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Elena lay in bed listening to the wake up song of the birds in the tree outside her window. Last night had been overwhelming and she relished in the serene setting. The sun was faintly glowing and her mirror reflected the sunrise shadows around her room.

As the sun crept higher in the sky, Elena smiled and thought back to last night's events. Damon had escorted her home from the Original's Ball, told her she was beautiful and kissed her goodnight. They had danced all evening so much that she was able to forget about the drama. No Klaus, no Stefan, no supernatural anything, just a boy and a girl at a dance. It had been so magical, and magic free that Elena let herself be a seventeen year old girl. She enjoyed the feel of a cute boy's hands around her waist, she shivered when he looked deep into her eyes and she melted when he leaned down to kiss her.

When they'd arrived at Elena's house, Damon had escorted her to the door, pulled her close to him and said, "You're exquisite." Then he'd kissed her and Elena thought she'd go insane from the passion expressed through his lips. They'd ended up pressed against Elena's bedroom door before Damon restrained himself. He'd pulled back from a flushed and pouting Elena, stroked her blushing cheek and bid her goodnight.

Elena rolled to her side and grinned the grin of a girl in love. Twirling around the dance floor, all Elena could focus on was the feel of Damon's hands holding her securely. Never letting go. She'd made a decision and she didn't care about consequences. All she cared about was the man who'd given her the perfect evening.

A/N: Just a very short little thing to work through some literary frustration. I'm working on something longer and much more dramatic involving the Originals but it's very slow moving. Thought I'd write something small to pass the time.