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The three of us were in the kitchen, and the Doctor was being his usual self by going through the cupboards, planning on making tea. "You're supposed to be a professional." Alex complained as he watched the Doctor moving around in his kitchen. "I'll never get to sleep now. It's so irresponsible."

"No, Alex. Responsible. Very. Cupboard bad. Cupboard not bare. Stay away from the cupboard." The Doctor said. I already knew that he was starting to get stressed out, he always made tea when he was getting stressed these days. "And there's something else. Something I've missed. Something staring me in the face."

"Look, I'd like you both to leave." Alex told us both, pointing to the street door. "Please. You're just making things worse. Will you stop making tea. I want you to leave." I could see he was getting worked up, and the Doctor just helping himself to tea really wasn't helping.

The Doctor just ignored him and carried on making his tea. "No." He replied simply, while I just leaned against the counter and let out a sigh.

"What? What do you mean no? Leave. Get out." Alex said once more, trying to get us both to leave. I could understand why he was getting so agitated, he was afraid, he was scared. "Now, please. Look, maybe this was a bad idea. We should sort out George ourselves."

My eyes flicked between the Doctor and Alex. "No, Alex, you can't. I'm sorry, but this isn't something you and Claire are going to be able to get through. Not by yourselves." I told him, the Doctor still set on making tea.

"No one's going to tell us how to run our lives." He told me, pointing his finger and wagging it around a little. "I don't care who you are or what wheels have been set in motion. We'll sort it."

The Doctor looked at him, the determination now set on his face. "I'm not just a professional. I'm the Doctor." Every time he said that, I couldn't help but smile. I don't know why, but I just loved to hear him say that.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I could tell by Alex's voice that he just wanted us to go and leave him alone now. He wanted to deal with the issue on his own, but even I could see that it was way beyond him.

The Doctor looked at him, a hint of a smile on his face as he spoke. He knew that I was smiling from his last comment, which was making him smile as well. "It means we've come a long way to get here, Alex, a very long way. George sent a message. A distress call, if you like. Whatever's inside of that cupboard is so terrible, so powerful, that it amplified the fears of an ordinary little boy across all those barriers of time and space." He explained, but only succeeded in making Alex even more confused.

"I heard him, Alex. I heard your son crying out for help. And we were so far away, further than you could ever imagine." I told him, hoping that he would start to understand the seriousness of the situation.

That was when the Doctor turned and gave me a little smile. "Through crimson stars and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire. Through empires of glass and civilisations of pure thought, and a whole, terrible, wonderful universe of impossibilities." The Doctor told him, going into one of his 'great moments' as I had started to call them. "You see these eyes? They're old eyes. And one thing I can tell you, Alex. Monsters are real."

Alex looked at the Doctor, and then at me, the cogs in his head turning. "You're not from social services, are you?"

I shook my head at him. "No, but we are here to help, Alex."

"First things first." The Doctor said, glad to have finally cleared everything up and so that we could now help him. "You got any Jammie Dodgers?" I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him.

"You and those biscuits, Doctor. If it's not bananas, it's fish custard, and now Jammie Dodgers are on the list as well." I said, giving him a smile. He knew I wasn't being very serious, just teasing him to ease some of the tension that was hanging around in the air still.

It didn't take the Doctor long to finishing bustling around the kitchen and the three of us sat down in the living room. Alex had pulled out some photo albums, purely because I had asked what George had been like when he was a baby, and how long he had been struggling for.

"What is it with these photos?" The Doctor asked, flicking through the pages. There were pictures of Alex and Claire, and the pair of them looked very happy. "Anyway. Good. Nice tea." He carried on, slamming the album closed and dumping it in my lap. "Nothing like a cuppa, but, decision. Should we open the cupboard?"

I looked at him and shook my head. Something was telling me that opening it was a bad idea, a very bad idea. I could tell that the Doctor was having an internal battle, trying to decide what to do. The look on Alex's face said that he wasn't sure either, considering he had just spat his tea back out in shock.

"Should we?" The Doctor asked, trying to drum up some support from either me or Alex to get the courage to open the cupboard in the little boys bedroom. "Got to open the cupboard, haven't we. Course we have. Come on, Alex. Alex, come on. How else will we ever find out what's going on here?"

Alex put his tea down on the coffee table and stood up. "Right, but you said…"

I rolled my eyes and went to join the two lads. "Monsters, yeah, well, that's what we do, breakfast, dinner and tea. Fight the monsters, isn't that right, Star?" The Doctor said, all in one breath.

"Doctor, stop and breathe. Yes, this is just an average day at the office for us, but I'm still not convinced." I told him, making sure to give him a very serious look so that he knew I was not messing around. There was too much that didn't make sense, and I didn't want to go anywhere near that cupboard until we had at least made sense of something.

"Okay, yeah. You're right…" Alex started, only to be interrupted by the Doctor once more.

It seemed like he had actually listened to what I had said to him. "Or maybe Star's right, maybe we shouldn't open the cupboard." I let out a sigh of relief, while Alex looked at him in confusion. "We have no idea what might be in there. How powerful, how evil that thing might be."

"We don't?" Alex asked, still as confused as ever.

"Come on, Alex. Alex, come on. Are you crazy? We can't open the cupboard." The Doctor insisted, grabbing a hold of my hand and giving it a squeeze. He was actually listening to me, which was always a good thing.

I could see Alex panicking now, and the way the Doctor kept changing his mind was really having a bad impact on the man. "God, no! No, we mustn't." Alex cried, as the Doctor reached out and put his hands on his shoulders.

"Right. That settles it."

I looked at the Doctor, already knowing what he was going to say. "Oh, no. No, Doctor, don't even think about it. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Absolutely, totally, completely stupid idea that no one should ever, ever think. Especially you. No." I told him sharply, pointing a finger at him and getting ready to hit him if he let his train of thought continue on that track.

Alex just looked between the pair of us, having no clue as to what was going on. "Yes. Settles what? What's a bad idea?" He asked, waiting for one of us to answer his question.

The Doctor picked a mug off the table, taking a long swig of it before shoving it into Alex's hands. "Going to open the cupboard." He said, before charging off and to George's bedroom.

"I'll kill him this time." I mumbled as I followed Alex to where the Doctor ran off. "I swear, this time I am really going to kill him. He just does not listen, he never listens." When I made it to George's bedroom, both the Doctor and Alex were standing there, gazing at the cupboard threateningly. "You know, just looking at it has to be the most scary thing I have ever seen. What do you think, George? Are they doing a good job at scaring the cupboard?" He looked at me, the smallest hint of a smile on his face.

"Doctor, before you do anything stupid, can you please stop and think." I called to him, hoping that he would at least consider what I had to say to him. "There's something wrong with all those pictures. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something else going on that I'm trying to work out."

He turned and looked at me, a frown on his face. "I know, I can't work it out either. But there has to be something, some link to this cupboard." A moment later he had turned back to face it.

"Well, if you insist on doing this, then please just get it over with." I told him, sitting on the bed and holding onto George. He was terrified, and shaking in my arms. With every step closer the Doctor took to the cupboard, the more afraid he became. All I could do was holding him tightly, giving him some for of reassurance that everything was going to be fine when I had no idea what was going to happen next.

The Doctor slowly turned the key, before jumping back as he pulled the door open. All of us let out a slight gasp, but the terror soon faded when the Doctor went back to the cupboard to investigate it. All we could see were old toys and clothes hanging there.

"I don't understand. It has to be the cupboard." He said, looking over at me and then back to the cupboard. I could see that he was confused. "The readings from the sonic screwdriver, they were…"

He looked at me again, and I could see that he had finally worked something out. "The photos! Brilliant, the photos!" The Doctor called to me, before disappearing into the living room and reappearing with the photo album that we had been looking at in his hands.

"Alex, how old is George?" I asked the man, still holding onto his son. I was getting a strange feeling from him. Not a bad feeling, not something telling me that he was a master villain or anything. Just a feeling that everything wasn't as it seemed.

Alex looked at me, rubbing his head with his hand. "Well, I told you. Just turned eight."

The Doctor looked at the photos and then at Alex. "So you remember when he was born, then?" He asked, flicking through the pages rapidly.

"Of course."

"Course you do. How could you not?" He said, before stopping at a certain photograph. "You and Claire. Christmas Eve, 2002, right?" The Doctor said, pointing to the photo he was talking about.

Alex looked at it, seeing the date stamp in the corner of the image. "What? Er, yeah." He replied.

"Couple of weeks before George was born." The moment the Doctor said that, it clicked in my mind what he was getting at. But I didn't let on, because I didn't want George to be any more scared than he already was. "Tell me about the day he arrived." The Doctor said, being sure to use the word 'arrived'. "Must have been wonderful."

"Well, it was the best day of my… life." Alex said, a rather confused look on his face.

I could see the cogs turning in his head now, as he thought about it, really thought about it all. "Sure?" The Doctor asked him, needing his confirmation.

Alex quickly shook his head. "Yes."

"You don't sound sure." I knew exactly what the Doctor was trying to do, and something was telling me that it actually really wasn't that good of an idea.

"What are you trying to say?" Alex asked, finally getting to the end of his tether. "Look, I don't like this. I've told you before, I want you to go?"

The Doctor knew he was finally getting there, he was finally breaking through to the man. "What's the matter, Alex?"

"Doctor, stop. Don't do this, it isn't right." I warned him, noticing that George was getting more and more scared now, and t was the Doctor that was causing it.

He didn't looked at me, he just kept his attention on Alex. "I can't… it… Oh, no. Oh, this is scary." Alex finally said, starting to panic a little. I knew that it was too late.

"No, Alex, this is scary." The Doctor told him, handing out the photo album to him once more. "Claire with baby George. New born, yes?" He asked, showing him the picture. Alex agreed, even though he was still panicking. "Less than a month after Christmas."

George was completely trembling now. "Doctor, stop it. Don't, please, don't do it." I pleaded, knowing that it was having a bad impact on the little boy. None of this was his fault, not any of it. He hadn't done anything wrong at all, and the Doctor was now the one scaring him.

"So?" Alex asked. I was being completely ignored, which was nothing new really. I was used to it happening, but I really did wish that the Doctor would just listen to me, just this once.

"So look." The Doctor said, turning the page back. "Look, Claire's not pregnant."

That seemed to shock the man. "What?" He asked, taking a quick glance at the picture.

"Not pregnant." The Doctor confirmed.

"Well, of course not. Claire can't have kids!" Alex shouted, finally breaking.

The Doctor and I both looked at him in shock, but I was less shocked than him. I knew George was different, I knew that there was something going on. "George, it's okay." I whispered to him, while Alex explained how Claire wasn't about to have children. "Ignore them and just focus on me, okay? Everything is absolutely fine." He was getting more and more scared, and I knew that was a bad thing.

"Who are you, George?" The Doctor asked, looking at the boy while I held onto him tightly.

By now, Alex was panicking. "It's not possible. This isn't…"

"George?" The Doctor said again, taking a small step towards him. That was all that was needed for the little boy to freak out. Everything started to go crazy in the room, the toys, the lights, everything. And then the cupboard door flew open, a blinding white light coming out of it, which proceeded to grab hold of Alex and the Doctor, tugging at them. "George! George, what's going on? Are you doing this?"

But the boy wasn't listening to him, he was huddled up next to me, rocking back and forth, chanting. "Please save me from the monsters. Please save me from the monsters. Please save me from the monsters." He said, over and over again.

I could see the men before me being dragged further and further backwards, while I just sat there and looked at them. I knew that if I moved and tried to help them, I would be pulled in as well. My best chance to help now was to stick with George, and save him from the monsters.

"George, no!" The Doctor shouted, before he was pulling inside the cupboard with Alex, the door slamming closed behind them with a loud bang.

The light had faded, and everything started to settle down. "It's okay, George. Come on, calm down." I said, trying my best to sooth him.

"Star? Star, are you okay? What's going on with George?" The Doctor called to me, causing me to let out a sigh.

"I should be asking if you're okay." I replied, keeping a close eye on the boy beside me. "He's upset, and scared."

"Dolls house. We're in the dolls house in the cupboard. How can we be in the dolls house in the cupboard? It doesn't make sense." From the way he was talking, I knew he was having problems working everything out. "Everything is made of wood. The home for posh termites."

I couldn't help but laugh at that little comment of his. "Look, George is scared, and you're stuck in a dolls house in a cupboard with Alex. Stop freaking out and start focusing."

"Freaking out? I'm not freaking out." The Doctor told me, just making me laugh some more. "I am not freaking out. The food is made of wood. Cups, saucers, plates, knives, forks, fruit, all of it. Wood. Dolls house or a home for giant termites."

"Rambling, dear. Rambling." I warned him, knowing that his mind was racing now, trying to work everything out. "You go and have a look around, I'll have a chat with George." When I looked over at the boy, I could see just how scared he was of everything. "Are you okay, George?" I asked him softly, knowing that I needed to be delicate with him.

He simply nodded at me, but the scared look in his eye told me differently. "So, Claire can't have kids and something responded to that. Responded to that need. What could do that?" The Doctor rambled to me.

"Need a little more than that, dear." I told him, knowing that he was trying his best to work things out. The best thing that I could do was stay with George and try to help the Doctor from where I was, even though it was surely going to be difficult.

"It's like trying to remember the name of someone you met at a party when you were two." He said, continuing to ramble.

My eyes carefully followed George as he pulled away from me and walked over to the wall where the light switch was. "Uh, Doctor…" I called to him, watching as George flicked the light off, and on, and off, and on again.

"Five times. What is George doing? What is it, Star?"

"The lights. He heard the sound of the lift, so he flicked the lights on and off five times. Why, what's happening?" I asked, having absolutely no idea what was going on inside of that cupboard. "George, do you put everything that you're scared of in the cupboard?" I asked the boy, getting a nod in response. "And the noise of the lift scares you?" He nodded at me once more. "Doctor, could you hear the lift in there?"

"Yes, we heard it. And the lights in here flicked five times. What are you thinking, Star?" He asked me, as I tried to piece everything together. "And I really need to invent a setting for wood!"

I let a small hint of a smile creep onto my face, he was once again moaning that his sonic screwdriver still didn't work on wood. "So, psychic field, perception filter, and need." I said, piecing it all together in my head. "Oh… Oh, George." I whispered, looking at the boy. "Tenza, you're a Tenza." I said gently, so as not to scare him. "Oh, it's okay, George, everything is okay." I told him, grabbing hold of him tightly and hugging him. None of it had been his fault, not a single thing.

"Oh, stupid Doctor!" I heard him shout in my head. "George is a Tenza. Of course he is."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes. "Of course he is. And he came to Alex and Claire because of their need, of their want for a while. He filled that impossible void that was in their life, George came and made them complete." I said, knowing that it was all true.

"Yes, but something scared him. Started this cycle of fear. It's all completely instinctive, subconscious. George isn't even aware he's controlling it. So we have to make him aware…" I knew that the Doctor was right, the only way to end it was to get the poor child to realise that there was nothing to be afraid of.

"It's okay, George. Everything is going to be absolutely fine. Now, do you trust me?" I asked him, hoping with everything that I had that he would say yes. Eventually he nodded at me, and a smile stretched across my face.

"George, you're the only one who can stop this." The Doctor shouted from the cupboard, his voice being projected so that we could actually hear him. "You have to believe. You have to know you're safe. We can't save you from the monsters. Only you can. George, listen to me." The Doctor pleaded.

"He's right, George. You need to face these monsters, you need to face them and show them that you're not afraid." His hand wrapped tightly around mine as I spoke to him. "You need to face your fears, George. It's time for you to open the cupboard, and face your fears. Otherwise your dad, and the Doctor will be trapped in there forever. Is that what you want?" I asked him.

I watched him as he shook his head at me, his breathing laboured slightly. George was thinking about it, he was going through everything I had told him, everything the Doctor had said. I just hoped that he would make the right decision.

A few moment later, and he was tugging at my hand, pulling me forward and towards the cupboard with him. "I'll be with you the whole time, okay?" I said, watching him as he turned the key in the lock.

The next thing I knew I was standing in the dolls house, George still clinging onto my hand. There were rather large peg dolls scattered all over the place, and the Doctor and Alex were standing at the top of the stairs with Rory. It made me wonder, where was Amy? I didn't even know how Rory had ended up there, but he had been with Amy, and she was missing from the group. I just hoped that she was all right, wherever she was.

"George. George, you did it. You did it. Hey, it's okay now. Everything's going to be fine." The Doctor assured him, a look of relief on his face. But his quickly faded when the dolls all started to move. "No! No! No, no, no, no. George, you created this world. This whole thing. You can smash it. You can destroy it." The Doctor told him, watching as the dolls descended the stairs and headed straight for us.

"Come on, George. You can do it." I whispered to him, but it only resulted in him shaking his head, and panicking even more.

"Something's holding him back." I heard the Doctor say. "Something…"

Then it clicked in my head. "Remember, Doctor, he thought we were there to take him away. Remember?" I called to him, keeping George close to me as the wooden dolls came even closer.

I saw his eyes widen as it clicked into place for him as well. "That's what did it. That's what the trigger was. He thought you were rejecting him." He said to Alex. "He thought he wasn't wanted, that someone was going to come and take him away,"

"Well, we… we talked about it." Alex admitted.

"Yeah, and he heard you, Alex." I called up to them. "A Tenza's sole function is to fit in, to be wanted. But you and Claire were both rejecting him."

"We just couldn't cope!" Alex cried, getting rather frustrated now. "We needed help!"

I looked up at them all, knowing that we needed to get out of there. "Yes, but George didn't know that. He thought you were rejecting him. He still thinks it, Alex." The dolls were almost surrounding us now, around George and myself. There was no where to run, and no where to hide.

"But how can we keep him? How can we? He's not…"

The Doctor was quick to interrupt him. "Not what?"

"He's not human." Alex said quietly.

But it was all too late now, as I felt something grab hold of my arm and yank me away from George. I could see that he was even more scared now, now that he was standing there alone, surrounded by wooden peg dolls.

"Dad!" George finally cried.

The sight of his son in trouble was what finally pushed Alex into realising that the boy was his son, no matter what. So he charged down the stairs, pushing his way through the dolls with such determination. The moment he reached he bottom of the stairs, he threw himself at his son and held onto the boy tightly. "Whatever you are, whatever you do, you're my son, and I will never, ever send you away. Oh, George. Oh, my little boy." Alex cried.

"Dad…" George whispered, hugging his father back tightly.

I couldn't help but smile as I saw the pair of them together, George had nothing to be scared of anymore, not now that Alex knew the truth, now that he understood everything. I looked up at the Doctor, and saw him smiling as well, and a second later, the four of us were all back in George's bedroom.

The Doctor was wrapping his arms around me the moment he could. "Have fun playing with the dolls?" I whispered to him, letting out a small laugh.

"You do know one of those dolls was Amy?" He replied, causing me to gawp at him. So, she had been there with them, she was just a doll at the time.

"Well, at least she didn't miss out on all the fun then." I said, making him chuckle a little. "Anyway, come on. Now that all the monsters are gone, we better make sure the George knows that this really is where he belongs."

By the time Claire returned home, Alex and George were playing happily in the kitchen while the Doctor was fumbling around. I had decided I was just going to hang around with him to make sure that he didn't cause too much trouble. It sometimes turned into a disaster with the Doctor in the kitchen.

"Hi." Claire said, a little bemused as to what two strangers were doing in her home, and more importantly in her kitchen.

"Hello. You're Claire, I expect. Claire, how'd you feel about kippers?" The Doctor asked her, giving her some air kisses, like he always did with people now days.

"Er, who…"

Alex just smiled at his wife. "They sent some people about George. It's all sorted." He told her, giving his son some breakfast.

"Yeah, we had a great time, didn't we?" The Doctor said, beaming away.

"An absolutely amazing time." I added, my own smile even bigger than the Doctor's. Even George had to agree with us. "There we go, that's the happy George that the world needs."

"What, just like that?" Claire asked, clearly a little stunned that while she had been at work, someone had come to her home, and solved all the problems that they had been having with their son. It just didn't seem possible, but she didn't know who the Doctor and I were.

The Doctor just looked at her and smiled. "Yes. Trust us."

After that, the Doctor and I didn't want to hang around. The family needed to be alone, to live their happy life together, with their son. "Doctor, Star, wait!" Alex called as we were leaving.

"Sorry, yes. Bye." The Doctor said, taking a tight hold of my hand.

"No, no, you can't just… I mean…"

Both the Doctor and I just smiled at him. "It's sorted. You sorted it. Good man, Alex. Proud of you." He said to him, giving him a pat on the shoulder.

Alex looked at up both in confusion. "What, that's it?"

I nodded at him. "Well, apart from making sure he eats his greens and getting him into a good school, yes." I told him.

"But is he going to, I don't know, sprout another head or three eyes or something?" It was clear that Alex was concerned, worried that something awful was going to happen.

"He's one of the Tenza, remember. He'll adapt perfectly now. Hey, be whatever you want him to be. We might pop back around puberty, mind you. Always a funny time." The Doctor told him, before dragging me away from the man. I gave him a quick wave over my shoulder, spotting that George had come out as well.

"Ah look, it's the Ponds!" I called, spotting the pair of them sitting on a wall, looking a little confused.

"Come on, you two. Things to do, people to see, whole civilisations to save." He said, sitting down in between the pair and forcing me to sit on his lap. "You feeling okay?"

"Um, I think so." Amy replied, looking up at the block of flats that had brought us our night of hunting monsters.

"Well, it's good to be all back together again." The Doctor told them, putting an arm around each of them. "In the flesh. Come on." He pushed me up, and pulled up the other two, before leading us all back to the TARDIS. "Now, did someone mention something about planets and history and stuff?" He asked, bouncing around the console.

Rory looked at him. "Yeah." He had mentioned it when we had first arrived, well, more like complained about it really.

"So, where do you want to go?" I asked, jumping around the console after the Doctor. Only Amy's mind had gone completely blank, and the Doctor couldn't help but mention it.

"Well, I have just been turned into a wooden dolly." My red haired friend said, causing me to let out a laugh.

The Doctor just waved her off. "Excuses, excuses." He said, stopping by me and giving me a quick peck on the lips.

"It's tough though. It's like being given three wishes. The whole universe?" Rory said, still trying to think of somewhere for us all to go.

"Or universes. Ooh, three wishes, like Ali Baba. How about that?" I could see the cogs turning in the Doctor's head as he planned a trip for us all. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him. He always came up with the most ridiculous places, but also the most amazing places. I knew that wherever we went, it would be somewhere fantastic, even if I never got my wish and there were monsters.

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