I was told once that an angel's actual form is their wings, not the bodies they decorate with armor and such. I'm going to take on that train of thought, but I'm also going to follow the game and short animation where their bodies take wounds for them.

Hope you enjoy, and I don't own Diablo.

Chapter 1 - Lenedial

"Where is that missive?"

I was sifting through the books and envelopes within my dwelling that were sitting on my desk in a corner. My frustrated feelings literally changed the atmosphere, for the temperature around me was raised a few degrees. I threw books aside and nearly ripped a few pages here and there when I lifted up a letter in my hands. It floated above my palms as I opened it. This was the one, and I had to deliver it quickly. I was supposed to deliver this letter TODAY. I really didn't want to see disappointment on Lady Auriel's face, even if she very rarely showed it.

My tall form practically flew out of my quarters with my wings slightly lifting behind me. I have to make haste to the Pools of Wisdom, the abode under Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom.

I am the angel Lenedial, a female angel under the guidance of Hope. But I am also under a sub-class of angels, which can be classified as an Angel of Benevolence. But, I can see myself as more of an "Angel of Deliverance" than anything. Not just because of my duty as a courier. It's since I feel that others should get what they deserve.

My Cord of Hope that was wrapped around my neck flew freely behind me as it hit the wind. It was not as grand as Lady Auriel's Al'maiesh, as every angel under her guidance had one. There were the occasional angel here and there that I saw without, but I suppose they were more guards than disciples. And there were rare male disciples, as most followed the Archangel of Valor.

I flew over the Silver City until I arrived at the entrance to the abode of Wisdom. It stands as a tall white and golden building, similar to any building but grander in structure. It towered above the Heavens like the other Archangel abodes did, however inside of its grand arch it appeared darker inside, like an ominous cavern. I drifted through the arc's entrance into the building.

This place never ceased to fascinate me for some reason. It was grand and spiritual, but still held the atmosphere of a cavern. Inside of this room were many large pools that radiated turquoise luminescence. The lights in this place were dim, making water reflections on the walls and ceiling. And many researchers gathered around these pools to seek further knowledge. But I think that these pools are a mystery within themselves.

They say that the Archangel of Wisdom does not gather his source of information from mere books and scrolls like the scholars of Fate do. Rather, he keeps a chalice that collects all of the emotions occurring throughout the worlds and sates his curiosity. These pools are for those who share his hunger for knowledge to collect information. I think this is how he gets so much Wisdom.

I looked around, uncertain as to where to bring this to. I have been here before, but not as a messenger. So I searched for someone to guide me.

I spotted someone and quickly flew over to him. The angel looked up and, surprisingly, started to shy away from me. Why did he back away? "Wait! I only want to—"

He started to make his way towards the far left, where there happened to be shelves and piles of books. So there were actually books here. But now's not the time to dwell on that.

I dashed forward and grabbed his arm. "Please help me, I just—"

Suddenly he stopped and I flew into him, causing him to stumble and me to cling to him for balance. As I caught my breath, I took my time to observe the angel.

He wore a dark hood and matching dark robes with bindings. He also has a leather chest piece, with straps encircling his waist and diaphragm. But he does not have a trace of plate or mail armor on him, like most angels do. Even I have some, like my chest piece that looks similar to Auriel's but with a high collar. How odd, he must not leave this place much. His wings are also plain white while twitching uncomfortably behind him.

I suddenly realized that I was staring and attempted to look away. He himself is directing his gaze from me, and I can feel emotions of discomfort and another thing. Embarrassment?

Now that I have his attention, I sifted through my belongings and brought out the letter. I held it up for him to see. "Can you see that this letter be delivered to its recipient? I don't know my way around here too well."

"..." He took it from me with his left since I had his right in my grasp. Self consciously I retrieved my hand, allowing him to lower it again at his side. He scanned the contents silently before giving me an answer. A nod was the only thing I received in return.

I cocked my head slightly. He was an odd sort, but I can't say that he's all that scary, like all those rumors about Malthael transferring to his pupils.

Since he was waiting for me to finish my business here, I thanked him while backing away. He nodded at my thanks and finally returned to his duties, not even saying a word of farewell as he did. I do not mind. I have some spare time in my day now, for that was the only deadline that I needed returned today. I stepped out into the light of day once again.

I looked up at the sky. It was the middle of the day, for the sun was at its highest and would only lower throughout the rest. They say that the sun never goes down here, but the sunset dims and brightens ever so often.

I flew back home in solitude, for that was usually how I spent my days. No acquaintances to meet, no socialites to pass time with. But it is as it should be. Half a day to oneself can do wonders to calm the mind. Well, this is what would usually happen, but I have to meet with Lady Auriel first. I hear that she's departing on an errand.

I reached the Gardens of Hope and touched down to the main terrace. It was a wide area, with stone tiles and undergrowth trying to thrive under them. It looked the same as any garden terrace, only bigger. I spotted the Archangel surrounded by her tenants and marched forward to join the gathering.

"Where are you off to, Auriel?" one angel asked.

"I've been called to Pandemonium to assist in the war effort. Many soldiers are wounded and need my assistance and are slowly losing to despair. Even if the enemy has won one skirmish, we still have hope to recover. But we need to fall back to Heaven first and reorganize." As she finished speaking, she spotted me and smiled. "Lenedial! I have one favor to ask of you."

I stood at attention before her, giving her my whole attention.

A missive was held out to me. "Would you deliver this to Itherael? I would be much obliged. It is not of importance, however... Deal with it whenever you please."

I nodded and accepted it, storing it for safekeeping. As the mob dispersed, so did I. It was getting late in the day, and I would tell Itherael the next day of my successful delivery anyways. I decided to return home.

I hovered over my abode now and drifted down until my high-heeled feet touched the ground. The grass here is a bright silver and shifted as does light reflecting upon a surface, not like the organic grass that resided in Sanctuary. I walked over to the doorway and stepped inside, closing the metal door behind me. I made way to my desk to recline in my seat and pore over the many documents I have to occupy myself, as is how I entertained myself over the years. It is a long life as an angel, so it is no wonder that we risk our lives in battle so often.

I reclined in my chair. Looking behind me, the sun was almost set already. How the days pass by.

A loud noise came from outside.

I looked around wildly for the source before actually getting up to look out the window. Behind my desk was a huge one that was the length of a person's full arm span. Being a large window, I could see most of the yard if I peeked my head out. I could see no disturbance, so, thinking it to be nothing, I retreated my head back inside.

I was about to sit again when I heard another thump... and a groan. This was not just imagination.

I went over to one of my shelves and reached in to retrieve a bow. It was my main weapon, as I cannot wield a cord like Auriel can. It had no string, but any would know it wasn't just a decoration because of how used it looked. The silver along the handle of the white wood was scorched and stained from a sort of energy or fire. Yes, this will be my weapon for many days to come.

I stepped outside and warily approached the side of the house. I could feel the chill of night setting in previous to the setting of the sun. I shivered. Even angels are sensitive toward climate.

The sun still illuminated the night ever so slightly. Anyone could see perfectly fine this time of day even if the dark was setting in, but some things made your eyes wonder.

A screech sounded out right next to me and made a shiver run up my spine as I jumped. I looked over to see... Soulless eyes.

I spun around and raised my bow. Instantaneously several blue shots directed at it had hit their mark. Whatever the dark creature was screeched in pain... But it did not die. I gritted my teeth. I wish I had enhanced my fighting skills back in the day, I bet it was only half dead.

I circled on the spot. Where had it gone? If it was a demon, I had to make sure it was eradicated. And if it wasn't... then it would meet the same fate. As long as it wasn't an angel.

Another screech made me twirl to face the direction, which was right behind me. It flew right at my hood! I struggled to get it off, but it kept clinging. Finally, after much struggle, I threw it away from me and shot twice. With one last screech, it faded away into ash.

I breathed deeply and evaluated what the creature had done. The front of my hood was all scratched up and mangled, but my face was fine except for one cut across my cheek. I touched it and could feel a small amount of essence leaking out. I reached for my cord and pressed the cloth to my cheek so that it may heal up. But I can't go back inside yet, there may still be more.

I went back to my night investigation and walked alongside the walls. Soon I wasn't at my yard anymore and roamed the gardens. They were still calming even in this situation, but I could still feel nervous and wary.

I stopped next to a pool and stared into its depths for a moment, afraid something would jump out at me.

"Augh! Ha!"

I nearly fell into the pond because of how frightened I was. I looked around. That was the voice of... an angel! An angel struggling in a fight! I have to help him!

I followed the sound of the voice. He could not be far, even if the sound if his voice carried well.

I soon got close to the source of the skirmish, for I could hear the battle taking place. A whack. A screech. Followed by a grunt from the angel. I hurried and turned the corner to arrive in a clearing.

"HuAH! Ha! Huff..." The angel was wielding a spear and delivered a blow to several of the monsters, which I could see now were shadow vermin. One clung to his right arm while the other clawed at his back. For some reason he only tried to shoulder them off... Was he weakened? Distracted? There were over ten of them.

I took a step forward when he released a massive blow, causing those in front to die instantly. Now those left were the two that were on him, and he was still struggling to get them off. I raised my bow and shot at them. The one on his shoulder fell and dissolved into ash, but the one on his back remained stubborn. At the same time my arrow shot at it, he raised his own weapon and made a wild stab at it. Both collided, and it was no more.

Now to assess the stranger.