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Lily looked at her father, on his death bed. Silent tears fell from her eyes. James was by her side, but he didn't know what to do with crying girls, he was only 7!

"Lily… You need to know…" He father started, but he then stopped and eyed James. James took the hint and left. "You need to know… The angel of music… will visit when you're eleven…" And just like that, he was gone. Now came the hardest part.

Lily collapsed on the floor crying, and after a minute James entered. He felt strange about seeing her so sad, like his world was collapse because of it.

He went over and crouched on the floor. His arms made their way around her waist. She stopped crying, but still sniffled, and turned around to face him. She put her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, then Lily looked up at James, who didn't look too happy about breaking apart.

"James? There's something I need to tell you…" James couldn't say why, but his spirits lifted dramatically. "I'm moving." And they came crashing down again.

"What?" James said, a heavy upset feeling developing in his guts.

"My father said that when he was in heaven I must go live at some place called Hogwarts. He's dead. The carriage is coming at six." And with that, she left to pack.

At 5:57 that night, Lily heard a knock at her door. She opened it to find James there. Lily smiled and pulled him into a tight hug. When she pulled back, James pulled out a small box.

"To remember me." He said simply. He had never told her he was from a line of wizards; he had gotten his father to put some special charms on the gift.

Lily opened the box. It was a small ring, with a beautiful emerald as sparkly as her eyes. The inside of the box had 'Twist me' written in gold. Doing so, a green hologram came up. It was a picture of them. Lily, her vibrant red (not ginger, red) hair glowing even in the mist like hologram, was on his back, her arms wrapped around his neck as she clinged on, trying not to fall off, her smile wide causing her eyes to squint together, her cheeks rosier than normal.

James had his arms on her legs which were wrapped around his waist, his messy raven black hair windswept from running his hands through it. He looked like he was mid-leap, his hazel eyes portraying his happiness with a glint of what looked like hope, but hope for what? Neither knew at the time, but later on James would be able to say rather easily.

"Goodbye Christine." James said hoarsely as he pulled her into a hug. Lily was sometimes called that because her eyes were like crystals and it was her middle name. James was sometimes called Raoul because that was his middle name and one time his aunt had thought that was his actual name – an occurrence that Lily had found amusing but 'Raoul' not so much.

"Goodbye Raoul. I… I love you." It was now Raoul understood his feelings. He took a step back and looked at her for a second, the pulled her forward into a deep kiss.

A clearing of a throat made them separate. Lily looked at Raoul, smiled, and went to the carriage where the driver was drumming his fingers. The driver had his hood up, but Raoul picked up a small white mask and black swept back longish hair. He gave Raoul a bad vibe, though he could not say why. Looking back, he wished he had taken her and ran. (A/N: If you've seen Phantom of the Opera and you think this is a certain somebody, yes, it is o.O) He didn't though, and he watched through teary eyes as Lily was driven away.

Any other day, he would have realised Lily had said she was going to Hogwarts.

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