So, I was on tumblr last night, and it was Hermione's birthday. That's where the inspiration for this story came. I wrote it in about 15 minutes. Probably not my best work, but y'all should read it anyway... happy (belated) birthday Hermione!

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Hermione Granger didn't have many friends before she went to Hogwarts. She had big teeth, bushy hair, a book always in hand, and strange things always happened to her. This wasn't very inviting to most of the kids at her school.

Her parents had thrown her birthday parties her first few years, complete with those cute little kids that were in her class and extended relatives whose names she didn't know. But by the time she was nine, Hermione had decided that she didn't want birthday parties anymore. She couldn't stand looking at all of those kids' faces as they stared at the ground, utterly bored. And many of them had begun to become nasty about it.

So Hermione spent her ninth, tenth, and eleventh birthdays with her parents. They also planned some big day trip to entertain her, or maybe to distract her. One year they went to a museum. Another they went to explore some historical sights. Another they went hiking in the woods.

Hermione had a lot of fun on these days, because (even though she realized that it was probably her parents' plan) she was distracted. She wasn't thinking about the nasty kids at school. She was having fun.

If Hermione was being honest with herself, she would have realized that in addition to her strong desire to learn magic, the chance to go to Hogwarts was also an opportunity to start fresh. The kids there would all be the same as her. They would accept her. They would look past big teeth – because she was going to grow into them – and her thirst for knowledge, and maybe she could finally have good friends.

But when the morning of September 19th rolled around, along with a present from her parents, she was still friendless.

Nobody even knew it was her birthday.

She put on a brave face for classes, but it was so hard. People should have been talking to her. People should have been wishing her a happy birthday.

Instead, they sneered at her. The Slytherins gave her dirty looks, because she wasn't a "pureblood" like them. And even the other Gryffindors didn't like her. Most of the girls were idiots. The Harry Potter boy, whom she had done a lot of reading on since their arrival at Hogwarts, seemed nice enough, but he'd gotten mixed up with that Weasley boy.

Oh, and he made her blood boil. What was his problem? What did he have against her?

Why didn't she have friends?

Hermione Granger's first birthday at Hogwarts was quite similar to Harry Potter's last one before it, in that she was alone. She had no one. She fell asleep with a wet pillow, and a bitter thought of Happy Birthday, Hermione.

By the next year, she'd have friends to spend her birthday with. She'd receive presents from people other than her parents. Everyone in classes would wish her a happy birthday, because maybe they had realized that she wasn't that bad. Ron and Harry would be by her side.

But the sour memory of that first birthday never fully left Hermione. It was always there to remind her of the feeling of being alone – the feeling of not having friends.

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