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Godzilla had always been an adept swimmer. Considering the miles of ocean between Monster Island and anywhere he wants to go it shouldn't come as a surprise. Encountering the King of Monsters in the depths of the sea is just as terrifying as an encounter with him on land. Godzilla was truly a master of two elements under normal circumstances.

This however, was not normal circumstances.

Thrashing with all he could muster, Godzilla struggled to remove himself from whatever force that was dragging him deeper into the water. It was as if something was constricting his body, making it harder to move. He could've sworn that he felt something akin to teeth puncture his skin as well. Godzilla could just make out a dark mass a few feet away from him, its glowing eyes being the only illumination within the dark water.

The pressure that was wrapped around his body tightened another notch, eliciting a pained groan from the King of Monsters. He was running out of air fast! Godzilla tried to fire an atomic ray in the direction of the dark mass but found that something wrapped around his jaws, preventing him from opening his mouth. His vision was starting to deteriorate, and the amount of built-up atomic energy was threatening to rip him apart from the inside. The dark mass inched closer to him, and Godzilla could just barely make out what looked like teeth closing in on his head.

Fortunately, he wasn't defenseless.

The amount of nuclear power that was currently building up within him were supposed to go towards his atomic ray. With an obstruction in the way however, it was left in his body to expand even more. All that power needed to go somewhere, lest he wished to be blown up from the inside. Godzilla however, has a failsafe in case something like this ever happened, and now was the time to use it.

The water briefly flashed blue for a second before exploding upwards. The dark mass roared in surprise and pain as it felt its appendages torn asunder by the wave of nuclear energy Godzilla emitted through his skin. Using this opportunity, Godzilla hurried to the surface and took a much needed breath. Clambering onto shore, Godzilla turned back to face his opponent.

The monstrosity rising out of the water was something that even intimidated him.

It was a horrible creature, covered in what seemed to be a green coating of plant-like tissue. Vines were strewn across its body, some of them seem to be what the creature's limbs are made up of. A bulbous orange mass was located at the center of where its chest should be, it pulsating every once in a while. All this was crowned on by a massive head, which was shaped like a crocodile's and contained many rows of sharp teeth and tusks. The beast's yellow eyes narrowed as it noticed Godzilla; it can still sense the vast amount of untapped energy that was churning within the other creature. It was not about to let this opportunity go. Letting out a haunting wail, the larger monster charged.

Godzilla braced himself for the impact; the new monster easily towered over him. When the two creatures collided it was as if thunder had struck. Godzilla roared in surprised as he felt himself getting pushed back. The new monster's strength is astounding. Realizing he had little options, Godzilla fired an atomic ray. The beam pierced through the side of the mutant plant's neck, sending a rain of green liquid. The monster howled in pain and harpooned multiple vines towards the King of Monsters. Each vine is tipped with a spear like point, and Godzilla was not able to avoid them in time. Multiple parts of the King was skewered and even more vines were piling up; these ones had razor sharp teeth instead of spear tips. Godzilla's pain was further increased as the mouthed tendrils rained an acidic secretion down on the Godzillasaur. Godzilla fired another atomic ray, severing all the vines that were assaulting him, then rushed the larger beast. The plant monster responded in kind, sending another score of vines towards the king.


As the battle clashed on, a few blocks away, there was movement within the rubble. A dazed Dr. Shiragami managed to scramble out from under the debris and looked upon the devastation that beheld the city. Fortunately for him, the falling blocks of concrete didn't manage to crush him, but that was now far from his thoughts. His eyes were glued to the two gargantuan beasts in combat near the Tokyo Tower, which luckily was still standing. In particular, Shiragami was looking at the new monster that was currently trying to chomp Godzilla's head with its jaws. His experiment had really took an entire new direction it seems.

From what he could see, this beast's- his daughter's- mixing with the G-cells had unexpectedly caused a spontaneous mutation that developed too rapidly; she had gained Godzilla's regeneration and healing abilities and can heal her wounds just as well, if not better. The mutation she underwent during growth also gave her monstrous strength, as demonstrated as she was now hauling Godzilla across the water with her tendrils. Being a plant, she would also have no major organs or a brain, meaning she is now nigh indestructible unless otherwise proven…

Dr. Shiragami let out a humorless chuckle. Gyozen had asked him to create a weapon to combat monsters, yet he indirectly created one. It was one of the reasons why Shiragami was rather hesitant with the project to begin with. Whenever humanity tries to play God, something adverse would always occur. The mutant monsters that lived on Monster Island was proof enough, yet some people just never seemed to learn.

He decided: he will name this creation of his Biollante. It was the least credit he could give to his benefactor for such a careless oversight.

Looking back towards the dueling creatures, Dr. Shiragami had his eyes glued on the plant-like beast, a small hint of regret and familiarity blooming within him.

Back with Godzilla

Godzilla groaned as he rose up from the debris. That last attack felt like it dismantled his entire skeleton. He looked over to see that the giant plant was rumbling towards him again. They've been at this for many minutes now, each dealing almost life threatening blows to each other, yet their respective super regeneration always managed to patch them up. In the end, it will have to come down to whoever has the most endurance out of the two. Godzilla stood his ground; he was never one to turn tail and flee from a fight, and he will never be.

Biollante on the other hand, was concerned with a much simpler goal in mind: absorb the energy within this other monster, and use it to pacify the crystal threat. Deep down within the mutant rose, the mind of Erika Shiragami was still conscious, although much instinct is now that of an animal she is capable of far more complex thought than the average monster. She remembered some fragmented memories of who she was, but that did not matter now. She needed the crystal energy and she needed it now.

The two giants crashed against each other again. Scores of vines stabbed at the king of monsters while he bit and clawed back just as fiercely. When multiple tendrils reared up and wrapped around his neck in an attempt to strangle him, Godzilla unleashed another nuclear pulse, rending the vines to pieces. Roaring in surprise as her vines began the process of regeneration, Biollante received a claw to the face as the sharp talons tore a gash down to her bulbous core. Biollante was now getting impatient. She needed to end this now.

Green energy began building up around her mouth as the mutant rose to her full height. Godzilla made one more attempted to get another slash down her neck, but the plant opened her mouth and spewed a torrent of green sap, coating the King of Monsters. The King never felt such agony as he did just then; the substance was beginning to eat away at his flesh. His cells were working overtime to repair the damage, but Biollante was not going to give him even that.

Godzilla was too busy shaking his head rapidly to dislodge some of the corrosive acid from his eyes that he did not notice Biollante lunging her head forward. The next moment, his head was under metric tonnes of pressure as Biollante held his head between her jaws, trying to crunch down as hard as she could. Godzilla can feel his skull threatening to crack under the pressure as sharp teeth began drilling into his cranium; he had to do something fast. In a fit of desperation, his spines lit up in order to fire another atomic ray. Biollante sensed the building up of radiation and put more effort into crushing his skull, paired up with more tendrils. Godzilla, using the last of his strengths, opened his mouth and fired an atomic ray right down her throat.

The base of Biollante's neck instantly exploading, raining plant matter and green blood all around them. She freed her jaws to let out an agonizing howl as she felt her insides combust. Briefly she could make out a tiny figure crying out in horror and began to race towards her, but she paid this no mind as darkness began to fill her vision.

With one last gurgle, the massive plant monster's head crashed into the water. Biollante slumped over; she was out.

Godzilla stood a few feet away from this creature, contemplating whether or not he should incinerate her corpse. This fight had been the toughest he's had as of late, and his flesh was now dissolved into almost nothing. He looked at the fallen plant monster, finding a sense of familiarity within it. It was as if something in his head told him that the two creatures were connected more intricately than he'd think. Shaking his head free of the thought, Godzilla began to descend back into the deep and towards his next destination. It would seem that this problem had been dealt with.

Unbeknownst to him, Biollante was not dead. Her eyes could just make out the shrinking shape of the King as he began his descent beneath the waves. She did not have long left; the last attack had ruptured her core, and the bulbous red organ was now bleeding orange liquid radiation across the water. The core was her source of energy, supplying her with both radiation and electric stimuli. In order to heal that, she would need a far more discrete method. Her massive head turned weakly to her left, she could still see the tiny figure running towards her as fast as it could. From her memories she concluded that this is her father while she had still lived as Erika Shiragami. It was nice to see him again she supposed, but she can never be his daughter again. Erika was alive, but trapped in the body of a monster. As long as her mind lived within this new body, she will use it to protect earth from all out worldly hazards. That is Biollante's- Her- purpose now.

As her body began to glow, Biollante began to dissolve, drops of golden spores started their ascent towards the heavens. She would use this time to recuperate, to heal, so that when the time comes, she would be ready to fight on Earth's behalf once again.

With Shiragami

The doctor looked towards the shining spores as they rose up into the sky, a mixture of sadness and fondness filling his senses. He had only began the experiment to preserve his last memory of Erika, and because of that he doomed her to be trapped within the body of an abomination. Right now he felt as if he'd failed her and failed to live up to his title. As he continued to look at the spectacle that was happening in front of him, he thought he'd seen Erika's faces in them. No, he thought, it not my imagination, Erika is alive. The faces seemed to be smiling at him, not a hint of resentment within. Dr. Shiragami let out a smile of his own; he only hopes that his daughter's soul is at peace.

As the last of the spores rose to the atmosphere, Shiragami snuck a look around him and was shocked to see where there was once destroyed buildings and isolated islands, there was now a massive bed of flowers. More specifically, they were roses. Roses of a variety of color brought a wide array of hues towards the desolate flood ruins that is now Tokyo. Could this be Erika's doing? He thought. It was peculiar how this peaceful image stood out against the rest of the destroyed city, a sanctuary of beauty within a grey plane.

Shiragami was snapped out of his thoughts by the ringing of his cell phone. He looked at it and with a frown realized that it was Gyozen.

"What is it Admiral?"

"You better have an explanation to what just went down in Tokyo Shiragami! What happened to your tests?" the angry voice of Gyozen sounded from the other end.

"You just saw it that was the test. In your haste you have made me indirectly unleashing a new monster into the world." Shiragami snapped back. "And just to let you know, I quit."

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me, I quit. I am no longer making weapons with the G-cells anymore."

"You think you can just back out of our agreement like this?!" Gyozen was absolutely livid. His whole plan had just encountered a major dent. The scientist CANNOT back out just like this, not now!

"Yes I will, and you won't stop me. You played a part in Biollante's creation as well by supplying me with the G-cells. If the GDF gets a hold of this, they will investigate won't they? What do you think will happen to you should they find out about your involvement? You are on thin ice as it is already with the rest of your colleagues, it would not be wise to test them further." Shiragami could literally feel the rage of the admiral across the phone as he backed him into a corner. He'd be lying if he said he did not enjoy at least a little of that.

"I will continue to help humanity in combating this crystal threat, but I will not be using G-cells for your purposes any longer. Perhaps instead of combating monsters, you should be doing the same. Goodbye admiral". With that Shiragami hung up.

On the other end of the phone, miles away, to say that Admiral Gyozen was angry was an understatement. But he knew the doctor had the upper hand here. At the very least that useless bookworm would only lose his title, but for Gyozen the losses will be so much more. With that in mind, Gyozen stormed out of his cabin. He will still be following his revenge, even if it means that he has to do it himself. Gyozen vowed to destroy all the monsters as he ordered his crew to get the Gotengo prepared for launch.

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