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"TRIXIE ! TRIXIE ! WAKE UP !" Snips and Snails were banging up a storm against the trailer door in a panic.

"What is it? Who dares to disturb the Great and Powerful Trixie in the middle of the night?" The unicorn mare angrily asked as she looked out of her window ready to tear into the idiots who were bothering her this late in the evening. "Didn't Trixie tell you that she didn't want to be disturbed?" She scolded the two troublemakers.

"Erhm, ehehe, we have a tiny little problem," Snips tried to explain but was quickly interrupted by the annoyed mare.

"Out with it! What is so important that you couldn't wait until morning to bother the Great and Powerful Trixie?"

Before the two ponies could explain they were interrupted by a loud bellow making any further explanation useless as the not quite so little problem came into view. It was a rather huge problem in fact, larger than any house in town and very cranky if not outright angry.

Trixie could barely believe her eyes. There was a friggin' Ursa Major in town and it was obviously not here for a tea party.

"WAAAAH!" The mage's hair stood on end as she was freaking out before running away in a panic, the other two unicorns on her heels.

They got away just in time since barely a second later all what was left of the trailer were a few broken pieces of wood after it had been flattened by a single blow from the Ursa.

They didn't get very far though, and were cornered by the violent animal very quickly, cutting off the only possible escape route.

"Great and Powerful Trixie, you have to defeat the beast," Snips implored the mare who wasn't feeling quite as confident as during her magic show.

"Yeah! It was hard enough to find one and get it here," Snails added.

"You brought that monster here? Are you out of your minds" The blue unicorn verbally dressed down the two idiots.

"You told us you beat one before, remember? We just wanted to see you do it." The two colts tried to justify their stupid stunt.

Trixie was in quite the bind now. There were only two possibilities to get out of danger. She could either use the two fools as decoys and flee, and thus losing all credibility, or she could face the beast and hope for the best. Alas, her pride kept her from doing the sensible thing, which would have been morally wrong but would have saved her life, and so she chose option two. She put up a brave front and in a confident tone told the others to stay away while she dealt with the Ursa, yet inwardly she was shaking in fear.

"Okay, here goes," she fired herself up without much confidence in her voice and with her eyes closed concentrated her magic on a rope which then slithered up to the creature and coiled around it like a snake.

"See? That was easy," she half-heartedly stated, trying not so show any weakness in front of her fans, but she couldn't even convince herself, having barely succeeded in tying two fingers together on its left paw.

The Ursa simply stretched its fingers and effortlessly snapped the bindings, smirking at its opponent.

Snips and Snails were disappointed by the rather weak showing and rapidly losing faith in the magician's great powers, egging her on to finally do something effective. "Come on, that was lame. Show us how you defeated one before."

She tried something else and conjured up a rather small rain cloud, which then spew a weak lightning bolt at the bear's back, which only stung lightly but was enough to enrage the mighty creature even further.

The Ursa let out an angry, powerful roar and the three frightened ponies' only recourse was to run away as fast as their legs could take them.

The commotion had finally attracted a rather large crowd who were witnesses to the Great and Powerful Trixie's hasty retreat.

'I need help. I can't defeat it. Anything to stop it', the frightened mare recited those words over and over again like a mantra while running away from the danger, her eyes closed in fear. Her mind on other things, mostly trying to get away in one piece, she didn't notice her horn starting to glow brighter than it had ever before.

There was a loud 'poof' and the Ursa blinked at the strange creature that had just materialized in front of it. It was a being no pony had ever seen before. It was standing on two legs and was completely fur- and hairless except for a black mane on its head, tied together in a pigtail. The strange creature was even wearing clothes, which consisted of a simple tank top, boxer shorts, and slippers. A toothbrush was dangling from its mouth as it looked around in obvious curiosity.

"Huh? What the…?" The being tried to make sense of things when someone shouted a warning.

"LOOK OUT! ABOVE YOU!" Twilight, who was the only pony in the crowd with the presence of mind to do something, shouted to the unknown entity which quickly jumped away when its danger sense warned it of the incoming attack, just in time to avoid the large paw that impacted the ground at exactly the spot where it had been standing.

The newcomer spit out the toothbrush and took up a martial arts stance before fearlessly looking the Ursa in its eyes.

"You know…," the being calmly explained as it jumped in the air, higher than any pony was capable of, "… the bigger they are…," and launched a mighty sidekick at the Ursa's head, "… the harder they fall," and safely landed on the ground again.

"Huh? Still standing?" The newcomer asked in surprise when it realized that the blow had only rattled the monster but not brought it down. "Very interesting. You might be just as tough as P-chan."

The lack of success didn't seem to have diminished the unknown creature's confidence at all as it was readying another attack. "Let's see how you deal with this.KACHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN !"

Before the villagers could blink the unknown entity had already breached the Ursa's nonexistent defenses and peppered its exposed belly with a staccato of punches faster than their eyes could see.

The angry monster was disoriented at first, but when the pain finally manifested it held its hurting belly with its arms before keeling over and falling heavily to the ground, knocked out cold.

"Oops! That might have been a bit much," the winner of the fight scratched his head in embarrassment before finally noticing the crowd of… brightly colored horses (!?) that had witnessed the fight from beginning to end. "I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry about this," Ranma politely bowed towards the ponies.

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