to the dorms you coming?" Ron asks as he was standing next to Hermione, who was looking worry at him "Harry, what's wrong? Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

"Um, I'm fine Hermione. Don't worry." Harry gets up and walks up to them "wait right there you three! I get your time table!" professor McGonagall walk up to them, she holding three time tables "the password is still the same." She then hand them the papers, they look at it "wow we have poisons first thing in the morning. Great." They start to walk out of the great hall.

When they get to the dorm everyone was setting down at a table or the couches "Will. What are we going to do? I really think we should say fuck you and go to other schools…" the golden liars look at them "the idiot headmaster most not know of this." Ron said as he look at the dorm "will be like we are only going to have to act like 'idiots'."

"So, what are we going to do about poisons class?" harry thought about it "act like we normally do." Hermione just sighed at him "have funny feelings we are going to get in shit."

"Don't worry we wouldn't be!" Samuel a 2nd year that had light brown hair, blue eyes and stands 5ft 6ins "really what are we going to do? They will know soon…." Harry gets up and walks over to the window "they will know when we want them too. Samuel, do not worry. We will let them know soon."

When professor McGonagall walk inside to see how her students were doing, Harry, Hermione and Ron where walking up stares to their rooms "good night you three." They look at her "good night professor."

When they walk in their room, Harry look over to the other two teens "I miss you two so much… it's been hell at that hellhole place…"

"Don't worry Shou we're here for you. Now go get ready for bed!" Harry laughs at this and took out his P.J's from the suitcase, then he walk out of the room. When he left Ron turn to the taller teen "Hermione you sure he don't need to know about Yuki-Chan?"

"Yeah I'm sure. But I have a feeling that Shou will soon other than later he will know about that side of the family." Ron and Hermione changed in to their P.J's. Harry walks back inside and goes to the bed. Hermione and Ron lay down next to him "go to sleep Shou." The brown head said to the dark hair teen as he played with the said teen's hair. Harry was a sleep after a minute or two. Ron holds Harry lower body closer to him AND Hermione fall asleep after making sure no one was in the room.

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