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Chapter 10: Don Juan

The time had come.

They had been practising for so long, and now the time had come.

Don Juan was an opera that the managers had found themselves with at the masquerade. It has been written by one 'ghost' they knew of – one ghost with a mask, and a love for a chorus girl destined to be a star. Now, Don Juan was to be premiered at the opera house. The time had come.

Said chorus girl was preparing for the role of her life; the star of Don Juan. Lily was not ready for this; she really wasn't! Why she had to be cast as such a passionate part, she didn't know. The time of the opera quickly approached, and Lily was frightened. She and James had not been talking since the graveyard incident, and Angel said he was jealous and frustrated that Lily had begged for the Phantoms life.

Lily was currently being dressed into a flattering costume by two of the costume makers whilst two other women did her make up and another one did her hair. She didn't like it; it was weird to have people doing these things for her.

'If I lived with James, things would be like this everyday,' she realised. He was rich, and people would expect her to look perfect everyday! She wouldn't get much time fore anything; there would be balls and events a plenty. She sighed. Why couldn't there be an option where she could live happily with a caring husband that shared her interests, and have a calm life, away from crowds and intimidation and judgement? 'There is, you know that.' Her mind argued. She did her best to ignore it.

Finally, the helpers were done. Lily looked into the mirror. Her jaw nearly dropped. She looked amazing. Was that even her? Her hair had been – for once – tamed, and was settled in beautiful rings and curls that cascaded down her back. Her eyes had a light eye shadow that matched her eyes perfectly, and brought out the sparkle in them. There was a slight blush to her cheeks, and her lips were lightly glossed. Her dress hugged her figure, until it hit her hips, where it started cascading down. She looked… sublime.

She was guided to the stage, and timidly, she walked on. The audience stared at her as she looked out towards the seats. Her gaze trailed upwards, landing directly on Box 5. She nearly gasped – it was taken by James! The Phantom was not going to like that…

Taking a deep breath, and gathering all of the nerves which she was sure was making her look like a pale shaking idiot, she knelt down, and awaited for Piangi to come and sing his part.

But he didn't.

She recognised the voice that came to her immediately. The Phantom was there, and he had taken Piangi's place! Trying to make it seem like nothing was wrong, she slowly turned her head to face the one man she couldn't seem to escape.

'You have come here,
In pursuit of your deepest urge,' ' He took a step forward, closer to Christine. He had a black mask the covered almost his whole face, and was dressed entirely in dark attire, which was completed with a black cape that swished from side to side as he walked. He smiled slightly as he saw her.
In pursuit of that wish which till now,
Has been silent
Silent.' He pressed a finger to his lips mockingly.

'I have brought you,
That our passions may fuse and merge,
In your mind you've already succumbed to me,

Dropped all defenses,
Completely succumbed to me,' Christine felt her eyes slip close, as she lost herself in his voice.
Now you are here with me,
No second thoughts,
You've decided, decided.' He tilted his head slightly, looking at her with such intensity that she could not turn away. She knew the hidden meaning behind the words, but she couldn't find herself disagreeing. Her mind couldn't spare a thought for the boy sat in Box 5. Said boy could only watch in dismay, whilst stagehands and other characters crowded around the sides of the stage to see what was happening.
Past the point of no return,
No backward glances,
Our games of make-believe are at an end,' He began to take a few steps forward as Christine stood and copied and background dancers echoed their every movement.
Past all thought of 'if', or 'when',
No use resisting,
Abandon thought and let the dream descend,' They circled each other, whilst the Phantom put beautiful imagery into Lily's mind. McGonagall watched, horrified, as the young girl was visibly put into a dream weaved by the tempting voice of the criminal.
What raging fire shall flood the soul,' he stepped behind Lily and drew her to him, holding her neck with one hand andher hip with the other. He sang passionately into her head, listening to her sharp intake of breath, then relished in the feeling of her melting into is chest.
What rich desire unlocks it's door,
What sweet seduction lies before us?' He slid his hands to her armand trailed his hands down to her fingers, holding them as though they were a treasured possession to his lips. Finally, he stepped back, keeping hold of her with one hand and allowing the other to fall to his side.
Past the point of no return,
The final threshold,
What warm unspoken secrets,
Will we learn ,
Beyond the point of no return?' He finally released her altogether, and allowed her to regain her senses. She looked at him alarmed, then slowly looked away, still shocked. She took another breath, then began to sing herself.

'You have brought me,
To that moment when words run dry,
To that moment when speech disappears,
Into silence… Silence,' She looked up again to Box 5, where James sat. He was looking at her with despair in his eyes. Sirius and Remus were on either side of him, seemingly hypnotized by the looked behind him, and seemed comforted by the police. Lily noticed Firmin and Andre doing the same.
I have come here,
Hardly knowing the reason why,
In my mind I've already imagined,
Our bodies entwining,
Defenseless and silent,
Now I am here with you,
No second thoughts,
I've decided… Decided.' She looked over to her Angel again. He was looking at her with those eyes again, breathing deeply, looking like he was doing everything he could to not leap on her right then and there.
Past the point of no return,
No going back now,
Our passion-play has now at last begun,' They began to move step by step up the curling stairs that had been added to the set the day before.
Past all thought of right or wrong,
One final question;
How long should we two wait before we're one?' They both stopped for a second, their eyes on each other, whilst Lily sang tauntingly with more passion than she knew.
When will the blood begin to race
The sleeping bud burst into bloom
When will the flames at last consume us?' They finally reached the top of the stairs, and stood staring at each other, with nothing but the space of the planks they were stood on in between them, though that distance was rapidly decreasing as they pranced closer to one another.

'Past the point of no return,
The final threshold,' They were now face to face.
The bridge is crossed,
So stand and watch it burn,' They got closer to each other, and held each others arms, with their foreheads pressed against each other, before Erik gripped Lily's hand and twirled her, spinning her into his chest, with her back to his chest. Slowly he ran both of their hands over her body.
We've passed the point of no return.' They stayed like that for a few seconds. Erik looked down at her. She was smiling contently, with her eyes closed. He slowed his hands down, and eventually released them all together. He brought one hand around her hips, completely around her. The other started to play with her hair where he was – and had been for a few minutes – nuzzling her neck gently with his mask and nose. He let trails of light kisses tease her, and make her sigh in contentment. Then her Angel started singing softly into her ear, though it was easily heard in the silent opera house.

'Say you'll share with me,
One love, one lifetime,
Lead me, save me from my solitude,

Say you want me with you,

Here beside you...' Lily opened her eyes, and turned to face him. He had both of her hands in both of his, and looked deeply into her eyes as he begged.

'Anywhere you go, let me go too…

Lily, that's all I ask of…'

Lily looked at him sadly for a second, before mouthing, 'I'm sorry,' and then tearing away his mask. The betrayal lingered in his eyes for only a second. There were gasps in the audience, as some people started standing, and others screaming. Stagehands backed away, and McGonagall jumped. James, Sirius and Remus stood quickly, beginning to make their way towards the stage.

The Phantom didn't seem to notice any of this. He was just standing still, looking at Lily, gauging her reaction. She was looking at him with an unreadable expression. "Lily…" He whispered.

Then the anger bubbled inside. He looked around desperately, then he saw the trap door that sat temptingly below them, and a plan formed in his mind. He quickly broke the rope that hung near them, and stamped the door. It burst open. Erik gripped Lily tightly, lest she be hurt, whilst she screamed. Her hands flailed for a second, before landing on the Phantom, and she grabbed him fearfully. Erik, still holding the rope, slid down, and they ended up in a dark corridor that led to the catacombs of the Opera house.

Up above, the chandelier began to fall; it had been attached to the rope. People screamed as it descended, seemingly in slow motion, until it crashed down onto the audience, and burst into flames. James, Sirius, Remus and Angel met up at the stage, and went to dive in the hole, but they were quickly stopped by McGonagall.

"Stop! I'll take you to him, but only James. No one else." The others glared, but accepted.

Erik continued to drag Lily down, further to the catacombs. Once or twice she resisted, but he persisted.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked desperately. She didn't get an answer. They reached the place by the lake, and Erik dragged her to the curtain, where the model of her in the wedding dress sat.

"Why Lily? Why did you do it?!" He asked angrily. She cowered slightly. "ANSWER ME!"

"I-I'm sorry! I, I thought…"

"You thought that your prince would swoop in and save you!" He shouted. It was false, but Lily didn't say anything. Suddenly, he dropped to his knees. He seemed so vulnerable as he did. "Why? Why?!" He didn't wait for an answer, but instead stood up sharply, and grabbed the dress from the mannequin and stuffed it into Lily's hands. "Go change." He said simply, before turning away. Lily left the room.

S few minutes later, Lily re entered the room, this time in a mesmerizing wedding dress that fit her perfectly. It contrasted her hair perfectly, and brought out her dazzling eyes. Erik stood as he saw her, seemingly unable to find words. "Lily…" He lisped inaudibly.

He took a few steps towards her until he was right in front of her. He reached up to gingerly touch a strand of hair, but she turned her head away sadly. He frowned.

"This face," he said bitterly, dragging his hands along his own terrifying features, "It poisons our love," She looked up at him again, surprised. "My face, which made my own mother hate me… The first thing she ever gave me was my mask." He recalled despairingly. Then he took the veil from the mannequin, and delicately placed it on her head, making sure to drape the long tails over her face, but also being certain he could see her beautiful face. As he lowered his hand, he delicately grazed her cheek. "Lily…" He whispered again. She walked past him, removing the veil. She walked to one of the covered mirrors, and removed the sheet covering it. She looked back at him.

"Your face holds no horror… It's your soul that holds the true distortion." She said, dropping the veil. Erik watched sadly as it hit the floor, and felt some unknown feeling stir within him. He took another step towards her, but stopped as he heard something approaching, through the river.

James had been led to a strange staircase. He ran as quickly as he could, not noticing the stair with the hinges, or the darker colour said stair was. When he stepped in it, he fell, and landed in a strange place, filled with water. He swam to the surface and looked around. 'Where am I?' Suddenly, there was a creaking noise from above him. He looked up fearfully, and was met with the site of something dark lowering itself, coming closer to him.

Immediately he knew what was going to happen; it would push him down, under the water, and he would drown.

Thinking as quickly as he could, he dove under the water and looked for any sort of lever that could save him. There must be something, for the chance that the wrong person came down…

And there was. It wasn't a lever, instead it was a wheel, but it was exactly what James needed. He gripped it tightly and tried to turn it, but it wouldn't budge. He resurfaced for air, but found that the item he most wanted to avoid was almost at the waters level. It was already pushing him down.

He took the deepest breath he could muster, before diving again, and with the last bits of energy he had, he twisted the wheel. Thankfully, this time it moved, and the item of destruction stopped, before starting to move slowly upwards.

James swam up eagerly, and met the surface, basking in it like a man who had not eaten for days would bask in bread.

He clung to the object as it rose out of the water, and slowly it raised him to freedom.

Once out of the death trap, he continued down the stairs, though he was careful this time to watch out for any traps.

Finally, he arrived, and ran to the gate.

Erik turned around as he heard James approaching. He grinned and said, "Wait, my dear, I think we have a guest…"

Slowly he turned to face James, and in doing so, made sure to keep his hand on the lever that would allow James inside. He grinned.

"What brings you to my humble abode?" He mocked.

"Let me in! Let me see her! Let me see that you did not hurt her!" James pleaded angrily. 'Pitiful.' Erik thought.

"Be my guest." He invited, finally pulling the switch and spreading his arms. "Monsieur I bid you welcome. Did you think that I would harm her? Why would I make her pay for the sins which are yours?!" Suddenly, he pulled a lasso from his back pocket. He had been approaching James for the duration of his speech, and he finally reached him. James looked away for a second, and Erik tightened it around his neck, and tied him up, before looping the lasso over something on the ceiling and pulling down on it. He grinned in sick satisfaction as it tightened around James neck, making him choke a bit. He turned to Lily.

"Now, angel, the choice is yours."

Lily looked on in horror, screaming slightly when Erik pulled the rope, but could now only stare, seemingly lost for words. "You can save your… boy, if you can call him that, and marry more, or I can kill him, and you can walk free. I'll never bother you again. It's your decision."

Lily stepped back, disgusted at the man before her, when James called out to her.

"Lily! I'm not worth it! I tried to save you, but it failed… If you go with him, your life is over." Then, Erik started calling out too.

"No matter what you do, you can't win! Make your choice! Do you live with me, or do you let him die?" Lily felt her eyes fill with tears. What had happened to the considerate angel she had known? 'Maybe he's still in there somewhere…' And so, she called out to her angel.

"Angel! Angel of Music!" Her voice broke. "Farwell my false friend… What hopes we had, but now they are done away with!"

"For pity's sake, Lily, say no!"

"Too late for prayers and useless pity!"

"Why do you curse mercy?"

"Why make her lie to you to save me?"

"Angel of music, who deserves this?"

"I fought so hard to free you…" James said, almost inaudibly.

"You've past the point of no return." Erik said quietly.

"Angel of music… You betrayed me." Lily sang, looking down. "I gave you my mind blindly." She whispered.

"You try my patience… Make your choice!" The Phantom growled in response, pulling once again at the rope around James's neck.

Lily stared at him for a second. What kind of life had this man known for him to become like this? No one deserved this… He probably believed there was no one that cared for him; no one that wanted him alive! Her mind screamed about the falseness in that. She wouldn't be able to take it if he was dead! He had saved her so many times. She looked into his eyes and saw the anger there she had seen before, but only now did she notice the pain, the misery his eyes held. Had that always been there? She didn't like it…

'Pitiful creature of darkness,

What kind of life have you known?' She walked forward a step and took his cheek in her hand. The anger vanished completely. The misery left somewhat, but was still there a little bit. The emotions were mainly taken over by a hopeful look, and a look of adoration.

'God, give me courage to show you,

You are not alone!' And then she kissed him.

She moved forward and touched her lips to is own. Erik sharply took in a breath, before practically melting, and moving his hands to her cheeks. He could hardly believe what was happening, or that a kiss could be this good. What made this one so special? He didn't know, and frankly, he didn't care.

Lily wasn't exactly upset about what was happening either. The feeling spread warmth throughout her body, and made her skin tingle. For a second – just a second – they separated, but almost immediately they re-closed the gap, and continued the taste of paradise they were experiencing. His hands moved slowly into her hair, and pulled her closer, until they finally released each other.

Lily stood perfectly still, amazed. That had been… incredible. Like someone had bottled perfection and fed it to her with a spoon.

Erik, on the other hand, was in disbelief. Not because of the kiss; he was certain about the passion and sublimity about that kiss, no, he was disbelieving about what he had done.

As he had kissed, all of his memories of Christine flashed before his eyes. First the good – then the bad. They echoed and pounded through his head, reminding him of what he did, and that he should feel terrible. His head felt like it was splitting in two.

The pain nearly made him sob. What had he done?

"Go." He whispered, dropping the rope. He turned and silently walked to James, pulling a single strand of the rope, and the whole thing collapsed and freed him. Erik turned back to Christine. "Go. I am not an angel… I know you love him. Go. Leave me!" He shouted towards the end. Something inside of her screamed for Lily to refuse, to run to him, kiss him again, to hold him and never let go again, but James ran forward and gripped her hand, beginning to lead her away. The gates opened for them, and James began to drag her towards the Opera house.

Erik had walked to the small monkey box he had had since he was a child… The only creation, other than his angel, that he was proud of. His angel. The words sent daggers into his heart. His angel was leaving… He was going to be alone again; No! His angel couldn't go! But she already had.

Or so he thought. James watched and walked away in dismay as the love of his life ran through the deep water, towards his enemy. He should have known this would happen; Lily had always loved music more than she should have, and Erik was music as a man – hypnotic, beautiful, but deformed. Few truly understood him, but those who did could never leave him.

And that was true. Lily was running back, and there was nothing James could do. He waited until she was out of sight, then sighed, a single tear rolling down his cheek, before leaving, never to return again.

Erik softly turned the knob on the back of the box, and watched, his heart disintegrating with every note. Words echoed in his head, fitting perfectly to his emotions as they always did, but yet for once, Erik felt – knew that music would not take the pain away. Nothing would take the pain away. Still, he sang, doing the only thing in the world he had remaining.


Paper faces on parade.


Hide your face

So the world will never find you...' He brought his hand to cover his disfigurement, though he knew there was no point. He never wanted to be found. Left alone for eternity, thinking only of his love that was gone forever… 'Lily Christine Evans. I will never forget that name. Erik will always love his angel…'

'Masquerade…' Another voice sang. Erik wanted to hit himself. So, the hallucinations were starting already? He had hoped they would have waited… At least a week, surely…

Or had a week past? How long had he sat there? He had no idea. But he knew one thing for sure. One fact, he would never forget. 'Christine I love you…'

"I love you too." Erik's head snapped up. That was not a hallucination. He'd had them before, and this was not it! This was real…

And there she was. Drenched from the river that reached her neck, her dress sticking around her figure and making her look like a goddess in human form… Could it really be?

"You.. You lo-lo…" He couldn't say it. It was too unreal.

"Love you." She finished for him, in a whisper. "Please don't make me go." Erik said nothing; instead her jumped up and walked towards Christine, literally walking through anything to get to her, before wrapping his arms around her strongly, and swearing to never loosen his grip.

"Never go. Never, please." He whimpered in a response of sorts.

"Never." She agreed without hesitation.

And so, the creature of darkness got his angel of light.

The End

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