They arrived back at the hotel about 2 hours before the reunion would begin and started getting ready. Niles was allowed a quick shower and shave before C.C. commandeered the bathroom for the next hour and a half.

The bathroom smelled like his cologne when she entered and she took in a deep breath before starting up the shower to get ready. She intended to look beautiful tonight on his arm. This trip had been somewhat bizarre so far and after going to see his mother it was actually kind of starting to feel like they were in a relationship. It was almost like some weirdly amazing dream and she intended to bask in it while she could.


While Niles waited on C.C. he sat on the sofa and flipped through the channels on the TV. He wasn't sure exactly how to kill the next hour and a half in this hotel room. There was nothing good on television so he just clicked the screen off and sat back.

He had put on one of his best suits for the occasion (One he had snagged from Maxwell's closet about a year ago. He never even knew it was missing.) He knew C.C. would look amazing as usual and he wanted to make sure he matched her elegance the best he could.

He was getting nervous. Would they be able to pull it off or would they be caught and made a fool of? He kept thinking this was a stupid idea and he just shouldnt have come but in all honesty he wouldn't trade this weekend with her for anything. Having her on his arm would be a dream come true. He was really shocked that she agreed to it. Yes she had played it off like she was only doing it for laughs but is that really true? His mother's words ran through his mind again. "A woman does not take an 8 hour, weekend long trip to England with a man unless she cares about him."

I mean it made sense. It was a lot of trouble to go through just for some laughs and she had no reason to do him any favors. Perhaps there was something on her end?

Niles shook his head, banishing the thought. "No sense in getting your hopes up, old man." He said to himself.

He stood and headed for the door. He decided to go down to the bar and get a drink while he waited.


As C.C. stepped out of the shower and towelled off she considered what kind of underwear to put on. She was fully aware that it probably didn't matter and that the likelihood of something happening between the two of them in this hotel room tonight was slim to none, but just in case she wanted to wear something sexy. She pulled on a lacy red thong that she always thought made her ass look great and decided to go braless with the dress she would be wearing. A long black shimmery dress with a slit up the left leg and thin straps. The material hugged her curves nicely and the top showed just enough cleavage to leave them wanting more. Once she was dressed she went about doing her hair and makeup.


Niles approached the bar and took the first available seat he saw. He waved down the bartender and ordered a Jack and Coke. As he sat and enjoyed his drink he felt eyes on him and then someone sat down in the seat next to him.

"Niles? Is that you old man?"

Niles turned his full attention to the man sitting next to him. After looking him over for a moment, Niles realized he recognized this man.

"Jeremy?" Niles asked.

Jeremy laughed and clapped Niles on the shoulder. " I knew it was you! Gosh it's been years! How are you, man? This is the first reunion I've seen you at."

Niles found it amusing that he spoke to him as though they had been friends in school. Jeremy had been a jock and Niles had been a chubby bookworm. The hunter and the prey. Jeremy had bullied him on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, he put a polite smile on his face and replied.

"Yes well I do work a lot these days but I made sure to make time for it this time around."

"Well you look great mate. See you finally lost all that baby fat!"

Niles cringed internally but chose to ignore the comment. "And how have you been, Jeremy?" He asked.

"Oh I've been great. My auto repair business is doing great! And my marriage is better than ever, if you know what I mean." He said as he raised his eyebrow at Niles and nudged him with his elbow. "Just came down here to grab a drink while she gets all dolled up." He took a swig of his drink. "What about you then? Are you looking to leave with a lady tonight?" He winked at him.

Niles raised an eyebrow. Why did he just assume he was alone? He was wearing a prop wedding ring and everything. "Oh yes. I intend to bring a tall sexy blonde back to my hotel room tonight."

Jeremy's smile widened. "Hey now that's a nice goal to go into the evening with!" He laughed as though that idea was completely absurd. "Sounds like you have someone in mind."

Niles smirked at his haughtiness. "I do, indeed. Her name's C.C. and she's my wife."

Jeremy looked surprised. 'Asshole' , Niles thought.

"Get out of town! You settled down with someone? I have to admit I didn't expect that. Hell, I half expected you were gay!" Jeremy laughed.

Niles' jaw clenched but he simply smiled. He refused to let him see that he was getting to him. "Sorry to disappoint." Niles said and Jeremy looked surprised at his retort but then laughed it off."So where is the lucky lady?" He asked and looked around as though she would pop up at any moment.

"She is getting ready at the moment. In fact I better get back up there. Wouldn't want her to think I disappeared." Niles took the opportunity to excuse himself and stood to leave.

"Alright then, I hope to meet your wife tonight. See you later mate." He called to Niles as he walked toward the elevator.

Niles didn't bother turning around, he simply held his hand up as a goodbye and continued walking.

Jeremy was a prick. Always had been and evidently always would be. He just wished he hadn't let him get to him.