Hello! This my first Shugo Chara FanFiction, so bear with me here! I'm just starting out. I hope you enjoy this! It's just a drabble-y one-shot about Kairi and Yaya.

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Here we go!

"Hurry up Kairi!" Yaya yelled as she ran ahead of the bespeckled nerd. They had just arrived at the huge mall an hour's drive from Seiyo and the girl was already raring to go. "I'd like to get there before the stores close!" He sighed.

"You'd think she'd grow out of her childish ways after six years." He muttered under his breath. At seventeen the girl still carried her childish ways. It wasn't until the ninth grade that she'd stopped talking in third person. Since they were graduating from high school next year (Kairi skipped eighth grade) she had realized her need to grow up and had nearly grown out of the babyish character she had in elementary school, but she had her moments. Since Pepe returned to her egg for good the childishness had begun to fade.

As soon as they stepped over the mall's threshold, Yaya squealed and ran into an extremely pink store. She came out moments later sporting a baby blue bag and a huge grin.

"Come on Kairi, we only have eight hours until the mall closes!" She threw the bag at him (he caught it with crazy samurai reflexes) and began trotting down the corridor. Kairi mourned his plans for a quiet weekend in as he followed the sound of Yaya's bright yellow flats clicking against the marble tile. Before he knew it he was sitting on a bench outside of yet another pink store. He hadn't bothered to follow her inside. Yaya didn't need him to.

"Yo, Sanjo!" Kairi looked around, startled by the sudden yell, until he found the source of the noise. Kukai was walking towards him, at least ten bags from different stores piled up in his arms. Utau was trailing along behind him, but something caught her eye and she hurried into the same store Yaya had disappeared into not long before. Kukai plopped down on the bench beside the greenette. "You've been dragged into a shopping trip too?"


Kairi's phone began to ring at 7:30 in the morning, waking him from a comfortable sleep. He answered it warily, eyeing the caller id.


"Hey Kairi! Are you busy today?" Yaya asked eagerly from the other end.

"Um, not really… isn't it a bit early for a Pocky Palace attack?" Pocky Palace was the local candy store that Yaya raided once a month for a giant candy spree. After the first time Kairi had gone, he'd sworn he'd never go again.

"Not where we're going! I'll be there in fifteen minutes, you better be ready when I get there!" With a click she was gone.

*End Flashback*

"Yeah." The jock gives him a sympathetic look. "Don't give me that look; didn't you get dragged along too?" Before he could answer Utau had appeared in front of the bench, sporting another bag.

"Kukai. We're leaving. See you around, Kairi. Tell your sister I'm almost finished with the third song." She tossed the new bag at Kukai before she set off, her heels clicking even louder on the tiles than Yaya's flats, leaving Kairi no time to ask what she meant by "the third song".

"Coming! Good luck man." Kukai gave him a good natured pat on the shoulder before he rushed after the young pop star who was already halfway down the corridor.

Kairi fell asleep about ten minutes after they left until he found himself being shaken roughly awake by Yaya before he could get any actual rest.

"Kairi!" The girl squealed. "Wake up! The mall closes in less than seven hours; we don't have time for your laziness! This is totally going to throw us off schedule…" she began to mutter to herself about time and lack thereof. Kairi suddenly leapt off of the bench and apologized, his manners suddenly kicking in at full speed.

"I'm extremely sorry, Ace. A real samurai would never let themselves fall asleep like that. I do not deserve your forgiveness." He bowed deeply. The boy's sudden formality send Yaya into a fit of giggles, waving her hand around towards him.

"It's *giggle* fine *gasp* Kairi *strange giggle gasp cough hack thing* I forgive you. Let's just go, okay?" She grabbed his hand and ran off, yanking her victim behind her.

"If you don't mind my asking Ace, how do you afford all of this?" Kairi gestured to all of the bags in his arms as he asked. Yaya stopped in her tracks and spun around on her heel to face him. In an instant he knew he said something wrong. She marched towards him until their noses were nearly touching. In a random thought he hoped his breath didn't smell bad. As he inhaled, Kairi could smell peppermint lingering on Yaya's breath, and he wondered how much jump-start candy she'd eaten this morning. Or was it her natural scent? She once told him that peppermint was her favorite candy. What it was coming from, the smell was making him dizzy.

"How many times do I have to tell you, don't call me Ace! Just call me Yaya! I hate how formal that is! Never, ever call me Ace again as long as you live, got it?" Yaya looked like she was a half second away from slapping Kairi across the face, so he nodded frantically. Despite his mild obsession with being a 'samurai', Kairi did his best to avoid unnecessary pain. Yaya took a few deep breaths and stepped away from the frightened boy, face slightly red from her outburst. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Yaya. I will not call you Ace anymore. I didn't mean to upset you." Yaya appeared to be satisfied, so she changed the subject.

"My parents gave me a budget. My dad is some high-up guy at his company, so we have a good bit of spending money. Anyway, c'mon! I'm starving, let's go get some lunch!" The cheerful Yaya returned without a hitch and Kairi was whisked away yet again.

In the food court, the brunette immediately began to stuff herself with a burger, fries, an extra-large Pepsi, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a chocolate milkshake and a bag of candy (which had mysteriously appeared, as there was no candy shop in the entire mall). Kairi's lunch consisted of a salad with raspberry vinaigrette and a bottle of water.

"So, after lunch we'll go to Old Navy, Claire's, Justice, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret (Kairi blushed furiously hearing this), T. , Coach, Pandora, Christopher & Banks, Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble and JCPenny. It'll be closing time by the time we finish. We can get dinner somewhere on the way home." When Yaya turned sixteen, her parents bought her a bright yellow Mini Cooper that she instantly loved. She wanted everyone else to bask in its glory as much as she did, but it was too small for their entire group (Yes, even after they graduated Tadase was the only one who went somewhere far away for school). They usually took Amu's eight-seat SUV instead if more than five of them were going somewhere together, or they took two or three cars. Somehow Yaya was never fast enough to volunteer to drive. The others volunteered as quickly as they possibly could for some reason.

So having a two-person outing gave Yaya a chance to show off her epic car and her epic driving skills.

Unfortunately, riding with Yaya gave Kairi both nightmares and flashbacks. His sister, a woman in the show business with a temper problem, wasn't even half as bad of a driver as Yaya. He knew, though, that there was no convincing the girl to slow her roll without hurting her feelings irreparably, so his only solace came from the hope that they'd return to Seiyo before she had to drive in the dark. His greatest possible fear.

"Yaya? May we stop at a few stores Ineed to go to please?" She swallowed the food in her mouth and nodded. "I'm terribly sorry if I'm going to throw a wrench in our schedule, but my sister asked me to pick up some things. She doesn't get much time to go to the store with Utau's career, and she doesn't trust her husband to do much of anything for her." The boy smiled sheepishly while Yaya smiled brightly back at him.

"Actually, the schedule isn't that big of a priority. I just drew that up to get us started. A few extra stops won't do any damage!" She finished the rest of her meal in record time, forcing Kairi to do the same or be left behind, and they were off.

At least ten stores, four screaming matches with one cashier, one manager, and two very angry other customers, twenty-seven Jolly Ranchers, and a Gatorade later, the mall was officially (finally!) closed. Kairi collapsed into the passenger seat as soon as they reached the car. Every muscle in his body screamed with exhaustion.

"Kairi! We have to put all of the bags away!" Yaya sang. Somehow she was still bursting with energy. He suspected it had something to do with the Monster he saw her trying to drink without him noticing. A heavy sigh escaped his lips.

"Will all of the stuff you bought even fit?" She giggled at the notion that she hadn't planned this far ahead.

"Of course it will! We just have to use the backseat too! Come on, I need your help!" Being the "samurai" he was, a cry for help was impossible to ignore. Especially from a damsel in distress although he knew very well that she was nothing of the sort.

It took nearly an hour, but all of clothes, shoes, jewelry, small home decorations, and other miscellaneous items that the two had bought were crammed into the car in highly creative ways. As they pulled out of the parking lot at a speed that gave Kairi heart palpitations, the boy gripped the arm rest so hard his knuckles were white and tried fruitlessly to convince the girl beside him to let him drive for once.

Fifteen minutes later, his efforts were still in vain. "Yaya, are you certain that you don't think I should drive? I'm sure you're very tired- ah!" He cried out as the car swerved around an oil truck. "Yaya…"

"I'll be fine! I'm a great driver!" She exclaimed as the Mini Cooper swerved around another car. The other driver honked viciously at them, but Yaya just punched the center of her steering wheel in response. "Yeah, I've got a horn too!" She screeched out the open window. The fresh air calmed Kairi down very, very slightly. "We'll be there faster if I drive, Kairi!" He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place…

They arrived at the restaurant in half the legal time. "How do you still... or rather, how do you have a license at all?" Kairi asked, clearly bewildered. Yaya just stared at him, puzzled.

"What do you mean? I just took the tests and uh, talked to the tester for a while afterwards. He was very happy to give me my license after our little chat." With a bright smile she disappeared into the restaurant. Little chat? Kairi made a silent oath then that he would do his best for the rest of his life to never make Yaya angry, as each day he was more and more certain that doing so would result in his untimely demise.

"Come on, slowpoke!" Yaya called, her head poking out from behind the door. "They're waiting for us!" Kairi was puzzled. Who's waiting for us?

"So did you guys buy a lot of stuff today?" Yaya asked Utau and Kukai, who were sitting across from her and Kairi in their booth. Apparently they all had left the mall around the same time so Yaya invited the other pair to dinner while Kairi was in the bathroom.

"Not really." Utau's answer was casual and short, suiting her pop star nature.

"Are you kidding? Those bags were so heavy I thought my arms were going to fall off!" Kukai exclaimed. He swiveled in his seat to fully face his girlfriend. Kairi was suddenly reminded of the phrase, 'looking danger full in the face.'

"That's because you're weak." She told him primly without sparing him a glance. The difference between them was so obviously great that Kairi couldn't even begin to fathom how they had ended up together.

"I am not! I bet I'm ten times as strong as you!" Kairi immediately feared for Kukai's wellbeing and his relationship. What kind of boyfriend says that to his freaking girlfriend?! An argument ignited between the two, leaving Yaya and Kairi to converse among themselves.

"Aren't they adorable? I wish I had someone to argue with like that…" Yaya sighed. You wouldn't think so, but I guess Yaya has some romantic nature in her. Most girls do by nature, I suppose. Kairi was puzzled by this, even with those thoughts running through his head.

The peppy waitress kept trying to and failing at flirting with Kukai, who was still in mid-argument with Utau. He didn't even hear her name.

"Excuse me?" She interrupted. "Would you care to order sir?" She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously (A/N: Love that word.) as shelooked at the emerald-eyed jock. Utau gave her one of the famous Hoshina death glares that she used to give Amu back when she was creepily in love with Ikuto. The dim waitress obviously didn't notice. That or she ignored her. "Oh, and my name is Hitomi." She repeated. A sickly sweet grin followed the sickly sweet introduction.

"Uh, nice to meet you. I'll have an eighteen-ounce steak with as large a side of fries as you can give me, please. Oh yeah, and a Coke." Hitomi blinked twice before furiously scribbling the order down on her notepad.

"Alright, I'll be back with that very soon!" The waitress disappeared into the kitchen, forgetting something vital.

"Wasn't she supposed to take our orders too?" Kairi, as usual, was being oblivious to the dark aura of hate Utau was heavily emitting. Come to think of it, so was Kukai. All he noticed was that she was mad.

"Uh, Utau? Are you okay? She just forgot to take your order; maybe it's her first day. You don't have to freak out." Kukai tried to console the furious blonde, but she wasn't having it.

"I am not freaking out! I'm going to the bathroom!" She stood and marched to the bathroom.

"She's freaking out." Yaya stated plainly. Sadly, Kukai may not have gotten it had the brunette said nothing

"Yeah, but what about?" Yaya shook her head in a way that said Silly oblivious Kukai.

"Ugh. Guys. I'm going to go find her. Kairi, I would tell you to inform Kukai of why he's such a fool, but you aren't any more informed than he is, so just stay here and do nothing until I get back, got it?' Kairi nodded meekly and Yaya, satisfied, trotted off in the same direction as Utau.

"So… you don't have any idea what's going on either?" Kukai asked. Kairi simply shook his head. Both boys sighed, silently agreeing that no matter how hard they tried, they would never fully understand.

Once the girls returned a different waiter came and took all of their orders. Utau had found Hitomi and told her off. The new waiter told them that she had not only asked to be replaced after the chat with Utau, but she had run to the manager's office in tears and quit as soon as Utau had sent her away. Of course Yaya insisted on getting dessert, but Kukai and Utau weren't interested, so they bid their friends farewell and left after paying their half of the bill.

Once back inside the car, Kairi immediately grabbed the armrest and prepared himself for the hour long car ride. Sadly, it was dark outside and Mimi's was even farther away from their neighborhood than the mall had been. "What's with that look?" Yaya questioned. Her driving wasn't that scary, was it? She didn't think so, but the look on his face said otherwise. He looked like he'd just witnessed a freaking murder. "Am I that bad of a driver?" The hurt look on her face softened Kairi's death grip on the armrest instantly.

"No, I'm just… nitaridphobic!" Yaya cocked her head to the side, confused. Such a big word for such a small-minded girl. "It means I'm afraid of riding in cars at night. It's a rare condition; I understand that you don't know what it means. Most people don't." He explained. It was a silly lie, but she bought it nonetheless.

"Oh! Okay then. I was scared for a second there. It seemed like you thought I was a bad driver! Like that'd ever happen. I'm an amazing driver. You could learn from me." He smiled and nodded enthusiastically. I'll just let her believe nitaridphobia is a real thing and pray that she doesn't Google it. No problem. Yaya grinned back and climbed into the driver's seat.

One car trip from hell later, they had arrived in front of Kairi's apartment complex. He moved out of his sister's apartment as soon as he was old enough, but his parent's refused to let move outside of the one-mile radius of Yukari's apartment that she now lived in with her husband, Yuu Nikaidou. Luckily for him, there was an apartment for rent a few floors above that of his sister, so he didn't have to go far.

"So, did you have fun shopping today?" Yaya asked, still bubbly as always.

"Of course. You are a fun person to be around." She smiled.

"Hey, I'm going to a concert next weekend and I have an extra ticket. Do you want to… I don't know… if you don't have plans… would you like to come with me?" To say that Kairi was taken aback would be a major understatement. Yaya was blushing like crazy, which was a first. Kairi was blushing too, which wasn't a first. He gathered his wit and brought himself to answer without looking or sounding like a loser.

"Sure. What band is it?" Kairi was very surprised to hear the words flow casually out of his mouth.

"Breathe Electric. Have you ever heard them?" Yaya's face had returned to its normal color and she had replied just as casually has he had.

"Yeah, I love their music. What time will you pick me up?" It was unspoken that she would drive. If he wanted to drive ever then it would just be too freaking bad in Yaya's one-track mind.

"Seven. I'll see you Monday, kay?"

"Okay. Don't forget to do the chemistry worksheet!" He called as she sped off. She always forgot to do her weekend homework and she always ended up copying off of him. Without fail. It was getting annoying to the nerd. Some nerds don't like to share in their genius, and Kairi was certainly one of them.

It took him about three days to realize that Yaya had asked him on a date. And when he did realize, he spent two hours thinking about it on his couch without moving. Once he was finally finished thinking, he leapt up and fist pumped, yelling celebratory words to no one in particular. He quickly realized how sad it was that he was so excited over a date and he pretended the mini-celebration never happened.

Yaya almost hyperventilated on the way home after she invited Kairi to the concert. Omigod Omigod Omigod I'm going on a date with Kairi next weekend!Yay! She wanted to tell Pepe about it so badly, but she had long ago returned to her egg. That left Amu.

"Omigod Amu, guess what?" She screeched into her pink cell phone as soon as she had parked outside her house. She didn't notice that she had woken her friend up.

"What?" the pinkette asked groggily. Her sleep schedule had regulated greatly since the hectic nights of elementary school and the kind girl no longer took kindly to being woken up at ungodly hours.

"You'll never guess who I'm going on a date with next weekend!" Hearing this, Amu perked ever so slightly, swinging her legs out from under the covers of her (still pink) bed and grabbing the water bottle from her bedside table.

"Who? You never go out on dates anymore." Yaya paused for dramatic affect before revealing the name of her mystery date, leaving a second for Amu to bring the water bottle to her lips.

"Kairi!" Amu did an epic spit-take that Yaya could hear from her end of the conversation.

"What? No way; he asked you out?!" She exclaimed, completely ignoring the fact that her carpet was now soaked.

"No, I asked him if he would go to a concert with me next weekend and he said yes! I can't wait; you have to help me pick out an outfit!"

"Of course! I can't believe it! This is awesome Yaya! We have to get Rima involved; she's the perfect person to go to for outfit advice! She'll help you pick out the perfect thing to wear." Amu hadn't been this excited about somebody going out with someone else since Rima and Nagi started dating.

"That's a great idea! I'll call her tomorrow; maybe we can all have lunch together? Anyway, I should go, but I'll talk to you tomorrow!"

"Okay, see you soon!" As she hung up Yaya sighed. She had gone on dates with guys before, but she never felt as much of a connection with them as she did with Kairi. There was no doubt that the date was going to be very interesting.

Once she was done screaming with excitement in her mind, Yaya grabbed her purse from its place between the front seats and hurried inside to begin working on the weekend homework. She would never be able to carry all of those bags inside alone.

I started working on the sequel for this many moons ago, but writer's block set in very quickly and I have not had any luck with it since. Who knows what will happen with that, but hopefully it will be out… someday.

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