Summary: The gang all stood with mouths agape, eyes wide with shock. This couldn't be happening. What did the old man mean? Wizards? Magic exists? Magic does not exist. It couldn't be true, but yet, here was proof, right in front of their eyes. (Johnny and Dallas are alive).

Warning: Language, some blood, smoking, etc. Nothing major though.


Chapter 1:

The Movies

Ponyboy sat on the couch, watching the rest of the gang fool around. Beside him, Johnny was calming watching an episode of Mickey Mouse. You would think they would have grown out of that show by now. Darry was in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

Sprawled across the floor in front of them Sodapop, Steve, Two-Bit and Dallas were completely absorbed in a game of poker; each one trying to cheat when the others weren't looking. Every once in awhile, someone would notice and then a small argument would arise before they settled down and resumed their game. This cycle continued for the next hour until Darry called everyone into the kitchen for supper.

As they crowded into the kitchen, a few extra chairs were pulled up to the dining room table. Ponyboy sat down between Soda and Johnny, the latter of which had already begun filling his plate full of meatloaf and rice.

It had only been two weeks ago since Johnny had finally been released from the hospital. That same night everyone had thrown a huge party and celebrated together. Despite an overall feeling of happiness to be back, Johnny didn't leave without a painful reminder; excessive burns from the fire had left large scarring all across his back.

The only reason Ponyboy even knew of this was because a couple of days ago he had mistakenly walked in on Johnny changing in the bathroom. Having forgotten Johnny had spent the night, he had entered without knocking only to find his friend wearing nothing but boxers. Johnny had made him promise not to tell anyone else; he didn't want them to pity him. Despite Ponyboy's agreeance, something told him Dally already knew.

"Oi! Pony!" Soda yelled, his voice breaking through his brother's thoughts. Ponyboy's head snapped up and he looked around the table only to find everyone was looking at him expectedly. When he cocked an eyebrow, Soda sighed.

"Geeze Pone, I was asking if you and Johnny wanted to come with me and Steve to see a movie."

*Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry*

"What are we going to do Albus?" Minerva asked, worry filtering in her voice. The slight frown on her face signalled all was not as it should be.

"I don't know Minerva, my dear," Dumbledore sighed. "Never in all my years alive have I seen such a case quite like this one. Extraordinary, really."

Minerva looked over at Dumbledore, wondering what the old wizard could be up to. She had a sinking feeling he wouldn't leave this alone until he got answers. Her frown only deepened as a smile spread its way onto his face.

"Hmm, perhaps it's time to pay our young wizards a small visit?" He suggested, eyes twinkling mischievously.

Minerva stood aghast. "Albus! How can you possibly suggest such a thing?" She questioned her voice tight. "We don't know anything about them; they live halfway across the world. Not to mention they are most defiantly not in our jurisdiction or even the ministries for that matter! Also don't we have enough to worry about as it is?"

"A small visit won't hurt." He stated, standing from his chair. "Besides how can we possibly expect to learn anything about them, if we don't get to know them a bit more?"

Silently nodding, Minerva stood watching as Dumbledore grabbed some Floo powder and before she could even blink, he was gone in a flash of green flame.

'Tulsa Oklahoma, the Curtis Household.'

*Tulsa Oklahoma*

The warm summer breeze felt nice in the cold night air. Around them sat a bunch of couples. That's right, couples. Soda and Steve had decided to take them to the hottest romance movie of the summer, no doubt trying to pick up girls. Ponyboy's suspicions were confirmed true when Soda and Steve dismissed themselves, using the excuse of grabbing some popcorn. They had left over 45 minutes ago and had yet to return.

He stole a glance over at Johnny, wondering if his friend was equally as bored. The look of un-interest on his face told him that he was once again right. Not knowing how long much longer he could stand this, Ponyboy leant over and whispered to Johnny. "Want to ditch and head back home?"

A nod was all he needed. He was never one for romance movies, or anything much that involved romance. They both stood, maneuvering through the crowds of couples. Once free from the large crowd, they quickly began making their way down the street and started down the blocks in a comfortable silence.

Only a few blocks from home Ponyboy shivered, a feeling of dread creeping up his spine. Glancing behind him, his breath caught in his throat as he realized they were being followed. A blue mustang was trailing behind; waiting for an opportunity. He looked over at Johnny who gave a small nod. He saw it too.

As if passing a silent signal between themselves, Ponyboy broke into a run. Behind him he could hear the blue mustang speeding up, catching up to them in no time. Before he even had time to think about dodging, he was sent tumbling to the ground, landing with a thud. The air was completely knocked out of his lungs.

Ponyboy looked up, eyes widening in fear. Above him stood a group of four or five Socs. The face of one in particular, made him want to throw up. David Sterner (1), a friend of Bob Sheldon. Apparently, after Bob had died, he had gone attacking any Greasers that came his way. Which right now, just happened to be them.

"Johnny run!" he shouted, not having any idea where his friend was at the moment. He heard the sound of pounding of footsteps, before another thud. His breath caught in my throat; they had caught Johnny too.

"I think it's time we teach these Greasers a thing or two," David sneered and Ponyboy felt fear grip every bone in his body. Pain exploded in his chest as the first punch came, then the second, and third, and fourth, and fifth…Then nothing.

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