Chapter 1

Rachel felt Finn grab her hand as they waited in the choir room for Glee to begin. She rested her head on Finn's shoulder and his free hand moved to play with her soft curls. She smiled up at him and watched as everyone began to enter. Mr. Schuester was the last to enter and he walked in with a large grin as usual. He moved to the white board and scribbled across it, before turning to his students. "Okay guys, we need to start working on songs for sectionals."

Everyone's eyes flew to the door as it was thrown open and a frantic woman with a toddler entered. "Rachel, I am so sorry. I have a family emergency and I know your fathers are away on a business trip so I had to come here."

"It's fine. Thanks." Rachel said nervously.

"Mommy!" The little boy darted to Rachel and hopped onto her lap. Rachel wrapped her arms around him and pressed a kiss to his head.

"Mommy? You have a kid?" Mercedes asked incredulously.

"He's like three too. You had him freshman year? Is that why you went to a 'music camp?' You little slut." Santana snarled as she glared at Rachel.

"Lay off, Santana. You have no idea what happened." Finn growled, defending his girlfriend.

"Really? She didn't have a boyfriend freshman year. It sounds to me as if miss innocent Rachel Berry had a one-night stand and got pregnant. And you're okay with this, Finn? I'm shocked."

Rachel stood and handed her son to Finn. "Santana, shut up! I'm tired of your ridiculous snarls! I'm not taking it anymore! You have no idea what I've been through! It wasn't a one night stand. I was raped! And you have no right to criticize me even if it were a one night stand because you have sex with anyone that passes you!" Rachel screamed furiously.

The room fell silent in shock and in sympathy. It was the little boy that broke the silence as he stared up at his mother with wide eyes. "Mommy, you kay?"

"I'm sorry, baby. Mommy is fine, Liam." She took him from Finn's arms and cuddled him in her arms.

"Rachel, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Santana apologized guiltily.

"Exactly. You didn't know because every time I was upset no one bothered to ask if I was okay because you thought I was being a drama queen. And I could only trust a handful of you because anytime you found out my secrets you would spill them to the entire school or blackmail me with them."

"Who? When?" Kurt asked.

"November of freshman year. His name is Jason Greyback. He's a friend of Jesse's. He's from Vocal Adrenaline. I didn't know he was friends with Jesse until last year when he came back. It kind of freaks me out because Jesse was obsessed with my when he came back."

"What happened?" Noah asked furiously. He was going to find this guy and kill him.

Rachel looked away and tears began to well in her eyes. Finn saw and stood to take her hand. "Rach, you don't have to."

"I think it's time. You deserve to know and so do most of them." Rachel said. "Just not here. Not now. You guys can come over for dinner tonight and I'll tell you. Just please do not tell anyone about Liam. I don't want his name plastered everywhere. He's innocent in this situation."

"Did you press charges?" Mr. Schuester asked. He felt horrible that his student, who he viewed as a daughter, had to deal with this.

"Yes. He was a minor so he went to juvenile detention, but I think he might be out now." Rachel said with sorrow thick in her voice. "If you don't mind, I think I'm going to get home. Liam needs his snack."

Finn followed Rachel out of the room, leaving the glee club shocked and confused. He took her hand that wasn't holding Liam and gave her a comforting smile. "Rach, you don't have to tell them."

"Finn, it's been three years and I haven't even told you the full story. My dads are the only ones that know every detail and that's only because they were there when I talked to the police and when we went to trial." Rachel said as they walked outside to Finn's truck.

"Finn, coming too?" Liam asked excitedly as they came to a stop before his truck.

"Yup, I'm coming, buddy." Finn smiled as he gently scuffed his dark hair. He opened his trunk and pulled out the car seat that he kept back there for times like these. He secured it in the car and moved so Rachel could slip him into his seat. She made funny faces as she buckled him, causing him to giggle. Finn smiled at his girlfriend's great skills with children, especially Liam. The two of them had an unbelievable bond and Rachel was a wonderful mother.

Rachel hopped into the front seat of Finn's truck and pulled the seatbelt over her chest. He pulled out of the parking lot and turned on the radio to a children's station for Liam. He squealed excitedly and began to dance in his seat. Finn let out a chuckle. There was no doubt that this was Rachel Berry's child.

Finn pulled into the Berry driveway and pulled the keys out. Rachel got out and pulled Liam out of the car. She carried him inside and Finn followed. Rachel slipped Liam onto his feet and took his hand to lead him into the kitchen. "What do you want to eat for a snack, baby?"


"Veggies it is." Rachel smiled. She lifted him and plopped him down on the booster seat that sat on one of the chairs. She then opened the refrigerator and pulled out a Mickey Mouse bowl with various vegetables cut up inside. Finn grabbed one of Liam's forks from the drawer and a napkin and placed them in front of Liam. Rachel placed the bowl in front of him and he began to eat his snack. "Yummy?"

"Yup!" He nodded and he slipped a forkful of vegetables into his mouth. Most two year olds didn't eat with a fork, but Liam was advanced for his age. Finn didn't know if it was that Liam was just exceptionally smart or if it was Rachel's amazing parenting. But then again, it was probably a combination of both of those factors.

"Do you want something, babe?" Rachel asked Finn as she placed a closed cup full of water in front of Liam.

"Mommy made cookies last night." Liam said, stringing out the double vowel in cookie. "And I help!"

"You did? Well that means I'm going to have to eat one." Finn grinned and Rachel let out a small giggle. She knew the second Finn heard the word cookies that he was in.

Rachel opened the cabinet and pulled out a container filled with chocolate chip cookies. Rachel opened the container and held it out to Finn. "Would you like a cookie, honey?"

"Yes please, Mommy." Liam nodded and a huge smile stretched across his face as his mother placed two cookies in front of him. "Tank you!"

"You're welcome, baby." Rachel bent down to press a kiss to his head. "What should Mommy make for dinner tonight, Liam?"

"Chicken nuggets!"

"No. We're having guests over. Something a little more…not so childish."

"But your chicken nuggets are best!"

"That's because they're vegan." Rachel smiled.

"How 'bout…sagna?" Liam asked.

"Sagna? My vegan lasagna?" Rachel questioned and Liam nodded. "Okay, vegan lasagna it is."

"Good. I love your vegan lasagna." Finn said as he shoved another cookie into his mouth.

"Finn, you have lots of cookies." Liam pointed out as he pushed his empty bowl away.

"No more. Otherwise you won't be able to eat my lasagna." Rachel scolded as she took the container away.

"Oh I'll always make room for your cooking."

"Well, you are going to get a tummy ache." Rachel reminded as she pulled out her ingredients for dinner.

"I'm sorry, babe. You are just such an amazing cook and baker." Finn smiled as he took Liam's bowl and fork and placed them both in the dishwasher. "You want to color while Mommy cooks, Liam?"

"Yeah!" He hopped off his chair and ran into the playroom to grab several coloring books and a box of crayons. Finn lifted him back onto his booster seat and pushed the chair in for him. Liam held up a new coloring book with a smile. "Gwandpa and Papa got this for me. It new."

"Wow! Superheroes! That's awesome!" Finn sat down next to Liam and opened the box of crayons.

Rachel smiled as she saw the two of them laughing and coloring together. There was something about Finn bonding with Liam that made her heart melt. Finn was excellent with Liam and that was something Rachel needed. She needed somebody to except her and Liam. And she was lucky enough to find that person.

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