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France's POV

It has been a while since the last World Meeting, and this time, it's in Amerique's place. This would have been a normal meeting if only mon petit lapin Angletterre was here. But it's almost that day, so it would be impossible if he would be well enough to attend the meeting for three days.

I guess it has already started. Ireland is not here yet, even if she did say that she would be arriving tomorrow because of her workload this week. I know that she would not be full of workload when a World Meeting is coming up, so it must be mon petit lapin that is keeping her occupied.

I look around the meeting room. I guess it looks like a normal meeting but without mon cher. How I wish he was here, but that is just impossible. He… He's…

I close my eyes. No. I should not think about mon cher Arthur as… like that.

As I look at Scotland, Australia and New Zealand, I can't help but see past their blank stares. Behind those blank stares are faces of worry. Oh how I want this meeting to finish already so I can talk to them and Matthieu. I want to know Arthur's condition as soon as possible. Can't this meeting get any slower?

Hmm… There are things that seem… different in this meeting room. But what?

I look around the room. I see Espagne and his Romano beside me, with Prussie still unconscious from Hunagry's weapon of death. When will Gilbert learn that to get to his amour he must stop messing with his amour's ex-wife.

I look again at Antonio, he seems to be staring at something with longing. I follow his gaze and I face Roderich. I look at Antonio disbelievingly. Roderich? Why? Why of all people?

I put out a piece of paper and start writing on it.

Mon ami, why?

I pass the paper to Espagne.

Why what amigo?

He gives me back the paper. It seems Romano is occupied with shouting at Germany.

Why are you staring at Roderich so longingly? Of all nations Antonio, it has to be Austria?! What about Romano?

Was I that obvious? I love Rodrigo, very very much. Is it wrong to look at the one you love? And what about Romano?

I stare disbelievingly at the paper than at Antonio who seems to look away from me.

Aren't you and Romano together? What would he do if he finds out?

I look at Spain again. As he reads the paper, he stares at it in disbelief and proceeds to write something down.

What are you talking about Francis, Lovi and I aren't together that way. What made you think that? Plus, Lovi does not feel that way towards me, just as I do not feel that way to him.

You don't? But I always thought…

Well, you thought wrong amigo. Lovi and I will never be like that.

But still, why Austria of all nations?

I don't know Francis. I just do. Even before we were married.

It took me a few moments to process this information. Antonio has been in love with Roderich for centuries, even before their wedding. And Gilbert has also been in love with the Austrian nation almost the same time, it seems. I shake my head, this is getting quite complicated.

Did you know what Gilbert also feels the same way to Roderich?

It was now Antonio's turn to stare at me then at the unconscious Gilbert.

Is that why he keeps bugging Rodrigo?


Well then, I need to talk to him later when he's awake.

I do not like where this is going. This would be a war for love. All for l'amour. Two friends fighting for the love of one person, and this person has to be Roderich of all people. I shake my head as Antonio decides to keep his head down and became quiet.

Well, there still is something that isn't right in this meeting room. Greece is still asleep, unless Turkey decides to bug him, then another fight would again erupt. Russia is still as scary as ever, and so is Belarus. The Asian nations seem fine. Scotland, Australia and New Zealand are still with blank stares, sometimes looking at one another. Seychelles is talking with Taiwan.

As I look at America, I notice so many things wrong with him. One, he is not stuffing himself with those awful hamburgers or those dreaded milkshakes. Two, he's not shouting to anyone that he's a hero or about those stupid plans of his about a giant hero again. And three, a tear just rolled down his cheek that he quickly wiped off so nobody would notice.

This is not like the America I know. He's not like this in meetings. What is wrong with him?

Then the sudden realization hits me. Arthur is not here. That has to be it.

Yes, at times mon petit lapin is too busy to leave his country for meetings, but this time, it's almost America's birthday. Amerique must think that mon cher Angletterre is avoiding him. Poor Amerique, he does not know what is really happening. When would he be told of this situation? Until when would he be protected from the truth? Anglettere… He's slowly… I cannot say it even to myself. It is too uch.

America catches me looking at him. To not raise suspicion, I just wink at him and he shrugs it off. Good, he did not suspect a thing, well, that is what I think.

Why won't this meeting end already?

After saying this, I see Amerique stand up.

"Yo! Dudes! It's already past quarter to one, we should be talking a lunch break now, but since I think we don't have that much to talk about for today and I think we covered most of the stuff we want to talk about today, we can continue tomorrow. We can do that, right Germany?" America looks at Germany. It almost looks pleadingly. So I wasn't the only one, with the exception of Scotland and the two Pacific nations beside him ,who wanted this meeting to finish already.

"Uh, yes, we have covered most of what must be covered. We can continue this meeting tomorrow then. Adjourned!" Germany was quick to agree. That might mean he's too tired to stop another fight from erupting and maybe a terrible headache is about to show itself.

Almost everyone stands up and starts to leave the room. I look at Espagne who is about to leave with Germany, Italy, and Romano. He looks at me and mouths that he'll talk to us later.

I look at Gilbert who is still unconscious and starts to wake him up, but to no avail, he's still out cold. I look at Austria, Hungary and surprisingly, Liechtenstein and Switzerland exit the room. But before Roderich could leave, I notice him casting a worried glance at Gilbert.

I sigh and sent a text to Canada to talk to me with Scotland later. I then lift Gilbert's arm and try to transfer him to the lobby or someplace else.

~someplace far from the World Meeting~

It was a beautiful sunny day out in this grassland. The gentle breeze blowing just enough to cause the grass to flow. Somewhere in this vast land is a man with bright messy blond hair. This man's small frame was slouched, his arms around his bent legs. This man's noticeable features are his large eyebrows and his bright emerald eyes, but these mesmerizing orbs lost their glimmer and are now dull and almost lifeless.

A sudden blast of wind disrupts the peaceful atmosphere.


The man looks up to see a girl on a simple white dress lined with purple and gold. This girl had long brown slightly wavy hair down until her waist. She has these blue eyes that can almost pass for silver. A smile grazed her lips.

"It has been a while, hasn't it Arthur?"

The man, Arthur, just stares at her blankly. After a while, he speaks, "How have you been Terra?"

Terra smiles again. "Oh I've been fine Arthur. But I should be asking that to you. You're a bit early, no?"

Arthur blinks and then replies, "I've been doing well, thank you for asking. About being here earlier, you do know that I did not plan that." he says blankly.

The smile from Terra's lips vanishes, her eyes showing sadness.

"Hasn't it been long enough Arthur? Isn't it already time to move one? You do know that this isn't where you really belong."

Terra slowly walks towards Arthur. When she reaches him, she extends her hand to Arthur. He takes at and stands up. A blast of wind appears and a small boy in a white outfit runs across the field.

Terra just stares at the boy while Arthur closes his eyes. The two just stood there for minutes with neither of them moving. The boy is still running around, playing.

"You know that you can't change what has happened in the past right? You can try, but it would only bring out more pain, and the consequences are far too great."

Arthur opens his eyes and stares at Terra. A tear falls from the girl's cheek.

"It's never worth it Arthur. It never would." Terra closes her eyes as the sound of two people arguing and shouting at one another.

Arthur and Terra does not pay the two men attention but both focused on the little boy. Arthur stares at the boy with no emotion while Terra with a sad expression.

They watch as the little boy stops playing and is now giving curious glances to the two men who interrupted his playing with their noisy arguing. The two men notice the boy and try to gain his trust. The first man came out scary to the little boy and the boy ended up crying. The second man gave lured the boy with delicious food. The boy was about to go to the second man but he noticed the first man slumped on the grass, about to cry. The little boy does not know why, but he went towards the slumped man.

"Are you okay?" the little boy asked the man as he touches the man's shoulder. A faint "I was rejected." could be heard far behind the boy and the sad man.

The man looked up to see such bright blue eyes staring at him. He was taken aback. Nobody has ever asked him how he was feeling.

The little boy stared into the eyes of the man, thinking 'What beautiful eyes he has. Why was he crying, did something hurt? I don't want him sad. I never want him to be sad.'

Terra walked towards the boy and the sitting man. She kneeled beside the boy and whispered, "Why don't you ask him to be your big brother? I'm sure he'll be happy then."

The boy looks at Terra and nods. He turns to the man sitting beside him. "Can I call you big brother?"

The man was surprised. "Y-You want m-me to be your big brother?"

"Of course!" the little boy smiled at him. He was hugging a rabbit that follows him around.

Terra slowly stands up and returns to Arthur's side.

The man smiles one of his rare smiles. "You'll be my little brother then."

At this statement, the boy jumps on the man's chest and the man stands up and carries the little boy in his arms. The little boy slowly fell asleep, thinking to himself that he promises do everything to keep his beloved big brother from being sad.

"Since you chose me as your big brother, I'll have to protect you from anyone who would hurt you. I promise you that." the man hugged the little boy. "I promise."

Arthur turns and walks away from the man and the sleeping little boy. Terra stays behind to look at the brothers.

"You've kept your promise Arthur, and your little brother is yet to keep his promise." Terra turns around and starts to follow Arthur, leaving the two brothers alone on that peaceful field during that beautiful sunny day.

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