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Intro: To seek Zangetsu

This era is set in a world where neither the Soul Society, the world of the living nor Hueco Mundo exist separately, but are joined together all across one world. The Shinigami are scattered across towns and cities and serve as law enforcement and guardians against hollows and Zanpakuto spirits no longer reside in a blade, but are masters out in physical form that may teach a worthy warrior their secrets and techniques; therefore individuals had to rely on their own reiatsu to perform these skills, but some of these Zanpakuto spirits hide themselves from society. People did not have to be a Shinigami to have spiritual powers and abilities, but the Shinigami frowned upon spiritually powered people roaming freely, therefore they restricted them to limit their actions unless they joined the Gotei 13. Bloodline techniques are Zanpakuto abilities that are passed down from generation to generation, but aren't perfected. So a child could already be born with the knowledge of the technique, but unable to control it. Not everyone possesses Bloodline techniques. This story revolves around 19 year-old, Souichiro Katashi; the man whose family has the bloodline: Zangetsu. He now seeks out the spirit to help him master his powers as well as defeat Sosuke Aizen.

Souichiro was kneeling in a dark room lit with candles and scented sticks. A portrait of a man hung on the wall before him as muttered words of prayer.

"Father, I'm going to begin my journey to find Zangetsu today, I'll be leaving the town in order gain the necessary power to kill the man who murdered you. They don't see what he truly is underneath. Don't worry, I won't rest until I kill him and take his Captaincy; because that is the only way I'll be at peace. Well I am off, father..."

He was a slightly tall, lean muscled man with short, blonde, spiky hair and amber eyes. He wore a white T-shirt with red coloured seemes and black pants as black strapped boots. Souichiro picked up his Dragon short sword, slung a light backpack over his shoulder and stuffed his father's map in his pocket before walked out the door, for what he assumed would be the last time. The map he was holding was his only clue to finding Zangetsu.

The day was in the early afternoon with the sun shining bright in the clear open sky. Sounds of idle chatter filled the village like any other normal day. Women and children were walking along the dirt road while men were busy working on construction. Merchants could be heard yelling out specials on their products, trying to win over customers. Souichiro stepped into the open world and his detailed were clearly shown in the sunlight. He began walking on the dusty path that leads to the outskirts of town, but stopped abruptly just before he left the last of the village houses behind him.

"I know you're following me, come out now."

A Shinigami stepped out from behind one of the houses with his arms crossed and with his Lieutenant Badge showing.

"What do you want Renji?" Souichiro asked coldly.

"I would tell you, but you probably already know." Renji responded with a stern look.

"Are you gonna try stop me from leaving? 'cause if you are, you'll regret it." Souichiro said unsheathing the sword slightly with his thumb.

The Red-haired officer sighed. "You know I don't want to. I've known you for years, but rules are rules."

"Screw the rules, you know why I'm doing this Renji and I'll be damned if anyone stops me, including you." Souichiro said as he continued walking.

"You know what's gonna happen if you don't stop now? We'll come for you, you'll be a dead man!" Renji called, but Souichiro just continued walking on as if he didn't hear Renji and flash stepped out of sight.

"Damn," Renji muttered, dropping his head.

"I gave you your chance to convince him Renji. That was our agreement. The boy was planning to leave since that incident almost a decade ago. Now I shall deal with this personally." Another Shinigami said appearing right behind Renji from out of nowhere.

"Yes, Captain."

Souichiro had finally reached another town after hours and hours of walking. The sun had already gone down and the moon had appeared in its place. He needed to stock up on supplies and provisions in a town that didn't know he had spiritual powers or people might alert the Shinigami of Souichiro activities. It was quiet. No shops were open and no one was around. The people had all retired for the night. Only the sounds of crickets and other insects produced sound. Souichiro walked along the dirt road, inspecting the houses and stores surrounding him.

"I guess I'll have to wait till morning to actually get started," He mumbled. "I'll just find a tree to sleep under a tree or something." Before he could journey on any further, six rods of light crashed into him, restricting his movement completely. He struggled violently and cursed out loud as he knew who had bound him.

"You will return back to your village, boy." The man said walking casually towards Souichiro.

"Byakuya" He snarled. Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of the Sixth Division, one of the most disciplined and law upholding Captains in the Gotei 13 and the one he disliked the most.

A breeze caused the Captain's scarf and Haori to flow in the wind. The breezed past and the Captain resumed speaking "Do not to address me with such disrespect." Souichiro just glared at the stoic man before his mouth curled into a grin.

"Well no one has ever accused me of being wise… Byakuya."

"I find your attitude highly irritating. You may work on that while you are sitting in your prison cell, but for now you will return back to the village while awaiting your sentence."

"Like hell I will. You're gonna have to drag my lifeless body back first."

"Only if it is necessary."

"We'll see about that." Souichiro said and then released a high amount of his reiatsu. The aura of the reiatsu was yellow and the pressure it had made the six rods falter until they finally shattered. Though he was already out of breath, Souichiro quickly removed the sword from the sheath and he then dropped it to the ground and attacked Byakuya and the sound of their two blades colliding echoed in the night.


The feeling of astonishment washed over Souichiro as he realised he hadn't even seen the Captain draw his sword, but quickly relinquished it. Souichiro and Byakuya's blades continued to smash against each other, none of them were letting up, but the Captain had yet begun to fight. He easily found multiple openings in Souichiro's fighting. Byakuya's fighting speed accelerated drastically and slashed across Souichiro's stomach. The pain caused the Souichiro to stagger back and clutch his bloody wound in pain.

"Your swordsmanship is of a new born. Give up now, before you suffer more than needed to." The Captain said whipping his sword on the air, getting rid of the blood on its tip. Souichiro felt his warm blood drip through his fingers. He let go of his wound and gripped his sword again with blood stained hands. He couldn't stop now; he had decided that he would go through with this no matter what. He believed that desire alone was enough to make it.

"Even if I can't use this sword, I'm still going to win." Souichiro declared as he stood proudly.

He charged at the Captain, gripping his sword with passion, but was countered when did a quick spin and slammed the hilt of the sword into Souichiro. The great force of the blow had sent him back, bouncing and rolling across the dusty road. When he finally stopped, Souichiro laid there on his stomach and face in the dirt. Byakuya walked slowly to Souichiro's unmoving body until his feet were inches apart from Souichiro's head. Byakuya observed him before speaking again.

"Why do you continue to hold your sword? Why do you persist down this foolish path?"

Souichiro coughed out some blood before slowly struggling to stand up. His body was shaking as he managed to get on all fours. "Because… I … promised…" He said panting as he clutching the ground and his sword.

"Promises are meaningless if they are made by fools who are unable to keep them."

"No… mine… is different…"

"And why is that?"

"Because…" Souichiro said rising up.

"Son do you know why your promise is different from everyone else's?" A past memory played in Souichiro's mind.

"I dunno, why?"

"Because it's your promise. It will always be special as long as you keep it. Never forget that."

"…It's my promise!" Souichiro exclaimed, making it back to his feet. He threw the sand he had hidden in his closed fist into Byakuya's eyes, temporarily blinding his vision. Souichiro then threw a jaw-cracking punch at the Captain, but due to his heightened senses, he moved out of the way just in time. Some of the sand still remained around his eyes but he was at least able to see, but what he saw now was Souichiro surrounded by yellow swirling reiatsu, his sword raised above his head. The winds created from Souichiro's intense spiritual pressure propelled dust and dead leaves into the air.

'And I intend to keep it, no matter what!'

"Getsuga Tensho!" Souichiro yelled as he swung his sword, releasing yellow crescent-shaped energy beam. It tore across the dusty road, with blinding light, obliterating anything in its path. Byakuya viewed it, wide-eyed before being engulfed by the attack. The Getsuga Tensho died out, leaving dust particles hanging in the air and a large, straight fissure in the road. Steam radiated off the blade of Souichiro's Dragon short sword as he wearily held it, still in fighting stance. Souichiro was exhausted, breathing hard as his external and internal injuries finally getting to him.

'I'm one step closer to you now… Aizen…' Souichiro thought. The tension finally leaving his body, Souichiro relaxed. Souichiro gazed at the fissure he created and sighed inwardly and began walking away.

"People are gonna wonder how the hell that happened when they wake up. I need to get out of here before he recovers-" Souichiro was cut off by an immense reiatsu that sky rocketed from behind him. He turned to see a pink glow emanating from behind the dust cloud he created. When it settled Souichiro broke into a cold sweat as he saw Byakuya Kuchiki standing tall, with sword in hand. His hands were slightly charred, but otherwise unharmed.

"I will admit that you had caught me off guard. Blinding me with sand was a desperate, but admirable move on your part, then finally, using that move of yours, although weak, as a finishing blow. It may have ended things if it were someone else, but…" He said as his sword became bright pink. "You and I are worlds apart from each other."


"Allow me to show you the gap between us that you could never hope to bridge. Witness my own bloodline technique: Scatter, Senbonzakura."

The blade disappeared, only leaving the guard and hilt behind. Before Souichiro knew it, pink sakura petals danced before his eyes and in a swift motion, they passed through him. No explosions, no sound, just eerie quietness. Souichiro stood there, motionless as cuts appeared on the majority of his body and blood ran down him as if all the blood had rained on him. Souichiro's feet buckled and he slumped to the ground, unconscious. The petals returned to Byakuya and formed a single blade once more. Byakuya sheathed his sword and looked over to Souichiro impassively.

"This fight was decided… even before I drew my blade."

Byakuya's blade reformed and he slipped it into its sheath. He slowly walked towards the young man to finally capture him, but he halted his movement as he saw Souichiro's body twitching. Soon the twitching turned into trembling movement and Byakuya witnessed Souichiro begin to shakily push himself up.

"Do not move. Your body has reached its limit. If you persist, you will die from excessive blood loss and then the Katashi Bloodline relation to Zangetsu will finally end." Byakuya said as he resumed his walking towards Souichiro.

His breathing was erratic. His lungs were probably shredded to pieces and the blood just keep pouring out of him like a punctured water bottle, yet he refused to surrender. He would die trying.

"I… will not… give up." Souichiro answered

"Then you will die a fool's death this night." The Captain's hand went for his sword. Just as he was about to deal the final blow, a great wall of fire suddenly emerged in between them, separating Byakuya from Souichiro. The Captain jumped back quickly, knowing if he got too close he would be severely burned, not just by the flame, but by the heat itself.


Byakuya immediately searched from who it came from knowing this is no ordinary fire. When he couldn't find the culprit, he looked back to Souichiro's location only to see him being held in the arms of a cloaked figure. The wall of the flames shot up instantly and just as quickly the flames disappeared, along with the cloaked figure and Souichiro.

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