Hey my name is Chad and I live in Mouto Country in China the second most remote part of the world. I found it hard to do anything even enjoy myself. I have to cycle to the shop or anywhere else. For example I had to post a letter once and so I grabbed my bike and off I went. The path was rough so I fell. I saw a group people skiting at me. On my way back they started to avoid me.

You see playing board games and chardades gets boring after a while. And cycling is not quite time-occupying either. All you have is non electric items and night time is very dark. Candles are dangerous so a house with young children is even darker so either way no one in that house is safe. It is hard to do hobbies such as reading as even thought it lacks fun at times it was the only way to help you get to sleep. Sleeping hours are very short where I lived and 8 hours sleeps is a treat to our community.

Two days after my trip to the shop I decied to find that group of laughers to see if they need more company. So I cycled my bike to that neighbourhood before the shop and they weren't there. Lucky someone told me that they where 4 blocks a head. So I cycle all the way I stumbling twice until I got to the right neighbourhood. When I got there not only were the group not lonely but they said some offense things to me like I was a big baby who couldn't cycle to save my life.

Seeing as I life alone I ran away from this place to somewhere far away how I got there I do not know but I wound up in Beijing. I hide there trying to avoid as many people as possible. It was hard but sure I went from the isolated Mouto City to Beijing not was impossible for me right? One day when I tried to escape from a fight scene someone caught me and took me somewhere dark. She said t that I was her long-lost brother. But how could this be she is American and I`m Chinese, am I?

She looked about 25 which meant that she was 5 years older than me but I do remember I foggy memory of a 5 year old me being taken away by a fair haired girl who looked about 10. She showed me a picture quite like the foggy memory. Then she said that here name was leeann , Leanne Black. Wait my surname is Black or so I can remember anyway. She said that she came over to China to find me. She wanted me to come back home with her.

So now I get driven places instead of cycling there. I have friends now, real ones who care. I used to be poor but now I am fortunate. Life has improved since I was 20. Today is my 22nd brithday and I am enjoying every single minute of it. It just goes to show that people take for granted the most important things in life.