This is my first story, sorry if it kind of sucks.

There are a few things I'm changing from the game's story to better match the Godzilla movie series.

1. All the monsters that had beam attacks in the game will not have them in this story (trying to tie in with the movies here)

2. Godzilla will be using his 2004 design (trying to tie in with movies here)

3. This is a combination for both the Wii version of the game as well as the PS2 version, so expect Battra somewhere.

Well that's about it, let's get started…

Somewhere in deep space...

The Monster awoke

He had been unaware of time passing in this dimension; here, time does not matter. There were no other life forms of any kind existing in a place like this, only emptiness. Here, the Monster had rested, healing wounds that were inflicted in previous combat. He remembers that day clearly, its image still burned in his mind. On a distant planet it had done battle with another beast, one with significantly less power that he does. And yet, he was defeated, sucked into a black hole to who knows where? This had drained him of his energy, and though his wounds have healed, he was trapped in this void. The Monster roared in fury; he would like nothing more than to get his revenge on the One that had banished him to this place, but that was not possible at the moment..,

At least, not in his physical state anyways…

The Monster grinned, for he was about to unleash hell upon the planet he tried to take. For in his time of staying here he had harnessed the power of this dimension. Using this, he modified his crystals (something that he was good at creating), giving them massive amounts of energy. These were not the simple crystals he grows in order to use as a fuel source, no; these are much more powerful. And in an environment like Earth, they can have unpredictable effects. Knowing this, the Monster sent them towards earth. If all of this goes according to plan, he would re

enter the world, and have his revenge at last…

Somewhere else…

In another part of space, a group of aliens had just experienced first hand just how powerful these crystals really are…

The ship was in complete disarray. The meteor shower had caused an electric disturbance, and their ship had been its victim. Onboard, Vortaak technicians were scrambling to make repairs; it didn't help much. One of the Vortaak, sitting atop a makeshift throne, looked on with both awe and disbelief. A subject meekly approached her.

"My queen, the damage is far greater than we had expected, it appears we won't be able to make it far." The underling reported

Vorticia shot him a look, which caused him to cower away. This was bad news. Previously the Vortaak had attempted to conquer Earth twice, but were repelled both times. This time they didn't even make it to their destination. It was clear that the queen was not in a good mood.

But when Vorticia spoke, there was no trace of anger, only curiosity.

"Did you feel the power that meteor contains?" she asked her entire army. The rest of the Vortaak were too shocked to even respond. Vortacia looked into her monster containment chamber, which housed many horrors known to humanity. If these crystals were as powerful as she thought, it can play out in her favour. Indeed, she thought, this would be worth it. "Release Gigan," she commanded "I need him to go on a little mission for me"…

Later at the Global Defence Force headquarters

Base Commander Takagi was holding an emergency meeting with his council. A meteor shower like this one was clearly not normal. Within minutes, many cities have suffered blackouts, and there appears to be even further damage in select cities. Takagi was clearly distraught, but the news he received next frightened him. Just as the meeting had come to a close, his consultant Miku had shown him the worst new possible.

"Commander, it appears some of the meteors have landed on Monster Island, this has caused our force fields generators to go haywire and they might short circuit if something is not done immediately".

The commander closed his eyes, knowing very well what that meant. Without the force field, the denizens of Monster Island, which included Godzilla, the King of Monsters himself, would be able to go wherever they please. Even though these monsters never intentionally try to cause harm to humanity, they can still be a big threat. Someone would have to go and fix the generators. The commander sighed; that was too dangerous, with the recent meteor shower, who knows what effects it would have on the monsters living there? No, he decided, this was a risked he is not willing to take.

"Right now there are greater concerns, like trying to evacuate some of the affected cities", he responded, "we'll just have to forget Monster island for now and hope nothing too bad will happen".

Well there's the first chapter, our favourite monster will be appearing in the second. Feel free to comment/criticize all you want!