Re-edited September 2014

It's not easy being Wallart
Chapter One: Nearly caught

Soft fingers ran down my cheek causing shivers to erupt through my whole body. For someone who was meant to be the fastest boy alive, Wally West knew how to take his time.

The redhead smiled down at his counterpart with that trade mark grin, while standing at the side of her bed, where he had previously migrated to from his seat at her desk.

"Baba I love you" said Wally as if he had just stated the he breathed air. Artemis reached up from her position on the bed and pulled him down to meet her lips.

"I love you too Baywatch."

Wally leaned forward even more, so that his own emeralds could meet with the dark grey eyes that were hazily looking up at him. He lay down beside Artemis and kissed her again, his tongue slipping between her lips, penetrating her mouth. After what seemed like hours he finally released the archer from his spell.

After silently laying together for a few minutes, Wally once more opened his mouth. "It makes it even more special doesn't it?"

"What do you mean?" asked Artemis, no more confused now than any other time her boyfriend randomly blurted things out.

"Being a secret, you know… not telling your uncle, kind of turns me on."

Artemis shook her head in disbelief, working hard at refraining from rolling her eyes. Considering that Wally was terrified of Oliver, she found it pretty hard to believe that their secret turned him on instead of scaring the crap out of him.

Leaning into him, Artemis kissed him passionately, wrapping her tanned arms around his pale neck. Catching on fast Wally slipped his arms around her slender waist, savouring the taste of his spitfire. The kiss slowly became fuller and more passionate, lips now moving down each other's necks and along jaws.

A moan escaped from Wally's lips when Artemis found a sensitive spot on his neck. Her whole body trembled as his moan vibrated on her lips and through her chest. Releasing a laugh Artemis began to attack Wally's neck once more, causing his arms to tighten around her waist. His hands slowly started to move up her back and Artemis soon found her own hand buried underneath his shirt and roaming across his taught muscles.

When the two finally pulled apart they lay panting on their backs, staring up at the cream ceiling.

Once finally catching her breath again Artemis rolled over and stared at her boyfriend, running her calloused pointer finger along his jaw.

"I wonder if the boy wonder is planning on returning the favour after you led Batman to walk in on him and Zatanna last week?"

"Heads up he probably is. But I try not to think about him, especially when I could be thinking about you babe." Wally rolled his head to the side kissing the finger that had previously been stroking his jawline. Within moments he was guiding Artemis up so that she sat straddling him.

Having a goddess with an amazing body and flushed cheeks sitting above you did wonders for a male's ego.

Leaning in to kiss Artemis once again, Wally was disappointed to find his lips met with her palm.

"Do you hear that Baywatch?" Wally looked at Artemis dumbfounded

"Hear what?" Listening intently Wally was able to hear the groan and creek of the fifth step on the stairway that led to the floor where Artemis' bedroom, which they currently occupied, was located.

"Oliver is coming!" gasped Artemis as she flung herself off of Wally.

Hearing the older archer's name, Wally needed no more encouragement to get as far away from Artemis and her bed as possible, practically flying back to his seat at the desk. Whipping his neck down to look at the calculus homework before hims so fast that later he would complain of pulling a muscle.

Meanwhile Artemis rolled over yet again to lay on her stomach and grabbed at her European History textbook. There was a knock at the door followed by Oliver peeping his head into the room.

"Artemis?" Oliver didn't wait for the reply before he swung the door open all the way and stepped into the room, glancing between the two teens.

"Yeah Ollie what is it?"

"Robin just called saying he needed to speak to Wally urgently. Insisted I rushed up here to tell you both." The teen's eyes met from across the room, Wally releasing a mutter of curses under his breath.

"What's that Wally?" asked Oliver.

"Ah- I said I'll do that now." Wally 'repeated', yanking his phone from his pocket and furiously punching at the screen.

"O-k" Oliver replied, tearing his eyes from the angry red head to look upon his surrogate daughter.

"Since I'm up here kiddo what would you like for dinner? Dinah isn't here so we can gorge ourselves on junk food."

"How 'bout we get burgers from that new seafood place?Its right next door to the bakery so we can pick up dessert while we're there."

"Whatever you want Artemis, Wally your uncle also called said the two of you have patrol tonight"

"Oh right thanks Oliver, I'll be leaving soon then"

"Alright, have fun studying than" the millionaire threw another smile at his ward and then made his way from the room, closing the door behind him as he left. The teens watch as he leaves and then release separate groans of annoyance.

Wally bashed his head into the desk in an act of despair. "That troll! I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill that little bastard."

Before Artemis could reply a loud familiar cackle erupted from Artemis's phone.

"MWA HA HA HA. Feeling the 'aster yet. I'm gonna have to try harder next time. Looks like you were only nearly caught. Oh and by the way 'Mis, you're looking a little dishevelled, heavy on the dis."

As the message finished, the room was left in silence, Artemis reaching for her hair and Wally simply staring in shock horror at the phone that lay on the floor.

This silence lasted another 38 seconds only to be broken by the simultaneous shouts of: