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"Say what?" Garrus looked at her with a raised eyebrow plate, flicking his mandibles in amused bewilderment.

"Hmm?" she asked back with innocent eyes.

"I believe you said you were horny?"

"Oh... You heard that." She blushed.

"We both did," Thane said with a smile.

'Damn... Oh well. As long as the cat's out of the bag...' She decided it was no use denying what she had just uttered, or how she felt, so she shrugged her shoulders and waved a hand at their surroundings as she started to speak.

"I don't know... I've been feeling strange ever since we came in here. Hot. Anxious. Intense... Am I the only one?"

"No, you're not. I've been feeling the same," Garrus said slowly.

"I concur," Thane agreed, "it is possible that something in here is having an effect on us. Perhaps it is the samples we've collected."

She watched those luscious lips move but barely heard a word. An irresistible urge surged through her veins and she reached out to touch his face. She remembered the time when he had talked about a memory of tasting someone's tongue in his mouth and she felt her stomach tremble, just like then.

"I got the feeling from one of our talks that drell kiss the same way humans do," she said in a low voice, barely louder than a whisper, unable to tear her gaze away from him.

"That must have been some conversation," Garrus interjected, but she went on.

"I wonder..."

Before she could finish, Thane leaned over and kissed her. She eagerly parted her lips and he pushed his tongue in, searching for hers. She kissed him back, eyes closed, heart racing, her hand sliding to the back of his neck.

A soft rumble reverberated in his throat and he pulled her closer, holding her tight as he intensified his kiss. It was better than she'd ever imagined: warm, passionate, tender. She melted in his arms, forgetting about the world around her until suddenly she became aware of a low growl and pulled away.

'Oh God. Garrus.'

She turned to face him, afraid that she might find anger in his eyes, but what she saw instead was intense heat and arousal.

"Garrus." She waited for him to say something, but he was just staring at her like a predator at his prey.

"Umm..." she finally said, blushing, "Do turians kiss like that?"

"I don't know. I need to do some research." He flicked his mandibles in a smirk then bent down to press his mouth to hers.

She traced his mouth plates with her tongue, surprised at how much softer they felt than she'd expected, and when his tongue darted out she brushed her own against it, their union eliciting a soft moan from somewhere deep within her chest.

He was a quick study and turned out to be an amazing kisser, so when he left her lips she felt a twang of emptiness and loss. It didn't last long, however, for the next moment he licked her neck all the way from her ear to her collarbone, then back to her jawline. His textured tongue felt wonderful on her sensitive skin, and she threw her head back to provide him better access.

He nuzzled the crook of her neck then slowly moved down to her breasts, carefully grazing his talons over her hard nipples ghosting under her bra. The gentle brush took her breath away and she trembled lightly. He found this part of her body, hidden by some garment but so sensitive to his touch, fascinating.

He licked the skin around her cleavage and gently nibbled her breasts through the fabric. She let out a gasp and arched her back, desire flooding every inch of her body. Wanting to feel him against her skin, she reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and started to remove it. Garrus had none of that: he pushed her hands away, hooked his talons in the straps and pulled them down her arms at a torturously slow pace, taking her form in with fire in his eyes.

By the time the cloth was all gone she was trembling with anticipation, and when he finally bent down and snaked his tongue around a nipple, a guttural moan escaped her throat. Arching her back into his touch, she grabbed his fringes then moved her fingers down, all the way to the back of his neck, and began to caress the sensitive skin. She was rewarded with a lustful sound, somewhere between a purr and a growl, and he licked her breast in one long stroke.

She vaguely registered some movement on her other side, and the next moment she felt two strong hands grab her panties and pull them all the way down her legs, removing them completely.

Thane pushed her legs open, then settled down between them to trail hot kisses from her taut stomach down to her wet seam. He slid his tongue inside her folds, and, finding a little nub, he swirled his tongue around it. She moaned and bucked her hips at the sensation and he rumbled appreciatively at her reaction. He resumed his worship of her, licking her clitoris up and down and round and round, slowly and gently, then with increased speed and pressure, sending jolts of heat from her groin to her stomach and shivers down her spine.

Garrus looked up and watched Thane's tongue feast on her, her thighs quivering as he changed his rhythm and started to push inside in deep strokes. He found the whole scene incredibly arousing and his erection promptly emerged from his already loosened plates.

He bent down for a kiss, which she welcomed wholeheartedly, then turned his attention back to her breasts, kneading and licking the soft mounds. Her senses overwhelmed by Garrus' tongue on her breasts and Thane's in her folds, she finally reached her climax with a cry, shaking uncontrollably as Thane kept up his ministrations until her body quieted down.

He reclined beside her again with a content smile, delighted that they could make her happy, and not really expecting anything in return, but she got up and settled down over him, straddling his legs. She noted his bulging erection and now it was her turn to pull his underpants off. His penis was thick and hard, maroon colored and intriguingly textured with bumps and ridges. She stroked it with her fingers from the base to the head a few times, then bent down and licked the same path with her tongue. He gasped and unconsciously bucked his hips at her actions, and when she took him in her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around the head of his member he closed his eyes, weaved his fingers in her silky hair and let the sensations wash over him.

Garrus watched the scene with great interest, then got up and moved behind her. He stroked her back with his talons along her spine from her neck all the way down to her hips, then back again to her waist, lingering in the depressions on both sides, and squeezed them was his best friend - his only real friend at this point - but she meant much more than that to him. Every time he saw her he felt like his life was worth living. He needed her in his life. And right now he needed to touch her and feel her soft skin and... More. He lifted her hips towards him then slid a finger all the way from her back down to her wet opening. He could feel her tremble at his touch and when he pushed his finger forward and stroked the little nub he found there, she made a whimpering sound that sent a jolt of heat to his cock.

He took his shaft in his hand and pushed the head against her wet center, circling and teasing her clitoris, then slowly entered her. She felt so hot and tight - he never would have imagined that being inside her would give him so much pleasure. He growled at the effort it took to resist plunging in and taking her in a frenzy of hard thrusts.

The friction and fullness from his cock made her insides tighten and throb with desire again and she pushed her hips towards him, allowing him to bury himself inside her to the hilt.

He started to pump in and out, first slowly, gently, then faster and harder, until he could no longer hold back and he grabbed her hips and pounded into her relentlessly.

She stroked Thane's shaft while she licked and suckled it in rhythm with Garrus' thrusts, heat building up inside her core again, and soon she saw stars behind her eyelids as her inner walls clenched down and started convulsing.

Her tight spasms around him was more than he could bear, and Garrus came with a roaring growl, thrusting in a few more times before calming down.

He bent down and licked her neck, holding her shaking figure close to his with one arm while leaning on the other, emitting that purring growl again that she could feel vibrating inside her own body. He then slowly slid out and settled down to the side.

The next moment she found herself on her back with Thane above her, kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts, pushing his hard cock into her seam that was still sensitive from her release. She didn't think that her over-stimulated body could take any more, but when he started to move inside her, hitting all the right nerves, his tiny scales rubbing against her clitoris, she could feel the heat build up in her belly again.

She stroked the frills along his cheeks, then moved her fingers to the back of his neck, caressing his velvety skin, then slid her hands down his muscular back all the way down to his ass, pulling him closer, letting him push deeper. He bent down and they kissed as he pistoned in and out, her hips meeting his every move thrust for thrust.

He took one of her legs and pushed her knee up towards her chest, changing his angle and increasing his pace. It didn't take much more than that to push her over the edge. Her body went rigid for a second, then fireworks exploded in her groin and her body shook uncontrollably with her orgasm.

Thane followed close behind her with a loud groan and a few more thrusts. Then he bent down, kissed her again and slowly pulled out, collapsing on the moss beside her with a contented sigh. She snuggled up next to him, reaching behind her and pulling Garrus into her back. He put his arm around her waist and nuzzled her neck, inhaling her sweet scent.

They laid there in a happy union and soon fell into a blissful sleep.

"Commander Shepard. Commander Shepard, can you hear me."

"Mmm... EDI?" It took Shepard a few seconds to open her eyes and realize that it was EDI who was trying to contact her, not that pesky reporter who was asking her some stupid questions in her dream. She sat up, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. "What's going on?"

"The storm is over, but Johnson could not reach you over the radio. Is everything all right?"

Garrus and Thane started to stir and reach for her, moving in unison like a pair of predators hunting their pray.

"Everything is just fine," Shepard said, trying to suppress a chuckle. "Umm... We have some things to wrap up here before we leave. Shepard out."

Then she turned back to her favorite teammates and giggled as they pulled her down.

That stuff in the cave was an incredible find indeed.