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Chapter 34 - Unfortunate Happenings

Kyriael marched towards the medic tents. She would fly at full speed—she truly wished to—but instead she kept at a normal pace. Well, normal enough not to cause everyone else distress.

Word had spread that one of her squad mates had fallen in battle. She had wondered where he was while the tides of war had dimmed, and she had even looked for him. Heck, she was worried that he even died during the last invasion. But the news had emerged that he was here, alive, but recovering from critical condition. Her footsteps became ever so faster when she saw the particular tent she was looking for.


The tent flaps waved their white flags in surrender to her sweeping arms. The female warrior found herself pausing when she stared beyond the boundary.

There was a prominent bed in the corner, and a familiar angel laid upon it. She recognized those signature wings anywhere. Before she knew it, her lack of composure allowed the word to spill forth from her lips.


"Mmm?" His head turned to face the intruder.

"Milady, you cannot just barge into a patient's tent!" the medic angel at his side fussed, standing up from her seat.

Recalling her stature, Kyriael immediately bowed low to the tent's occupants. "I apologize sincerely. I was merely concerned for my fallen comrade, so I came as soon as I heard. Although, I'm afraid that I'm late…"

"..." Ethaniel, seeing this, slowly sat up.

"Sir Ethaniel, please refrain from—"

He held up a hand. "It is fine, Milady. At ease."

The medic angel ascended, and so he was able to sit up in peace. He looked between the two, then, to the medic angel, said, "May I speak with my comrade in private?"

"Very well…" They were hesitant, but they conceded.

"Have a seat."

Kyriael was hesitant to take a seat after the other angel was forced to take their leave, but she didn't have the heart to refuse his courtesy. So, she did so, placing her hands on her lap. "How are you feeling?"

Her gaze trained itself upon the bandages on his chest. They were tightly bound, no doubt to hide a grievous wound underneath. Her invisible lips pursed. She should have been there. Whatever had done this must have been a fearsome enemy. Kyriael was strong. She could have taken them. But the fact of the matter was that she wasn't there, and it caused this to happen. The grip on her knees grew tighter.

"My condition is stable now. They say I'll be able to move around in a few days. But I am to avoid fighting for longer than that, so I will be unable to assist you in battle for quite some time."

"I see… Don't worry about that. Just focus on recovering."

He nodded. "And you? How are your efforts?"

"I'm alright. I did get a trampled wing tendril here and there, but nothing that will scar me for life." A wry smile crosses her lips. Her accursed, long wings. They got in the way in a crowded battlefield, but she would manage.

This caused a small chuckle from him. "I see. I am glad to see you have recovered. You've always been a diligent warrior, Kyriael, so continue to work hard."

She nodded, but saddened again. She couldn't help but keep starting at his chest. "If I may, Ethaniel… What did this to you?"

His head turned away. "It's regrettable to say, but I was careless. I passed by a space between two tents. The demons were fleeing in the direction of the sector I was in, so I had to rendezvous with the others. But I saw a female angel standing between the tents. I called out to her, told her to run. There was a flash from some kind of floating orb at her side." His hand reached up and placed itself over his chest. "It was a laser. Shot right through my chest, and she walked all over me. Everything went black…"

Kyriael's grip tightened even more. Her voice was dark and had an edge to it. "What did she look like?"

"Kyriael, it is a lost cause now. Do not fret over it."

"But… But I can't just sit here and do nothing!"

The injured man let out a sigh. "You will learn that sometimes things will happen in our lives that, no matter how long a time we have to spend, we will never achieve certain things. It was a demon in disguise. There are billions of the fiends. Let it go."

"..." Her gaze bore holes into her knees, until at last she raised her head to face him. "I… I will find her. But you don't have to worry about me. You said it yourself. I'm strong. I'll be fine."

He sighed again, a hand mushing into his face. "There's no way I can convince you not to, is there."

"Well, it's not like I will be trying too hard," she eased, "but I will keep an eye out in the battlefield."

"Alright. Don't disappoint me, then, comrade."

Kyriael beamed. She always did her best to look after her comrades, and now would be no different. "I won't!"

Andarius found himself standing outside of the famed Archangel of Valor's tent. Even if he had words to convey, he was at a loss of what to say. How could he not be when he was about to face a usually angry beast? But, his friend was in there, so he had no choice but to check on her.

The man stepped up to the guards and looked at both of them. Immediately their spears crossed and barred the way. Predictable. He fished in his satchel and showed them a seal along with a letter. Even not knowing their faces he could see their evident surprise. Spears withdrew and the way was then clear.

The mute angel parted the tent flaps and paused, nearly dropping his scroll. If he had a voice, he would have gasped.

Inside, Lenedial was curled up on Imperius's lap, her wings lightly bobbing in the air showing she was sleeping. Imperius had a hand on her back keeping her steady. The Archangel seemed content with their position, but now there came a different position: sight contact.

"You—How did you—GUA—" Imperius was about to cry out for the guards, then froze. His mighty vocal cords would wake Lenedial if he tried. He settled for glaring at the intruder, his wings pillars of raging flame. His arms almost seemed to encircle her tighter now.

An explanation was in order. Andarius whipped out his scroll. "I came to check upon Lenedial by decree of Archangel Itherael, although her recovery seems to be going… smoothly." His pen had faltered at "smoothly." He didn't know how else to describe it. She looked healthy at least. And Imperius, though concerning as far as his temper, was reliable to be around… right? No one could protect her better if demons attacked.

"Yes, in fact, it is!" Valor hissed, albeit at a whisper. He clutched the woman protectively in his arms.

Andarius nodded. He stepped closer and checked her back. His pen moved. "No one has made attempts at her life?"

"No," the warrior replied gruffly. "No one would dare."

Andarius nodded again, satisfied. "Very well. I will take my leave then, and return upon the morrow."

"Hmph. Fine. See to it then."

The scribe nodded and moved to take his leave, his scroll tucked under his arm. However, before he left, he turned around and did a low bow.

Imperius waved him off with a free hand. "Yes, yes," he grumbled.

Andarius left Valor's tent and turned to leave, but not before returning to the errand at hand. He moved to a nearby alleyway (or at least a space between tents) and came to a stop. There, in the aforementioned spot, was an angel, tied and gagged, with two guards looming over their prisoner. The mute angel eyed the pathetic captive. It was a corrupted angel, far from his flock.

The guards stood at attention when he arrived. "Shall we take him away, sir?"

Andarius reached behind himself, making sure his letter opener was securely tucked in his belt. After discovering it was, he nodded to the men and marched with them in tow.

There was work to be done.

Archangel Auriel met with Itherael while on break from her strenuous duties. There were so many patients who were finally recovered from the last battle, but the task left her exhausted. She had to lean against Itherael for support.

"Take it slow," Itherael murmured, helping her to sit down.

"I think my wings are cramping," the woman groaned. Within the confines of her own private quarters, she could let her guard down and show her vulnerabilities. Itherael knew this very well, so she allowed him at her side in her time of need.

Itherael still remained standing, watching as she made herself comfortable. He did not make to sit. He just wanted to make sure she would be alright. When satisfied, he would give her some privacy. After all, he did not wish to misinterpret her desiring his company if she wanted to rest. Resting needed peace and quiet.

The lady raised her gaze to her savior. "Why don't you sit, Itherael? We are not strangers."

"I do not mean to impose, Auriel."

"I feel more at ease with you here."

And so he sat.

Tendrils of violet and gray trailed behind the two Archangels. Auriel remained in her seat and listened to the sounds of the encampment. It was a series of frequencies they heard every day. The sounds of attempted order, sounds of battle preparations, sounds of grievances. It was this dreadful war. A war that would never end. Why couldn't there ever be laughter? Love? Joyous camaraderie? When would they ever be able to relax again? Was this conflict truly endless? Couldn't there be more times where she just sat with Itherael like this, just enjoying each others' company?

"What is wrong, Auriel?"

She glanced at her companion. There she goes again, worrying him like this. She offered a smile. Not for him, as he couldn't see it anyways, but for herself. Now wasn't the time to be thinking of such things. "It's nothing, Itherael. Just the mind wandering." Her head turned, gazing at the tent flaps to the outside world. Why did she think like this, anyways? Was she not Hope? Shouldn't she be the one leading everyone towards their brighter future? Was she starting to fail in her role? Did she lose sight of it?

Warmth touched her hand. Surprised, she turned again. Itherael had placed his hand over hers, but his gaze, too, was straight ahead. He offered no words. He didn't have to say anything. After all, things like that weren't worth fretting about. He showed her that even if things were fruitless, it wasn't worth it to give up either. So, they sat in silence, comforted by the fact that they were here, safe, and able to enjoy the warmth… The warmth they shared together.

Serenity wandered the encampment and sighed. Yet again she wondered why she was here. It was through a series of whims that she found herself here in this place. But it wasn't meant for a dainty maiden such as her. And she knew the basics of first aid, but she wasn't qualified to treat a majority of the patients who found themselves in the medical sector. Her heels often got caught on a pebble in the road here and there, a further testament to her not belonging. She needed more of a reason. No… it would be more like an excuse.

Images of a tall tower with the glowing sunset in the sky flashed in her mind. It was made of glossy stone, white vines trailing up the walls, and a few windows to gaze out unto the world. It was her prison, but also her home. It was where she could hide from all the condescending comments of her nature as a clairvoyant. But she found someone like her, and clung to that thought that she could follow in their steps. It was a foolish line of thinking. No one could proceed like that forever. She had work to do back home, and all she was doing was, well… wandering.

Her heel hit another stone, sending her stumbling unto the dust and dirt. She should have just glided above the ground with her wings, but she was just so distracted with her thoughts. As she was about to pick herself back up, she raised her head and froze in her tracks.

There, in front of her prone form, was a female angel looming over her. In her hands was a handful of flowers. Details of thorny vines trailed up her gauntlets and angelic cords signifying her status as an angel of hope. A long braid emerged from her hood and trailed past her breastplate, and designs of wings projected from either side of the hood. Her appearance, with white robes signifying that of innocence and purity, transitioned into the motifs of sharp thorns and claws on her gauntlets and sabatons.

As for what she held in her hands… It was a bouquet of roses. Serenity's veiled eyes widened. They weren't a perfect replica like the silver flowers within the heavens… They were real roses. The petals were a luscious red, and the leaves and thorns a tempting healthy green. She had only seen pictures, but nothing ever so bold in color. She could never foresee anything like this.

Before Serenity could react, the woman outstretched her arms and offered the bouquet to her. Numbly, and careful of the thorns and claws, she had no choice but to take it. It felt odd to hold such a strange small organic bundle in a barren place like this. But the green of the leaves matched the emerald of Serenity's dress, and the the red contrasted elegantly. So, she took it, but she had a multitude of questions.

"Who… Who are you?" Serenity asked the figure.

The woman straightened her posture, then curtsied. Was it a trick of the light? When the angel lifted her skirt, Serenity thought it turned a pale shade of pink, but it went back to being white. It was definitely odd to Serenity, but perhaps it was just the material. "My name is Perenelle, and I saw you fall upon the ground."

Serenity looked down at the flowers she held, then back up at the woman. "And… these flowers? Where did you-"

Perenelle held a finger up to her hidden lips, then lowered it. "You seemed in need of something, so I sought to give it to you." The woman curtsied again. "I hope you take care of it."

"Al...right," Serenity mumbled, confused. But she did as the woman said and clutched the bouquet in her arms, careful not to snag the thorns. Finally, the angel of Fate came to a stand. However, she had nothing else to say, so she watched as the other woman curtsied, then walked away. Serenity looked down at the flowers in her arms, then held them up and took in the smell. They were definitely real, even if she's never experienced anything like real flowers.

Just… who was that angel?

Malthael sat stewing in his tent. This time he was at his table with many notes strewn about. It was a disorganized mess and would bother any other angel who saw it, but it suited him just fine. He stared at his notes, at the fruits of all his labors.

He had been informed that there was a strange angelic figure sighted during the battle days ago, and it had intrigued him. So, the Archangel of Wisdom looked into it, and the results were… intriguing. His thoughts momentarily drifted to earlier that day.

Malthael sat in an occupied tent in the medical sector. It was here that an Angel of Valor had some peculiar testimony regarding an odd angel he encountered.

"It was a feminine figure," Ethaniel recounted. "I couldn't see their armor clearly, but she had a floating orb at her side, and it was definitely demonic in nature."

"Describe how the orb did this," Wisdom quipped lowly. His pen still moved at a speed incomprehensible to most beings.

"It appeared to fire a beam, sir," he murmured. "It was of pure flame, and it went right through my chest."

Malthael paused and looked up. "A beam…"

"Yes, that's right, sir. It shot in a straight line."

"This figure. Her voice."

"Ah, that… It sounded like any of us, sir. As smooth as silk."

Malthael snapped out of his thoughts. Corrupted angels still retain smooth speech patterns, but a demon is like a snake, with their words laced with silver and an air of confidence.

He looked at the pages in front of himself. There were illustrations of various demons of different types, though they had one thing in common. His hand moved forward and lifted one page in particular.

You thought you could evade me? he mused. He put down the sheet of paper. But, what could this mean? Were they sending him a message?

Wisdom suddenly began to experience a migraine. He growled and sat back, rubbing his temple with his taloned fingers. This wouldn't do at all; he was just confusing himself at this point! His investigation will have to be put on hold.

"I will find you," he declared. And no one would ever desire to be hunted by the Archangel of Wisdom.

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