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It was almost the next world meeting to be held in New York. Alfred F. Jones, the human personification of the United States of America, was very excited, not only was it because he was hosting the next world meeting, but it was also because his birthday was coming up.

The meeting was to be held on three consecutive boring days, starting from the first of July until the third, and after that, his birthday was next. He already has everything planned, from the invites, to the food and drinks, to the fireworks display at night, you name it, he got it.

America was so excited that he ended up arriving for the meeting an hour early. Only Austria and Germany were there, and they were quite surprised at the early American. America didn't say anything at all after arriving, since he was too busy checking if he got everything set for his birthday.

As the time went by, nation by nation walked into the meeting room. America started to wonder if every nation he invited would be coming, and he was pretty sure everyone he invited was coming and he invited everyone! From the former Axis, the Asian and African nations, everyone! Of course, the first ones he invited were the former Allies – France, China, his brother Canadia, I mean Canada, heck, he even invited Russia, and England.

Wait. England. He did send the invite to England, right? He knew he did, he even double checked to send the invite to the English nation. But England didn't say anything to him about attending the party.

'Maybe he's just busy with his nation duties so he hasn't sent a reply yet. Yeah, that's it! Even if he forgot, I could remind him during the meeting. If he did forget about it, oh man, he really is an old man, forgetting about something as awesome as my birthday party.'

America was snickering to himself. The thought of England, being the older nation he is, forgetting his birthday of all days, it was just hilarious! But what if England didn't forget his birthday but he chose not to come? Frowning at the thought, he then came to a decision.

'I'll just have to force him to come then. There's a World Meeting for three days, and after that is my birthday. He won't have any excuses since all nations are going to be free for two days after every meeting.'

Smiling to himself, he glanced up to see most of the nations already inside the meeting room. Some were sitting down, arranging papers, talking to one another, and in the case of Greece – sleeping. Other nations were standing and walking about, talking to one another, looking out from the windows, and of course, Russia was trying to get away from his scary little sister, Belarus.

America kept looking around the room. He was looking for something or maybe, someone in the room, he just wasn't sure what or who he was looking for.

He saw the Baltics talking to one another, casually speaking for that matter. They must be maximizing their time before Russia (the Commie bastard as Alfred would call him) comes back and starts to bully them again.

Germany, or Ludwig, as some would call him, was peacefully sitting until Italy (the Northern part, mind you) came over to talk about pasta. For having a one-sided conversation on pasta, Italy Veneziano or Feliciano Vargas sure was getting touchy-feely while Ludwig was getting redder by the minute. Elizabeta Hedervary, the nation of Hungary was happily watching the scene two chairs to the left of the German. Well, was until Prussia, Gilbert 'self-proclaimed awesome' Belshmidt came and annoyed Austria or Roderich Eldelstein until the Austrian nation was red with fury. Elizabeta just so happened to have her weapon of choice – her frying pan – with her, and a loud sound of metal to a certain ex-nation's face was heard all over the room. Nobody paid attention to it that much since they were all used to it.

After a few minutes of waiting, Germany stood up and asked everybody to sit down on their respective chairs. Everybody followed what the German said until said German gave the floor to Alfred.

America stood up, flashing his signature hero smile. "Yo, dudes! Before we start, I just wanna remind you of my awesome party on the Fourth of July. It's so gonna be awesome with fireworks and wait," Alfred looks around the room, finding three chairs vacant. "Dudes, who else isn't here yet?"

The other nations looked around.

"It looks like England, Australia and New Zealand aren't here yet." India said.

"I can't believe the old man of all people is late, he's-" America was cut off by the door opening.

"Sorry we're late!" Australia and New Zealand or Dylan and Andrew Kirkland said at the same time.

"Dudes, have you seen Iggy?" the two Pacific nations stopped dead on their tracks. Alfred was about to say something more when the door opened behind the two nations in question. The American had a smile on his face, just about ready to see England when all of a sudden, green eyes and the Kirkland eyebrows greeted him. He was about to tease England for being late when he saw who came…


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