This is my first Cobkina fanfic. To tell the truth about the other stories like A bond even poison can't dissolves, and a lady and the snake, are not belong to me. It was belong someone was RP of cobra in tumblr. Anyway, sometimes, my story doesn't have a dialog much. If I add dialogue, I might add too much without any action. Hope you like it. And some of it, I'm kinda suck of grammar language. And pls review.

This story is about Cobra's past, his life with the member of Oracion Seis, Cuberos and trying to search his best friend. And Cobra's POV.

Every member of Oracion Seis's prayer were never answered. Except for the annoying fat guy. Even if he had betrayed us, but his prayer had finally answered. All of us included that old scumbag went to the prison after our guild had been disbanded for now. And my prayer is, I wanted to hear a voice of my one friend and that is, Cuberos. I believe her all the time. I never betrayed her before. But Cuberos is gone and its cause of that scumbag and that dirty fairies. I guess my prayer won't answered since Cuberos is gone forever. She is my only friend.

Cuberos... I've got a feeling that she is different than any kinds of snake. Even different kind of cobra. I was still remember, when I was a slave boy, I was sang a song. Cuberos was came to me and she was like my song. But at first, I was truly hate and had a traumatic of the snakes. I was end up to be a slave because my father and my mother were died along time ago. They were had been eaten by a big python. I saw the python was swallowing the body of my father and my mother. I was useless. And... I also felt terrified to see the eyes. The python was sparing my life. I had no more a family or a friend. That's how the story before I became a slave.

I was tried to get away from a purple snake but she kept following me from wherever I go. I just doesn't want to have a bad memory of my parent's death. She never give up. When I look at her green eyes, I could felt the strange feeling in the purple snake's heart. I think she is innocent snake even if she's a family of python. I forgive her and let her coiling my arm. For along time, I'm starting like snakes. My traumatic of snakes had disappeared after I was befriend with my new friend. Even if the big python was used to eat my parent, but ever since I'm always with a purple snake or I call her, Cuberos, a family of snake are like my real family.

We were always spent times together. I promise that I will be with her. We were always share our happiness, sorrow, hatred, love and everything. Its makes my life change ever since I've met you. Mom and Dad never care about me. They never talk to me before. Even if its a vacation, they never get attention on me. They were always thought I'm not their son. They would never care me like a real son. All they care is work and money like that fat guy. But for Brain, after Cuberos and I joined Oracion Seis, the way he care to us, he was like an adopt-father even if he's not really our real father. But Midnight believed that, Brain was his father. But sometimes, I could felt strange on Brain after I've got Hearing magic. I could hear his thought that, he doesn't care about us. He was using us like a puppet. At first, I don't believe my Hearing magic. But after he attacked me, my Hearing magic was telling the truth, he really doesn't care about us.

I sighed. I never been without Cuberos before. She always beside me. Even if I had a bad memory with her, but she never let me felt down. She always cheered me up. I was still remember, when I was a slave, my hand was injured really bad. The wizard was attacked because I didn't work really great. Cuberos then tried to cheer me up by licking the blood where my hand was injured. It was really tickle but I felt much better. I also remember, that night, I kept playing with her all the time, but then, she just taken out the wings at her backside. I had no idea where she learn it but she was really awesome. WAY better than other snake.

When I was 14 years old, Cuberos had grew up. She became almost like a big python when it was ate my parent. All we did was took an assassin mission even without any magic except Hearing magic. And so, I've decided that, I was implanting the lacrima of Dragonslayer into my body. The power of my dragonslayer is Poison Dragon.

Brain had decided our new codename. He called me 'Cobra' as my new codename since, the way I am, I'm always act like a snake. The boy with a black spiky hair, which he always call Brain as a father, will be Midnight. Brain said that, Midnight is undefeatable if its in midnight. Which all of the member of Oracion Seis and I kinda confuse because there's two words of midnight. So, we're not really had no idea if Brain talking about that spiky guy, or the time.

A girl who had a tattoo on her chest, will be Angel, since her prayer was fading away into the sky like an angel. A guy with a long nose like Pinocchio, will be Racer. Of course, I've heard his prayer was, want to be the fastest one. Well, there are many wizard who is very faster than him. And for a fat guy, I think his name is Hoteye. He possessed a form Eye magic, also known as Heaven's Eye, which allows him to see over distances and even through solid objects, that's how Brain said to us.

The strongest member of Oracion Seis, is either Midnight or I am. Of course, my Hearing magic can hear someone's thought so it easy for me to attack first. And for that creepy guy, none of the wizards could fight him by using any kind of magic. Especially if its midnight, he get even more strong. I think the magic that Midnight was used is Reflector magic.

Oracion Seis had become one of the Balam Allience. But Grimoire Heart is stronger than Oracion Seis. Everyday, we were always took some the worst criminal mission so, we can beat the Grimoire Heart guild that we were the most strongest dark guild in Balam Allience.

When I was 21 years old, our next mission is to find the Nirvana. Which the light will change into the darkness and the darkness will change into the light according to Brain. As usual, I've always take Cuberos on a mission. I don't care if she was only a snake, but I still think she's not a snake to tell the truth. Even though Brain told me not to take with her on this mission, but I ignored him.