Deeks couldn't leave the house or meet anyone involved with the case for fear of being compromised. Six months away from the team had turned out to be harder than he thought it would be. He talked to them through the secure line whenever possible, but it wasn't quite the same.

He also didn't want to admit that he found himself missing Kensi in particular. He had never been away from her for this long, so every morning he looked forward to her call. It had become their routine for her to call every day, at 8 in the morning. They would spend the majority of the time talking about the case, but eventually the topic turned to things they've read in the newspaper and general gossip.

But this morning was not like the others. They had no time to gossip or chit chat; it was all about the case. A problem had arisen when they realized that Deeks would be searched immediately, so that left out the option of wearing a wire. They settled for an ear piece, allowing him to hear his team, and Callen who would be waiting outside with Sam, both watching his back.

The only thing left to arrange was Kensi's part in the operation. The obvious solution was for her to pose as the rape victim. All the other women were abducted from right outside their homes, so all she had to do was be outside at the right time. Furthermore, their rape didn't take place in front of the other men, but in a more private setting. This allowed Deeks to take Kensi in a room and pretend to complete the initiation, without the others ever realizing the truth.

Vance approved the operation, and decided to stay with Hetty, Eric, and Nell to observe their progress. While Callen and Sam were getting ready, Deeks began to have second thoughts and asked to speak with Kensi in private. The others respected his wishes, and gave the two some time alone.

"Kens, if you're not sure about this, you can walk away right now," he told her.

"Deeks, this is our only chance of ending this. These are the only people who can lead us the main guy, and I'm not backing out now. Besides, I'm more worried about you. You're the one whose going to be unarmed in a room full of killers."

"Kens, you'd be unarmed too, and if something goes wrong," he paused and added softly, "I'm not sure if I can protect you." He didn't even want to imagine that scenario.

"I'm the one who's gonna be there to protect you, remember? Besides I'll be wearing this mic, a camera and an ear piece. Plus, Callen and Sam will only be just a distress word away," she said, smiling.

That smile only made it harder for him to want to push through with the plan. He couldn't describe how much he had missed her. Just the sound of her laugh made him want to close his eyes and picture her with him, away from this whole mess.

Their time ended when Vance walked in the room and ordered for Kensi to get prepared. Deeks still had a bad feeling about this op, and a knot in his stomach that wouldn't go away.

It was 2300, and everything was rolling along as planned. A car had come by Deeks' house, picked him up, and drove him to a remote area where a deserted house loomed. Sam, Kensi, and G followed cautiously.

Deeks entered the house to find himself faced with a tall, muscular man. The two that had brought him were also tall and well built. If they weren't Marines, they could have easily been bodyguards.

The leader was sitting on a couch, talking on the phone. As soon as Deeks walked in, he turned on the speaker and placed it on the coffee table in front of him.

"Sit," he ordered, motioning for the two guards to stand by the door.

"Who're you? You're not the one I talked on the phone with. And where's the money he promised?" Deeks asked, running his fingers through his hair in an attempt to appear nervous and on edge.

"That's too many questions, Officer Deeks."

"Ex-officer, they kicked me out."

"I know. This is why we're giving you a chance to get revenge against them. My boss will keep his end of the deal, as long as you keep yours too."

"And what deal would that be? He talked about revenge, and lots of money, but he never really explained what I'd have to do."

"You get to bomb your former police department. Is that good enough for you?"

Deeks smiled evilly, pretending to like the sound of that idea. "I get to kill all of those who dragged me into Hell, and I get paid?"

"I read your file, Officer Deeks, and it's a remarkable one. Dozens of successful undercover operations, and how did they reward you? They throw you out after one, little mistake."

"I was there, you don't have to remind me. Just tell me, what do I have to do?"

In the car G, Sam and Kensi were listening in carefully.

"Thank God Eric and Nell planted all of those fake police files," G said.

"This son of a bitch has access to the police files? This means he's a cop or he has someone working on the inside for him," Sam continued.

They were suddenly interrupted by Vance. "They've been in there a long time. Agent Blye? I think it's time for you to take a walk."

Kensi let out a deep breath, looked at G and Sam for reassurance, and stepped out of the car. She had chosen to wear a long, sun dress with a deep cut in the front rather than something overly slutty.

Back in the house, Deeks was sitting nervously on the couch while the leader was waiting for "the show" to begin. He had been going on and on about how corrupted the police and military were, and how they needed someone to teach them a lesson.

Deeks, in character, agreed and started pacing up and down the house in an effort to appear psyched out. That was when a light cough was heard from the speaker. The leader, who appeared to be expecting this, picked up the phone and motioned for the two guards to leave.

Deeks knew that it was happening. He could feel in his gut that the time had come, and that the two men were heading out to grab the girl.

"Where are they going?" he asked.

"To get a little treat for you, my friend. If you eat the little cherry they bring you, we seal the deal. I have to make sure you're not an undercover cop. If you are who your files say you are, you won't have any problem," he said calmly, lighting up a cigar.

Deeks smiled, and sat on a chair, waiting eagerly for his treat. Since his fake files stated that he was accused of assaulting women on several different occasions, he had to play it rough and edgy.

Kensi was walking outside the house for the second time, hoping they hadn't noticed that she was practically doing laps right under their noses. Just as she was a few feet away from the door, the two massive guards stepped out.

The team had made sure that no one else would pass through that particular road, so that Kensi would be the only obvious victim. She kept on walking, but she could feel their eyes penetrating her like needles.

"Okay, Kens, they're on to you. Keep on walking, and don't forget we're right here," G said, trying to sound relaxed.

Kensi placed her hair behind her ear as a way to show that she had heard them. Before she could take another step, she felt two hands on her body. One was wrapped her mouth, and the other was dragging her into the house. Her instincts told her to fight back, but she let them take her without a struggle.

"I'm not sure I like this," Sam told G.

"I know," he agreed, "I have the same feeling."