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Tilly Thompson and Connie Thompson

Tilly Veronica Thompson and her younger cousin Connie Mona Thompson were never good friend, in fact they hate each other. The only thing they have in common is that they both are very crazy. Tilly is obsessive about killing Ally Dawson and Connie used to have an obsessive crush on Luke Ross that has now been switched over to Luke's brother Ravi. Both Thompson-women are more or less insane. Tilly has even been placed in an institution for the criminally insane since she's got a severe mental disorder. No doctor has confirmed that Connie is suffering from the same thing. It's possible though.

Tilly is in her cell at the institution for the criminally insane.

"Ally Dawson, you haven't fuckin' seen the last of me, ya stupid crap-face!" says Tilly in a very angry tone.

"Shut it, miss Thompson!" says a security guard as he walk past the room.

"Fuck off, loser-ass!" says Tilly.

At the same time in New York City.

"Ravi...get away from your computer and come and cuddle with me, pleaeeeeeeease." says Connie, trying to sound cute and girly.

"Sorry, I gotta finish this or my boss's going mad when I show up at work tomorrow." says Ravi without looking up from his laptop.

Ravi used to have feelings for Connie, but that over seven years ago and now he's grown tired of her obsessive personality.

"I told you to cuddle...with...me!" says Connie in a hard cold tone. "And I mean now!"

"Luke was right, this woman's crazy..." says mumbles Ravi to himself.

"What...?" says Connie. "Don't say that I'm crazy."

"And I actually made love with you. I wish I hadn't done that." says Ravi.

"Love me...or else!" says Connie.

"Or what...? You'll kill me? Wanna end up in an institution for the criminally insane, just like your shit-head of a cousin?" says Ravi.

"Don't speak about my cousin like that. Okey, she and I were never really friends, but she's my cousin. If someone's gonna talk crap about her, it's gonna be me." says Connie.

"Sounds like you're not far from a one way ticket to the institution for the criminally insane, woman." says Ravi in a manly deep tone.

"That's it!" says Connie as she jump off the bed, pull on a bathrobe and grab a big dagger from her handbag.

Connie jump onto Ravi, trying to stab him, but he use a MMA-punch and knock the dagger from Connie's hand.

25 minutes later two officers from NY PD come to take Connie down to the police station.

A few days later in Miami, at Austin and Ally's house.

"Did you know that Tilly Thompson has a younger cousin in New York City?" says Austin to Ally.

"No, me didn't know that." says Ally.

"She seem to be just as crazy as Tilly. Apparently she was trying to stab her boyfriend with a big dagger last week." says Austin.

"Guess it's in the DNA of that family." says Ally.

"Yeah, guess so." says Austin.

At the institution for the criminally insane.

A security guard enters Tilly's room.

"Your dinner." says the guard as he leave some food for Tilly.

"Ewww, what sort of food is this? It looks like horse-crap!" says Tilly.

"Eat it or be without food." says the security guard as he leave the room.

"I'd rather be without food than eatin' that." says Tilly.

The End.