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When they get back to their rooms, they are both laughing really hard at what just happened

"And excuse me, why would you say I'M not a morning person. I would have you know that I love the early mornings and I do my best work early in the morning?"

"Oh really, and what 'work' would that be, early in the morning?" he inquires with raised eyebrows and Donna just smiles as she turns to unlock her room door.

Harvey feels his chest tighten when she smiles at him that way, it's a smile that he adores, a smile that simply takes his breath away, it mischievous, it's challenging and it tell him she's in a playful mood.

As she turns around, they are only mere inches apart and Harvey can't hold back anymore, he reaches out and caresses her face and kisses her. At first it's gentle and soft as he slowly caresses her lips with his own and he feels her respond, or is that just his own uncontrollable desire pounding in his head. When he feels her hands squeeze his arms he realizes that she is responding to him, and his tongue slides between her parted lips. The taste of her is sending him wild with desire and he wants more and he gathers her by her waist. He pulls her to him, pressing her body into his and he hears her moan as she wraps her arms around his neck.

Not wanting to but needing to break their kiss to breath, Harvey pulls away for a second, looks into her eyes piercingly and then captures her mouth again with his. This time it's more intense, hungry and engulfing and it brings back all those desires that they felt so many years ago. They quickly move through the door and Harvey closes it behind him and turns them around as he presses her against it. He feels that stirring within him and he wants more of her, he NEEDS more of her. Every moment feels intimate and sure and yet every minute he's afraid she would pull away from him. But she doesn't, and he feels her hunger, her passion and her desire for him. He feels it in the way she kisses him back and in the way her arms cling to him and pull him to her. The thought that she wants this NOW as much as he does and she's kissing him so passionately causes him to moan in agony, and that's when he feels it, her hands press on his chest and he feels her pushing him away

"Harvey, wait. Please, wait" Donna begs, out of breath

"No" he replies and presses closer to her body and reclaims her mouth. His kiss becomes hard and savage as he feels her pushing him away again, "damn it Donna, don't do this to me again" he growls as he looks at her, and she quickly pulls herself out of his arms. He feels angry, foolish even but mostly he just wants her back in his arms

"Wait, listen. Don't say that please. I hated the fact that I did that so many years ago for so long. I can't bear to see that pain in your eyes because I see it every time I look in the mirror" he closes his eyes and turns away as she speaks, he runs his hand through his hair

"Fine, let's just forget it. YOU hurt, I ache. Move on right. Is that what you want Donna?" he pleads with his mouth and his eyes

"You ache?" Donna repeats in shock. Harvey looks at her, unable to hide the pain anymore, unable to hold back what he KNOWS he has to say

"All the time, when I CAN'T be with you. When I'm THIS close to you and yet I CAN'T be with you. How can you not know that, how can you not FEEL that Donna" he knows his emotions are flying but he wants her to understand. To look at him and see how much he wants her, how much he is willing to give up for her

"You really think I DON'T feel that, that I don't feel that emptiness when I'm not with u. Harvey, I do" Donna stops and turns away from him, and he knows she's trying to fight back the tears. He's never known her to cry easily, so he knows it's hard for her to talk. He wants so badly to take her in his arms and stop her from shaking, to soothe away her doubts, to kiss away her frown

"Donna, listen" he tries to calm her down

"No I'm sorry if this is hard for you and I'm sorry that I'M making it so hard for you. But we both agreed that the decision we made was the right one, it was the best one" Donna explains and even though he hears the words, her voice sounds shaky and unsure


"Why are you doing this now?"

"Why are you fighting it now?"

"Because I need you to listen to me" Donna sighs, tilting her head at him

"I really don't think I NEED to hear any thing else" he argues, "it kinda gets old to hear the same thing over and over"

"It's NOT the same thing"

"It doesn't sound like any thing NEW to me"

"That's because you didn't let me finish"

"I'm sorry, why would I let you finish the SAME excuse AGAIN. Donna, I have been trying, desperately, these past few weeks to SHOW you how good we are together. The last time this happened, I LISTENED to your reason and I accepted your decision. I moved on, no I TRIED to move on. You of ALL people know how hard it is for me to trust someone, to let people in and for all these years I have been trying to find someone who I can trust and who I can let it. But it never happened because of YOU" he stops as he sees the shocked look on her face

"Harvey" it came out so softly that he almost doesn't hear it and he walks up to her

"I have never found any one who matches me as perfectly as you do and no matter whom I'm with, all I see is YOU. All I want is YOU. And it may have taken me a while to figure out how deep in my soul you are embedded but you ARE there. BUT if it's not what you want, then I will have to find a way to be ok with Bill" Harvey finishes and he steps back from her, needing to distance himself from the pull of his desires. It took all he had to say those last words to her but he knows he had to say them, he had to tell her exactly how he feels. He made that promise to himself from the very beginning

"Not exactly what I thought I would hear" Donna utters, sounding tremulous

"It should have been said a long time ago" He replies, watching her, wanting her, needing her

"Harvey, what are we going to do? You know we can NEVER go back" Donna tells him and he sees the sadness in her eyes. He walks up to her, touches her cheek and gently caresses her with his thumb

"That's the thing Donna, I don't ever WANT to go back, why would I? What I want NOW and what I want for my future is much better than what I've had in the past" he slips his hand around her waist and pulls her to him, "I don't want us to EVER think of going back because going forward is a hell of a lot better" he gives her his Specter cocky grin and she raises an eyebrow as she smiles and he presses his lips unto hers gently

As he moves her body unto his, he feels her shiver and he moves his hand from her waist, up her back slowly as his other hand moves slowly over her lower back. She wraps her arms around his shoulders, enjoying the feel of his lips on hers, his tongue slowly massaging hers as their kiss grows deeper and deeper. Harvey hears her moan softly and feels her pressing her body closer to him and it feels good, it feel right. When they pull apart to breathe, she looks at him and smiles

"We're really doing this?"



"Definitely…and the sex too, LOTS of it" he smiles

"Well then if we're doing it right, how about we do the whole dating for a few months, THEN the sex!" Donna says mischievously, while caressing his lips with her thumb

"I'm not sure you would be able to hold out that long" and he guides his lips over her neck slowly and lets his tongue caress her skin just below her ear and when he hears her moan, he smiles against her skin

"Oh really, I'm not even sure YOU can hold out NOW" and she rubs her hips against his body and feels his growing arousal, his hands immediately drop to her hips and pulls her tighter to him and he lets out an agonizing groan. Donna pulls his head up and kisses him hungrily, deeply, until they are both breathless and dazed

"Bed?" she looks into his eyes

"Now" he groans, and she leads him to the bedroom and they quickly start taking each others clothes off

"Should I be careful with the suit?" Donna asks playfully between kisses and Harvey smiles and takes off his shirt and tosses it to the ground, "I'll take that as a no" she laughs

"No more talking" Harvey orders and pulls her to him eagerly, capturing her mouth and sliding his tongue between her delicious lips

They spend the rest of the night moving together in total harmony. Donna shivering from his touch on her bare skin and in places that makes her moan loudly, and withering with his burning caresses. Harvey, enjoying the feel of her naked body entwined with his, the way she touches him and the way she shivers beneath him. He realizes that he's about to lose complete control and then Donna arches her body into his and he buries himself deep inside her, then they both abandon themselves to the pulsating waves of pleasures. He hears her uninhibited cry of satisfaction as she answers his thrusting hips and he feels her shuddering release all around him and Harvey loses all control and soars over the edge as wave after wave rocks his body. They hold on to each other, moving slowly as they come down from their blissful high and Harvey kisses her, softly, tenderly as they continue to move against each other. Harvey moves unto his side and keeps her pressed against him and slowly they fall asleep.

The next morning as Harvey wakes up, he smiles as he feels Donna's body still wrapped closely to him and his nose is buried in her hair. He thinks about how far they've come and the promise he made to himself, about telling her exactly how he feels. His life is not the same without her and his life would never be complete if she's not in it. He knows this and he's grateful that she feels the same way. How could he have ever thought that ANY one else could fill his life the way she does. They are each others best friends, they are each others anchor, they are each others compass and they are each others soul mates. Wow, Harvey never thought he would ever say that, let alone call anyone that. He gave up on believing in soul mates the day he found out about his mother. But now, with his beautiful Donna in his arms, he knows that she is the one to make him believe again. She's the one that makes him believe in everything and as he watches her, he makes a silent promise to himself that he wasn't going to let anything or anyone come between them and the future that he wants to build with her. He touches her cheeks, her lips and slowly lifts her chin and presses soft kisses on her face

"Mmmm, seems someone is ready for round two" Donna says softly

"I do believe it's round THREE and yes I am" Harvey replies as he places feathery kisses down her neck and his hands begin to explore her body again. Donna pushes him on to his back and straddles his waist, much to his delight

"Then in that case, I do believe it's YOUR turn" and she smiles seductively as she reaches down and kisses him passionately.

When Harvey finally leaves Donna's room later that morning, it's only to head back to his own room to pack up his things and then meet up with Mike to head to the airport. After packing and heading back to Donna's room he suddenly realizes that he's not sure how he's going to manage to keep his hands off her, now that he's able to touch her and hold her as much as he likes, especially when Mike's around.

They arrive down in the lobby the same time Mike walks out of the breakfast area of the hotel and they quickly let go of each others hands

"Hey, you guys gonna have breakfast? Freaking amazing, the spread they have there" Mike announces as he reaches up to them

"Really, oh this I've got to see" Donna replies and she turns to Harvey, "You coming" she asks smiling

"Be right there" Harvey says and when Donna walks off, he turns to Mike, "hey listen, about last night"

"Yeah I know and you're welcome" Mike smiles at him


"You're welcome"

"About what?" Harvey looks at him confused

"You and Donna, it's what I said right, to go for it?. Don't think I didn't see you guys holding hands as you stepped out of the elevator and unless you're trying something different, and I seriously hope you're NOT by the way, I do believe that's Donna's perfume I smell on you" Mike explains as he watches Harvey smugly

"Actually I just wanted to say that I didn't mean to call you an idiot but I've changed my mind, you ARE an idiot" Harvey snickers and walks off towards the breakfast area

"Awwww I am right" Mike laughs as he follows Harvey, "it's so cute, you guys trying to hide it from me" Harvey stops and turns to face Mike

"Look, I'm not saying that we are or that you're right but, and this is just for argument sake, IF you right, are you SURE you wanna go in there and let DONNA know what you're thinking?" Harvey questions him

"Ah yeah, I get your point" Mike looks at him a little scared and Harvey smiles when he turns his back, "Harvey wait" Mike calls to him, "listen, I won't say anything if that's what you guys want but you gotta tell me if I'm right" Harvey just smiles at him, "fine, but I know I am AND I'm happy for you, BOTH. So does this mean I'm gonna see little Harvey Specter in his Oshkosh B'Gosh suit?" Harvey rolls his eyes and walks off, leaving Mike smiling.

As he walks into the breakfast area and spots Donna already seated and as he sits down, he watches her eat a strawberry and she arches her eyebrow seductively at him. He licks his lips and thinks to himself that it's gonna be tough to keep this to themselves!


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