How far would you go to get the job done?

This was never a question for Marty Deeks. He would always get into the skin of the role he had to play, in order to solve a case.

It didn't matter if he had to be a homeless man, a geek, or a scumbag. He would always be believable because it was his job.

So, he didn't hesitate when he was approached for a new case.

Everyone had been working on this one for over six months. After the CIA and the FBI had come up with nothing, it was their turn to get their hands dirty and succeed where all others had failed.

Bombs had been planted on several military bases over the last year and a half, and the ones responsible for each bombing had turned up dead only a few hours later. They weren't kamikaze-like hits, however. Each body turned up with a single kill-shot through their skull. The only connection they had with each other was they were linked to the military or to the police force. It was a group that ranged from angry, former Marines, to loser drop-outs and candidates that just failed to get accepted.

Another lead that had been found were a string of rapes that occurred a day before each hit. Although all the victims survived, each woman was left with severe injuries and psychological trauma. According to the facts that they managed to gather, there were at least thirteen women. Only four had reported their assaults, and identified their rapists.

Each report had been similar to the last. The women claimed that it had been an initiation for their attacker. Two men had kidnapped them, and brought each of them in a different abandoned house. The two men had distinct roles as well. One had acted like the leader, while the "bomber to be" followed his instructions. But the so-called leader didn't seem to be in charge of the entire operation. It appeared that his frequent phone calls were him receiving instructions himself, from the man who really was their boss.

The NCIS team had followed the links, and threw Deeks on the streets to pose as, well, himself. Martin Deeks, an abusive LA Police Officer who got fired after he threw himself too deep undercover, and managed to get addicted to drugs and alcohol.

For the last six months he hadn't met with the rest of the team, and the only communication he had with them was through a secure line. They couldn't risk blowing all of their covers, and Director Vance had been supervising the case very closely since the beginning. He wanted results. He wanted to solve the case at all costs, especially because the big wigs in the White House were putting pressure on him, and as a result he put pressure on Hetty. The government, of course, didn't want the fact that the bombings were all inside hits to reach the public, so they blamed unknown terrorists.

Month after month had gone by, and no progress had been made. In the meantime, four more police stations had been hit and the team were starting to feel disappointed in the fact that they may very well on a rainy, Monday morning, Deeks' phone rang. They had finally spotted him on their radar as a loser ex-cop, and wanted him in. The voice at the other end of the line was firm, calm, and trying to play mind games with Deeks. It must have been the main man they were looking for. He promised a whole lot of money, and revenge against the LA Police.

Deeks played hard-to-get in the beginning, staying true to character by hanging up the phone at first. However, he eventually agreed to a meeting.