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" Niyals! There was something in the mail for ya !" Fran called out with a nasally yell.

" Niles quickly came walking down the stairs. " Is it a letter from the butlers society club?"

" No it says it's from Barkley High school in England. Is that where you used to go to school?"

" Yes that is my old high school. I wonder why they would be sending me a letter." Niles replied as he opened the letter. He pulled it out of the envelope and began reading it. " Oh, it says here that they are having a high school reunion next month. Its an invitation."

" Oh that sounds like so much fun! What are you gonna wear, oh I know, I'll help you pick out an outfit!" Fran exclaimed.

" No nanny Fine that wont be necessary because I'm not going."

" What, why not ?"

" Because, Miss Fine, reunions are all about trying to impress everyone with how great and successful you turned out to be, and me being a butler is really nothing to show off."

" Oh Niles, who cares what people think of your profession, I like going to see all my old friends. And you know if it bothers you so much….they don't have to know you're a butler."

" Hey Fran can you come here a minute?" Grace called from upstairs.

" Coming!" Fran yelled as she walked up the stairs.

Niles thought about what Fran said about them not having to know he was a butler. He'd never even thought of acting and making everybody believe he had some different life. Of course he hadn't gone to any of the previous reunions either so its not like anyone would know he was making it up. Maybe he could pull this off its worth a try, it could be fun.

His thoughts were interrupted at the sound of a familiar voice.

" Hello hello!" CC stated as she walked through the front door.

" Oh what are you doing here the sun is up?" Niles replied with a smirk.

Niles walked over to CC and took off her coat and proceeded to hang it up in the closet.

" Can it butler boy. Is Maxwell in the office?"

" Yes he's going over the plans for the new production."

CC nodded and walked towards the office. She wasn't in the mood for their usual banter at the moment as she was dreadfully tired from lack of sleep. She was up most of the night watching Spanish soap operas. It would have been more fun if Niles were there to watch them with her because surprisingly that was one of the only things they both enjoyed doing together, and they got along the whole time. She had noticed lately that she was starting to feel something for Niles and it scared her to no end, every time she thought about it she could hear her mothers voice in the back of her head " Being involved with a domestic is a disgrace to the Babcock name." Needless to say she had no intentions of acting on the feeling any time soon, she wasn't even sure of her feelings yet.

" Oh and Niles would u bring me some coffee" She said just before she left the room.

Niles walked into the kitchen , poured her a cup of coffee, and started towards the office when the perfect idea came to him. He would get CC to pretend to be his at the reunion. He had thought about asking Fran but although Fran is a wonderful, beautiful woman, she was not the kind of woman that he could picture himself with and aside from that he already loved CC, he only wished he could find some way to tell her that.

Now all he had to do was convince her to go along with it which he was sure would be a challenge.

CC came out of the office and immediately saw him standing there with her cup of coffee.

" There you are. What took so long? "

Niles handed her the coffee " Sorry."

She took it from him and turned to walk back to the office when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

" Wait." Niles said

She turned back around and looked at him. " What is it butler boy?"

" Um well I wanted to ask you a favor"

" Well what is it?"

He decided to just come right out with it. " Miss Babcock I was wondering if you'd come with me to my high school reunion and pretend to be my wife for the night."

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