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The Nightmare that Tainted the Rain pt.3

The aura of raging spiritual pressure began to settle around Souichiro's body, but the power it exuded remained the same. His eyes never left the Elder in front of him, and as he continued to stare down the object of his anger, thoughts about different ways to hurt and punish Craven entered his mind.

They were not his thoughts, though he didn't care, at least for the moment.

Power coursed through his veins and made his body tingle in the sensations it brought. He could almost laugh at how amazing it felt. But now wasn't the time. He was focused on what he set out to do from the start.

And that was to win.

A wicked laugh echoed in his mind.

"Your blood is boiling, isn't it, Souichiro?"

He didn't say anything, instead he smirked at the question.

"Now… Shall we go then, Souichiro?"

As if anyone needed to ask.

Nadia watched the scene develop from her imprisonment. While most were startled by intimidating reiatsu, she was not. The brash, blonde Shingami had piqued her interest the moment he arrived and even more so now. She found him fascinating, captivating, charming.

Despite the present situation, watching Souichiro reminded her of the heroes in the novels she had read as a little girl and how they boldly faced their adversaries and charged into danger. She supposed Souichiro and the heroes in her books were very much alike and she guessed that explained why she took a liking to him.

"Well, I won't be playing the damsel in distress," Nadia said as she stood and brushed out the creases on her robe.

"I think it's about time I finally got serious. How about you, Solomon?"

"It wouldn't be interesting if I didn't." The burly Elder responded from his position on the floor. "I might not sound like it, but I am very angry right now."

"I thought so. I counted how many people had been killed today so far. One hundred and forty-two."

Solomon's gaze drifted towards his Female counterpart. She was smiling. It was a delightful smile. A smile that most would imagine to be an angel's; divine and holy. A smile that promised hope and was filled with joy and love. A smile that had been practiced for years.

'A demon with an angel's smile, huh?' Solomon sighed.

"I see. Then things will definitely be interesting."

"Have you noticed? None of the other Quincy have come to aid us."

Solomon nodded. "Before we were imprisoned, I felt something being placed around the arena. The most likely case is that a barrier had been put up."

Nadia offered her hand to him, still wearing that smile of hers.

"Then shall we make our way to the frontlines?"

Solomon stayed where he was for a moment before taking the outstretched limb.


"Look," she said happily. "It seems we have company."

On the battlefield, Craven, the mastermind behind the events that were carried out today, seemed pleased with himself. His plan was executed effortlessly. In mere hours he would have total control of the city. With his army eliminating any resistance and with Jaeger at his side, nothing could threaten the new age he would create. He would become a superior being and whether he was feared or worshipped didn't matter. He knew that in the end, they would all be bowing before him. When people think of the name "Craven Betruger", it will be synonymous with one word,


But before all that does come to fruition, there was a pest that he had to rid himself of. Though he didn't mind at all. After all, his new age could wait a few minutes.

"That's a very scary look on your face. I hope that isn't being directed at me," Craven said mockingly.

Souichiro remained unresponsive, holding his gaze with the Elder.

"I will admit, you really surprised me with that sudden release of energy. Not just me actually. Even my soldiers have become a tad nervous. It was quite impressive," Craven added. Seeing as he would not trigger a response, he continued.

"But I wouldn't say it's anything special. You're still weaker than most of the Shinigami I've encountered and the most pathetic." He spat out with a hint of annoyance. "Your parents must have be proud to have given birth to someone like you-

Craven's sentence abruptly ended as a large collision boomed throughout the area. Ripples of shockwaves were sent out, causing those in the vicinity to shield themselves from the impact, though Craven hadn't moved an inch. He stood there, still calm and composed with the corner of his mouth curled upwards into a smirk.

"I apologize, I forgot to mention that you are also predictable, though I doubt it would have changed anything. Isn't that right…?"


Souichiro's fist had collided with the palm of Craven's monstrosity. The creature had seemingly appeared out of thin air to protect its master from any harm and with very little effort. Jaeger had a firm grip on Souichiro's fist and that implied it wasn't willing to release its hold anytime soon.

"It's futile," Craven declared as he proceeded to walk away. "You're centuries too young to battle me."

Souichiro slowly raised his head to stare directly into the blindfold of Jaeger, where its eyes would be positioned. "If you won't move, I'll beat the crap of out of you first," Souichiro stated with finality in his voice. Jaeger seemed to react to the statement when its grip on Souichiro tightened further, as if it were accepting the blonde's challenge to try.

"Alright then."

Without hesitation, Souichiro quickly leaned forward, pouring all of his strength into his free hand, and smashed his fist into the face of the creature. There was a resounding thud as the blow connected, launching Jaeger backwards. The brute of a hollow continued to skid backwards on its feet and even before it could come to a complete stop, Souichiro blew through the dirt, his knee already colliding with the beast's jaw.

Jaeger continued to be driven back as the blonde's barrage intensified. Souichiro continued to rain punches on the creature which appeared unable to defend itself from the rapid strikes, garnering shocked outbursts and surprised expressions from those watching. Even Craven turned back to see the unbelievable sight.

'Something isn't right,' Souichiro thought as frustration built up. 'This thing… It isn't putting up a fight at all. It's just like when Siegfried went up against it. It barely moved at all at first, but then it suddenly appeared behind him and nearly crushed his skull.' As Blow after blow was delivered to the creature, each strike as solid as the last, Souichiro felt an unsettlingly change in not only his spiritual pressure, but Jaeger's as well and before he could land another hit, the beast's reiatsu skyrocketed, causing the entire landscape to quake.

'What the…? This spiritual pressure, it's colossal!'

Caught off guard for just a moment by the overwhelming spiritual pressure, Souichiro was barely able to raise his arms in time to block the boulder-like fist that swung at him at frightening speeds and when the blow hit, Souichiro felt as if his entire skeleton rattled from the force.

"Ugh…!" Spurts of blood that flowed from his mouth trailed in the air as he was blasted across the field and collided against the barrier between the stands on the other side, and a certain man smiled as he took pleasure in the display.

"My soldiers of change, do you now see? He is but man who howls like beast. He is of no threat to us. Do as you like in the name of your leader and eliminate those who are unfit to stand with God!"

Craven's words rallied his once fearful soldiers, and with their anxiety gone, the killing started again as the dark Quincy army grew more confident and continued their purge of those with lesser reiatsu.

"Have mercy!"

"Please, I have a son!"

"My wife is ill! It's not her fault! G-get back! Don't come any closer!"

People's pleas and begging fell on deaf ears as the soldiers ignored their mercy requests and struck down anyone who resisted. A young woman, who paced against the flow of the panicked crowd, walked up to one of the soldiers as he shot two more civilians in the back. The male turned to face the girl whose tear-filled eyes held nothing but hatred and sorrow.

"Eh? Whoa!" He cheered. "Hey Reiner, check this one out, she's a definitely catch!"

"You're right," his partner, who ceased his shooting, agreed enthusiastically and soon more men, who were attracted to the commotion, surrounded the girl.

"Say, you got a name, missy?" one of them asked flirtatiously as he cupped the girl's face.

"Hey hey, she's trembling!" another one jibed and the pack of males laughed.

"You better say something, woman or I'll find better purposes for that mouth of yours," he darkly threatened.

"D-d…" she began.

"Huh? we c-c-can't hear you!" one of them mocked.

"D-d-d…" she trembled more violently as she stuttered.

"Open your damn mouth and say some-


The woman pulled out a dagger that she had hidden in her clothes and charged forward, intending to impale one of the soldiers. But she had only managed to graze his neck as he dodged the desperate lunge.

"You bitch!" he yelled as he whipped out his seele schnider and smacked the young woman across the face with the metal side. The woman fell to the floor, clutching her broken nose and when she looked back up at the man who hit her, she was met with an arrow pointed right between her eyes.

"You got any last words, missy?"

"You killed my brother! I hope you all rot in hell!" she screamed.

"Hmph, how pathetic."

The tears flowed more freely as the girl braced herself for her impending death. An arrow was fired and her eyes widened at the sight of the bodies of her captors around her suddenly dropping to the ground, each one impaled by an arrow as red as the blood that had been spilled from countless innocents.

"From now… on," a voiced said from behind her. "I'll be the one to carry the weight of everyone's pain."

Upon hearing his words, the woman brought her knees to her chest, hugging them, as she allowed herself cry, letting out the grief she had been struggling to hold inside. "Please," she begged. "Save us…"

The crimson-haired Quincy's reiatsu flared as he walked past her and the woman's plea only seemed to further strengthen his resolve.

"I'll make sure that all this comes to an end," Siegfried promised and he disappeared.

'If I hadn't blocked that attack, there's a possibility that my head wouldn't be attached to my body,' Souichiro thought as he gingerly stepped out of the collapsed wall he had crashed into, shrugging off the bits of debris. 'Damn it! I'm not allowed to lose. If I die here, I won't be able to-!

Thoughts were cut short as Jaeger instantly appeared before Souichiro, already bringing down its fists. Just as the beast was about crush him, Souichiro avoided the fatal attack by using Flash Step to distance himself a few metres away.

"You're joking," Souichiro managed to breathe out in awe when he seized the chance to view the condition of his previous position; a great fissure that stretched from where it was, reaching the highest point in the stands. Souichiro could feel its power growing by the second and in a moment's breath, Jaeger's presence was suddenly behind him. Souichiro dodged its incoming hand by hair and swiftly manoeuvred behind the creature by vaulting over it.

"Don't underestimate me!" the blonde shouted, still in mid-air. As Jaeger turned around, the red of Souichiro's irises shimmered as he unleashed a devastating spiralling kick which caught the beast directly on its jaw, causing it to stumble backwards. After managing to at least stun it, Souichiro dropped to one knee, breathless and strained. 'What's going on? My body… it-it feels so heavy… It's taking everything I've got just to stop myself from falling over!'

"Your body cannot withstand my spiritual pressure anymore," the source of the power he wielded answered.

'What?! Why?'

"Originally, your own spiritual pressure balanced out my own, regulating the output. But since yours ran out during that time with the other Quincy, my spiritual pressure flows freely through your body with nothing to hold it back," the voice explained and then sinisterly chuckled. "In short: You are being crushed by my spiritual pressure!"

'You bastard! You kept this to yourself, didn't you?!' he asked, burning with rage

"There's the opportunity! Take the shot, now!"

Souichiro turned to his head in the direction of the voice and his eyes widened as he saw a line of Quincy, all aiming their arrows at him from where Craven was standing.

"Do not blame me for your own shortcomings. You desired power and all I did was give it to you."

What the voice was saying was true. It was him who decided to take advantage of the power presented to him, to become stronger at all costs and right now, it was coming back to haunt him.

'But I'll be damned if I die here while Sosuke Aizen still breathes!'

"Interesting. In that case…"

Barrages of blue arrows were launched in Souichiro's direction and the blonde had mustered the strength to evade most of them, but one had managed to pierce through his right leg.

"How could you miss?!" Craven barked as he turned to face his men. "He was standing right-!" Craven paused. "I see," he calmly stated as he saw his soldiers each sporting a red arrow through their skulls. "So you've finally shown yourself,"

"Blud Ritter."

Siegfried stood there, coated in blood, glaring at Craven with cold green eyes whilst having his bow ready to fire another arrow. "The only reason you're still alive is because you know where my sister is."

"Is that so? But you look at you, you made quite the mess."

"I had fun taking out all your lackeys who weren't lucky enough to escape. You're alone with me now."

Craven smiled as he corrected his glasses. "I'm offended that you would take me so lightly. I am an Elder after all. What about our deal?"

"The deal was off the second you tried to kill me. Now tell me where she is or I swear I'll execute you where you stand!" Siegfried shouted, losing his patience.

""Execute me", you say?" Craven's smile vanished and an eerie sensation suddenly was emitted from the Elder. The ground started to rumbling with the steady increase of Craven's spiritual pressure. Craven discarded the white robe he wore which revealed a black cloak that was underneath. "Shall we see if your powers are enough to stand up to God?"

Siegfried readied himself for a battle against an Elder, but he felt a gentle hand rest on his shoulder and accompanied that gentle hand was an even gentler voice.

"You've done enough for us, Siegfried."

Siegfried spun around in surprise and was met with the remaining two Elders. "Elder Nadia, Elder Solomon!"

"Please leave this battle to us," She said as she smiled. "I'm sure you and your friend have other business to attend to."

'Friend, huh?' Siegfried hesitated for a moment, but ultimately acknowledged the request. "Yes, as you command." He bowed and quickly made his way to Souichiro. 'Shit is about to hit the fan,' Siegfried thought as he ran. 'All three Elders in one place, and they're about to fight it out! This is bad no matter how you look at it.' Siegfried then noticed someone running beside him.


"Shut up," the hooded Quincy bitterly replied. "The Elder's requested me to help you, so just tell me what to do already!"

Siegfried smiled. "I've got a plan."

"How did you escape?" Craven asked, not in the least intimidated.

"Reiner Ritter Friedreich. He was most helpful. It seems he was familiar with disrupting barriers," Nadia replied. "After that, the three of us just finished disabling the one around this arena, so the citizens escaped and reinforcements from the other cities should arrive within the hour."

"Though we warned the warriors in Reineheim to stay away from this place because of what is about to occur," Solomon spoke up.

"Pardon me for asking, but what exactly is about to "occur"?" Craven said as he ran a hand through his white hair.

Solomon narrowed his eye.

"Something very interesting,"

Solomon vanished.

'My thoughts exactly,'

Craven withdrew two seele schniders from his sleeves and an ominous purple reiastu shot out from the rods. Solomon reappeared in front of Craven as he withdrew a seele schinder of his own from his cane and a gold reiatsu clashed with a purple, sending out a low pitched vibration across the area. Nadia appeared from the side, firing an array of arrows at the dark attired Elder. Craven saw this and he quickly broke off his clash with Solomon and proceeded to deflect the entire assault of arrows that came his way. He tried to redirect his attention to Solomon, but he had already disappeared.

"Damn, I lost track off him," Craven muttered. "Though I can still feel his presence, so that must mean…"

Craven leaped into the air at last moment just as Solomon burst from underneath the ground. Craven then hurled his seele schnider at the Elder below, impaling his right shoulder, causing Solomon cry out in pain.

Craven smirked, but his feeling triumph was short-lived as Nadia continued to fire more arrows at him from above. Thinking quickly, Craven twirled his weapon like a fan at extreme speeds, using it to repel the barrage of arrows once more. As he deflected the last of the arrows, he was struck from behind by a vicious streak of golden lightning. Craven grunted and turned around to see Solomon, his right hand crackling with electricity, preparing to fire another shot. Craven sent the Elder a death glare and just before he was about to attack, he was interrupted by Nadia.

"Licht Regen!"

Craven looked skywards and saw a shower of countless discs of light heading in his direction. For a second, Craven opted to deflect them, but then he noticed something.

'Those are seele schniders! She managed to make all of them rotate?!'

Nadia smirked.

'The combined velocity at which these weapons rotate plus the vibrations they emitted per second will easily cut through a stationary seele schnider.'

Craven quickly sealed his weapons and placed it at hip, and put both his hands together.

"Dunkler Sarg!"

As the buzz saw-like seele schniders approached him, Craven surrounded himself with a field of black energy. When the arrows collided with Craven's safeguard, extreme vibrations resounded throughout the area as the arrows struggled to penetrate the shield. Eventually, the arrows were repelled and Craven seized his opportunity to strike. Craven absorbed the black energy that surrounded him and summoned his own Quincy bow.

"Disappear!" Craven shouted as fired his own volley of arrows at the female Elder. Nadia remained where she was and took the full brunt of the assault. Her body jerked as she was pierced by numerous black arrows and crimson liquid seeped through her beautiful white robes. But Craven was in disbelief.

He watched the female Elder pull out each arrow out of her body, one by one, without showing the slightest bit of pain in her movements or her expression. In fact, her smile had never left since the start of this battle.

"Ah, I can hear them," Nadia moaned in pleasure as she placed her hands on her chest, causing Craven to be further baffled by the Elder. "I can hear everything they're saying."

"No one is talking to you Nadia. Have you perhaps gone insane with fear?" Craven said mockingly, trying to appear unruffled by her actions.

Nadia shook her head.

"They're telling me that they wish to see you dead," she said, staring deeply into Craven's eyes.

Craven froze. 'What's going on? Why is she acting so strange? She has never acted this way before,' he thought. 'When she stares at me like that, my blood instinctively runs cold. And her reiastu… it reeks,'

'Of death.'

All of a sudden the atmosphere around Craven shifted and the hairs of neck stood on end. He began to hear voices echoing from below him. 'Impossible, there's nothing there but corpses – What…? Impossible!'

Craven watched in horror as hundreds of Quincy souls of the deceased escaped from their marred bodies, all groaning in anguish, levitating towards Nadia. Craven swallowed hard as the collection of souls of began to merge with Nadia's reiatsu, causing black veins to sprout all over her body.

"Can you hear them, Craven?" Nadia's voice was warped by the hundreds of souls all speaking in unison, making her sound as if she were some other worldly being.

"Even in death, their hatred for you burns." The black veins travelled to her lips, her cheeks, her forehead and her eyelids. Though her angelic face had been tainted, her smile had remained.

"As long as I am near the dead, I cannot die."

'I-I must get away from her!' Craven thought as he began to drift backwards, unable to tear his eyes away from the woman who wielded the power of death.

Just as Craven was about to make his escape, Solomon was already in front of him, raising an electrified fist.

"You gave me quite a bit of time to prepare this."

Craven didn't have the time to move nor place his shield up and his stomach took the full force of the blow and was sent plummeting to the ground.

Shockwaves buffeted the arena as Craven slammed into the ground. The Elder's body shuddered as electrical currents passed through his system, rendering him paralyzed. Craven stirred, blinking his eyes several times until his vision focused, but he soon wished that his vision had remained blurred.

"It is over, Craven."

Hovering above him was Nadia, her pale grey reiatsu uncontrolled and irregular, summoning her Quincy bow. The bow was filled with the dark grey colour of souls of people Craven's army had killed, moaning even louder than before, and the arrow she formed just as much so.

"W-wait," Craven pleaded, still struggling to move his limbs. "M-mercy…"

Nadia pulled back the arrow of souls on the string of her spiritual bow.

"I have never heard of such a thing."

Nadia released the arrow and within a blink of an eye it impaled Craven's body, running through to the ground. Craven roared in pain as energy seared his flesh, slowly incinerating his organs, but it didn't stop there. Suddenly a pool of black ooze erupted from beneath Craven, filled with lost souls, one barely distinguishable from the other, crying out in anguish, started pulling on the Elder.

"This is your punishment: An eternity in the dimension of the damned."

The souls dragged Craven by his arms and legs deeper into the pool, pulling them into their domain. As Craven sunk deeper and deeper, he shouted many incoherent words as the oozed filled his mouth, but Nadia could guess that he was cursing her with every fibre of his being. She continued to watch until the last of Craven disappeared into the dimension before she raised her hand, transferring all the souls she had collected into the portal, before it closed and she returned to her regular appearance.

"I truly am terrible," she said whilst smiling. Nadia felt drained and before she knew it, she lost consciousness. Luckily she had Solomon to catch her before she fell out of the sky.

He took a moment to see what kind of expression she wore. As usual she wore that angelic smile of hers, but the only difference was that she had tears rolling down her cheek.

"That must have been difficult for you to do that," Solomon said as slowly hovered to the ground. He held her in his arms as the rain soaked the both of them and Solomon couldn't help but look at his comrade with sympathetic eyes. "All those souls you used will never be able go to the Soul Society."

In his arms rested, not only an Elder of Reineheim and not only a fellow comrade, but a demon who wielded a destructive power that tried so desperately hard to be an angel…

The tragedy of a pure-hearted girl, cursed with a dark power.