This is my first time writing for Hetalia! I am a big fan of USUK/UKUS (please don't comment about my OTP) I hope you enjoy! Set before the American Revolution.

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1st Quote - "I'm so proud of you."

"America! I'm home!" England called as he closed the door behind him. After a long day of having his boss yell at him about managing his empire, it was nice to come home to the one thing he knew would comfort him.

"You're home, Engwand!" A little boy squealed as he ran from around the corner. The boy's cowlick bounced as his little feet padded across the warm wood floor. The boy jumped with great exuberance into the brit's open arms. The boy's bright blue eyes met the man's emerald green eyes. Immediately, Arthur felt all of the stress of work and anxiety lift off his shoulders. Smiling warmly at the boy, he took the boy into the kitchen, carelessly throwing his coat and bag on the love seat.

"What did you do while I was gone today, America?" Arthur inquired. He set down the small nation at the kitchen table and put on the kettle for some well deserved tea. Alfred beamed and started to ramble on about everything he did.

"Well, today I spent time playing with the toys you made me and then I went to play with some buffalo and-" Arthur nearly dropped the tea kettle in his hands when he heard his 'son' was playing with the temperamental beasts. Frowning slightly, he prepared his tea, brewing slightly like his tea. When the tea was ready he sat down and poured America a cup of tea too, however the boy didn't touch the hot leaf water. "And then France came over and we-"

England choked on his tea, sputtering slightly. Concerned the little American jumped from his seat and ran over to his 'father' and started pounding him on his back. Arthur felt Alfred's small hand more beat him on the back than pat him and he winced slightly. Finally his wheezing subsided and he grimaced.

"What did that frog do to you?" He rubbed his back, and took a swig of his flavored water again. Alfred immediately blinked several times. He cocked his head to the side, curious why England hissed France's name like a curse.

"Um... we played hopscotch and colored..." Alfred said innocently.

"Anything else?" England almost growled. If that nasty frog had done anything to poor America, he would-

"Nope! I mostly colored! France wanted to take a bath with me but told him I'd only take baths with you!" America smiled big. England's mouth fell partial open, his tea hovering just before his lips as he just stared at his 'son's' innocent smile. Alfred grinned and ran off into the next room, coming back with several sheets of paper covered with colored wax.

"This is what I drew!" he said proudly. he pushed the sheets of paper before England, almost knocking over his tea cup and Arthur bent over the childish drawings.

The first was of two stick figures with a house. One was shorter than the other. The shorter of the two had a head of haystack blonde hair with a distinctive cowlick curling up from the otherwise neat hair. The taller of the two figures had spiky blond hair and two thick lines which were turned down to make the figure scowling at a third figure with long wavy blonde hair. The small figure was watching and laughing at the two taller figures fight, their stick arms waving at each other. Words were written around the spiky haired figure which made Arthur flinch. He'd have to stop cussing around the small nation, or else what kind of parent would he be, teaching his child such foul words.

"Uh... Alfred?" He smiled guiltily. "Let's not repeat those words you wrote on this picture alright?" Alfred cocked his head curiously but nodded his head anyways.

"And I have another one!" America pushed the first picture aside and presented the next drawing.

This time, the picture was of the Union Jack which Arthur smiled happily at, despite the fact that the white and the red lines were switched so that the white lines were on top of the red. He chuckled and ruffled his son's hair affectionately.

"Very well done, Alfred." Alfred beamed quickly flipped to the last drawing. This one intrigued England the most as it was only of Alfred and Arthur, presented in a way that resembled a comic strip.

In the first panel, two figures inside a house-like structure sipped tea together. One had a cowlick and glasses while the other was had bright green eyes, spiky and ridiculously thick eyebrows.

The next one showed the figure with the cowlick running from the house. The figure looked partially upset but also happy to free. The other figure with thick eyebrows was looking on with a mouth that was turned down and a blue tear leaked from one of the green eyes.

Finally, in the last panel, the figure with the cowlick came back, now bigger than the figure with green eyes. He was hugging the other while another strange foreign flag flapped in the background. Slowly, England turned towards the smaller nation.

"America... Alfred... What does this mean?" Arthur asked slowly.

"I don't know, it was just a dream I had," Alfred shrugged, but he watched Arthur carefully. Somehow, the boy's eyes seemed to hold wisdom that seemed beyond his years but Arthur didn't think anything of it at the time.

"I drew one more." Alfred pulled a fourth paper from behind his back and placed it in Arthur's open hand. Arthur pulled it before his eyes and immediately blushed.

"A-alfred... W-what...?" Arthur stuttered, trying to get himself from blushing.

"See? It's you and me! We're reading and sleeping together!" Alfred pointed at the two figures, their heads only visible, their bodies covered by the covers.


"Y-you don't like it?" America's eyes filled with tears. Immediately, Arthur reeled and took the small boy in his arms, still trying, and failing, to cool his hot cheeks.

"N-no it's a lovely picture... I'm so proud of you..." He patted the boy's back reassuringly and wiped the boy's tears. "You were quite busy today!" Alfred smiled through his disappearing tears and hugged England around the neck with his tiny arms, being unusually gentle with the older nation.

"I love you, Engwand!" The boy whispered and Arthur couldn't help but to smile.

"I- I love you too, America."

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