A.N. River Song is not the same as in the canon, I love her character and the whole relationship that she has with the Doctor, but for my story to work I had to change her storyline, I couldn't quite get rid of her though lol.

Anyway, I am a huge Doctor Who fan and I wanted to write a crossover that puts both HP and Doctor Who how I would want it to go. Hope you enjoy, this was going to be a one shot but it just carried on developing so its going to be a two or three chapter story.

Harry sat swinging himself lightly on the swing in the play park he had found while walking aimlessly around the village, it was familiar enough to the one by Private Drive where he had spent so much of him time growing up that he had automatically made his way to the swings and sat down.

Everyone was driving him mad and he had needed to get away. He was feeling beyond suffocated and trapped, the only times he really got any peace and quiet at all was when he was alone in the small cottage he had bought for himself in a quiet village that reminded him a little of Godric's Hollow. But even then it was fire calls and piles of owls from everyone and their wife.

Everyone wanted a piece of him, everyone had a demand of him and what they thought he should be doing, even those closest to him. He had just died for Merlin sake, but apparently for the wizarding world that wasn't enough, no they wanted more. After all this time, finally having the blade removed from where it was dangling over his head since before he was born he should be free for the first time in his life. But no.

Kingsley expected him to help rebuild the Ministry and help in the recovery of the Wizarding world, McGonagall expected him to return to Hogwarts and to help rebuild it and then to attend for his last year to get his NEWT's and prove Hogwarts was safe, Ron expected him to join the auror training for which they had already had letters, Hermione wanted him to write down everything he could ever remember so she could start putting together a book on their lives, Ginny and the Weasley's expected Harry to propose to Ginny, marry her and start a family with her.

He was getting daily owls with requests for interviews, different brands asking to bear his name, agents were getting in contact and making offers. The final straw that had sent him running had been when Ginny had released an interview on what it was like to be the soul mate and future Mrs Potter for the boy who lived twice, and the blow out when Harry had shown up at the Malfoy trial to speak for them. That had been the nail in the coffin for him and Ginny and the thing that had convinced him to stop doing what everyone thought was what he should be doing, especially when Ginny hadn't been able to understand why he was so upset that she had betrayed his confidence and sold his privacy like that.

So he had had the wards finished around his new home quickly and he had run, not even telling Hermione and Ron where he was, no matter their nagging when he did vencher into the wizarding world. Only Andromeda and George knew where he was, George himself coming to hide out in the spare room of Harry's house himself half the time.

"Well, you look like someone who is hiding," The voice startled him slightly and he looked up to meet the eyes of someone who wouldn't look out of place in a lecture theatre if not for his age. He was wearing a pair of black boots, fitting black trousers, a white and red patterned button up shirt with a red bow tie, braces and a brown tweed jacket. He felt a smile twitching his lips as he looked the man boots back to eyes.

"Takes one to know one I suppose," Harry offered back getting a smile from the man.

"You're good," he nodded enthusiastically.

"Not really, just recognise a fellow hiding soul when I see one," Harry shrugged swinging his legs back and forth a little.

"Ah very observant of you. So what are you hiding from?" The man sat down on the other swing and looking expectantly at Harry.

"People, expectations I don't want and never asked for. You?" Harry answered honestly.

"People, things that are going to happen that I don't want to," The man frowned a little.

"What things?" Harry asked curiously.

"I…travel with a couple, I pick them up from their home and we go on adventures. But they're pulling away, they need to live their own life, together…." The man trailed off staring at his feet glumly.

"But you don't want to be left alone," Harry summed up for him.

"You are good," the man smiled but it was weaker than before.

"They're still your friends though, right?" Harry frowned.

"It won't be the same though, and I'm not sure that I have a place in their lives anymore when they decide to stop travelling with me," The man sighed.

"I don't know you or your friends, but it sounds like you have done a lot together. Maybe you won't have the same place in their lives, but if you care for them and they for you, maybe you can have a different part in their lives," Harry suggested softly. Stunned hazely green eyes blinked at him.

"I never thought about it like that," the man admitted quietly. "I'm not sure if I know how to be anything else in someone's life," he frowned.

"Then you learn," Harry grinned. "No relationship of any kind just is, we have to work at it to make it the way we want it to be,"

"Learn, I'm good at learning," The man grinned back brightly making Harry chuckle. "So what about you, what expectations are you hiding from?"

"My best friend's family think I should marry his sister who I went out with for a couple of months, everyone wants something from me, and none of it is what I want," Harry sighed slumping a little.

"Have you told them?" The man frowned a little.

"Till I'm blue in the face," Harry smiled grimly.

"And they won't listen?"

"No, they all want something from me, and none of them really seem to care about what I might want,"

"And what do you want?" The man asked curiously.

"No idea. I've had…a destiny I suppose, a set path that I had to see through until last month. Now, I'm free. I have no idea what I want to do, but I want the chance to figure it out, I want to be able to decide what it is that I want to do with my life. I want to be able to live it," Harry rambled a small smile forming.

"That sounds fair to me," The man said softly.

"Not sure it will ever happen," Harry smiled sadly.

"Why not? Make it happen?"

"You make it sound so simple,"

"Isn't it?"

"Not in this situation, there are a lot of people with expectation on me, I can't escape them all," Harry shrugged as he stood. "It was nice meeting you,"

"You didn't tell me your name," the man said standing himself.

"So I didn't," Harry grinned turning for one last look at the unusual man before leaving the play park. He needed to get back to the house, George was likely to turn up in the next hour drunk after another of Molly's 'family' suppers.

"I'm not sure the being something else in their lives thing will work," The man grunted as he dropped into the swing beside Harry.

"What happened?" Harry asked curiously, choosing to ignore the fact that it had been a week since they had seen each other that first time and the man had just come to sit beside him as though they did this every evening.

"I showed up with a chicken and mushroom pie and said that I thought we could have supper together. They looked at me as though I had seven head, ten bodies and one eye," The man said a little mournfully.

"That's…an interesting image. Did you have supper?"

"No, I apparently can't cook very well, the pie was burnt," The man was definitely pouting a little.

"Well…its something you need to work at, its not just going to happen after one go. But maybe you should take a take away or something?"

"More than one go," the man nodded perking up a little. "How about you, come up with something you want to do with your life? Or a way to get everyone off your back?"

"I've thought about travelling. I mean I can't right now, I'm still needed here, but I'd like to see different countries, get away from here and see something different," Harry smiled as he thought about some of the research he had done into different countries.

"Why can't you go now?" The man asked.

"I have people that need me here, things that they need help with. And my godson needs me right now, he's just been made an orphan, he and his grandmother need me around," Harry shook his head.

"It sounds like you are being sucked into those expectations," The man said softly, his hazely green eyes piercing as Harry met them. Grimacing he laughed a little emptily.

"I'm a chain of my own making,"

"Maybe you just need the right key to unlock you,"

"Not sure there is one. I struggle to say no, especially to my friends and the people I care about,"

"It doesn't sound like they are very good to you," The man frowned.

"Ever had someone who thinks that you should be a certain way, and they honestly think that that is who you are so they don't actually look or think that you are any different?"

"A few times yes. But I can tell you, it's a very lonely path to walk,"

"I know that already, I'm just not sure that it isn't too late to get off of," Harry sighed swinging to his feet.

"Are you going to tell me your name?" the man asked before he could get a few steps away, turning Harry tilted his head as he took the man in, the hazely green eyes burning with curiosity.

"No," he shook his head.

"Why?" The man whined.

"Because it does people good not to know everything all the time," Harry laughed backing away. "Besides you could be some psycho stalker,"

"I'm not I promise!"

"Said the spider to the fly,"

"Will you tell me?" The man pouted.


"See you soon!" Harry just waved over his shoulder as he carried on out of the park.

"Its been a month," Harry greeted sitting down on the swing.

"Missed me?" The man grinned from his own.

"I wondered if you had been caught doing your psycho stalker thing and arrested trying to kill someone," Harry teased.

"Well if food poisoning counts," The man grimaced.

"You didn't," Harry covered his mouth to keep the laughter in.

"I thought I would have one more go, see how it went. They wouldn't speak to me for three weeks," The man nodded.

"Oh dear. Put a little bit of a bump in the plan then," Harry said sympathetically.

"Just a little. Not sure its going to work," The man shrugged. "They're pulling away more and more,"

"Have you thought about telling them what you are trying to do?" Harry suggested.

"If I do that then they'll protest that they aren't pulling away and try and stick around more and for longer when they don't want to," He shook his head.

"Maybe they are worried that when they decide to stop travelling with you you won't want to take a different part in their lives,"

"I…I never thought about it that way," the man frowned.

"If you care for them a lot, then I'm sure they care a lot back. They could be as scared of losing you as you are of losing them," Harry pointed out.

"You look tired," The man noted concerned, also highlighting the end of their talk of him.

"My friend, he lost his twin brother three months ago, murdered. He stays at my house a fair bit, but he has nightmares, bad ones," Harry confessed.

"You look after him?"

"He's started drinking quite heavily, I'm not sure what I can do to help except sit there with him. Not sure that's helping really,"

"I'm sure it's a support to him knowing that you're there. There's nothing worse than being alone after you have lost someone," The man sighed.

"Have you lost someone?" Harry asked before he could stop himself.

"Too many people, some die, some leave me, some forget about me, but every one of them breaks my heart," the man said quietly. Harry reached out and covered the man's hand with his own without thinking, but then when the man's slender fingers closed around his own he didn't feel the urge to pull away, instead he allowed their hands to drop between them.

"I've lost too many people, all of them taken from me before their time, or before I could really get to know them. Just enough time for them to leave a new hole,"

"You're so young to have lost a lot of people," The man's voice wasn't accusing, just curious.

"I could say the same for you. Loss doesn't know age I guess," Harry shrugged before grimacing when his phone rang. Looking at the man apologetically he pulled it out with his free hand and answered it. "Yes…no…sort of…ok, no alright I'll be right over," Sighing he closed his phone.

"Expectations?" The man asked.

"Expectations," Harry nodded standing as the man released his hand. He reached the gate before he turned back. "Be here, tomorrow at five," he called before jugging away.

"I am here, as you demanded," The man grinned as Harry walked over to him.

"Ah, a psycho stalker that follows demands, good to know," Harry quipped before holding out the pot in his hands. "Here you go,"

"What's this?" The man asked curiously taking the pot anyway.

"Cottage pie, with the cheese melted on top. You just need to pop it into the oven on a low heat for twenty minutes," Harry told him as he claimed his swing.

"You cooked this?" The man blinked.

"Yup, no food poison risks I promise. You seemed to want to take a home cooked meal, so I thought I would make you one to take with you,"

"Why?"the man asked stunned.

"Because you are trying hard and…well…I wanted to help you," Harry shrugged suddenly feeling self conscious.

"Thank you…this is amazing," The man beamed at him brightly, hugging the pot to his chest.

"You're welcome, but you had better go before it spoils, don't worry about the pot," Harry blushed a little. He blinked when the man jumped off his swing and kissed Harry firmly on the mouth before running off excitedly, leaving Harry sitting blinking after him.

"A little late isn't it?" The now familiar voice had Harry jumping out of his skin as his heart thudded painfully in his chest at a frantic beat.

"Holy fuc….I know I joke about you being a psycho stalker but for the love of Merlin don't sneak up on people like that!" Harry choked resting his hand over his heart as he tried to get his breathing back to normal.

"Sorry," The man grinned not looking at all so. Dropping down onto the grass beside Harry he took the same lying down position Harry had been in before his attempted heart attack. "What are you doing?"

"Picking strawberries," Harry grumbled flopping down again.

"Oo someone's grumpy,"

"Because someone tried to give me a heart attack!"

"You know, we can't both be someone, you should tell me your name," The man said seriously, turning to look at Harry lying beside him making Harry do the same, but he was grinning.




"Just your first name?"


"I'll have to make one up for you then!"

"Still not telling you!"






"What! No!" Harry was laughing hard enough he had a stitch, his green eyes practically glowing in the darkness as they watched the man put on a mock thoughtful face, complete with finger against the chin and everything.


"So close and yet so far,"


"Warmer," Harry gave.

"Warmer…warmer…your name begins with a H?"


"Hmm…H…H…H…H…Heathcliff!" The man declared seriously, smiling when Harry burst out laughing.


"Shame, I like that book. Hmm….H…H…H…Henry,"



"Like from Norse mythology? No!"

"You know your Norse mythology, very impressive,"

"I have my moments," Harry grinned cheekily.

"Hector, good strong name Hector,"

"But not mine,"


"What? No," Harry was laughing again.

"That would have been a little cruel of your parents….Hmm….H…H…Harry?" The man tried before grinning at the silence he got. "Is that it? Harry, you're Harry?! Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry…I have something to call you now besides Green eyes," The man said triumphantly.

"Green eyes?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well I had to refer to you as something, and swing man just sounded wrong, so I went with Green eyes, because your eyes are really green, like emeralds, and trust me I have seen emeralds!" The man grinned.

"Really? Where?" Harry asked.

"Somewhere…quite away from here. But they were amazing! Emeralds shining in the stone as far as your eyes could see, different shades glittering in the torch light, it was completely breath taking," As the man spoke a content smile formed on Harry's lips as he listened eagerly.

"You said you travel?"

"Yes," The man turned his head back to look at Harry.

"Tell me about some of the places you have visited?" Harry requested softly.

"I've been to some of the most amazing places, and met the most amazing people. I went to this one place in the forest where the people…."

Harry sat listening as the man told him about the amazing places he had visited, and it really did seem like he had visited so many places and he had so many stories. The sky was turning light and still the man was talking, telling Harry about all the different things he had seen, and Harry was lying facing him on his side listening eagerly to everything the man said, his voice was nearly hypnotising, he had a gorgeous voice that Harry could listen to for days on end, and Harry was able picture everything that he described.

And the man spoke with such enthusiasm and excitement about everything that Harry was sucked in, he heard about Amy and Rory, he was told about Donna and Martha and Rose. He gestured with his hands as he spoke, seemingly unable to stay still for too long, his arms and hands gesturing, he seemed full of endless energy.

"….then I managed to undo one of the knots but I fell right onto the fire. Honestly they didn't really know what to do with themselves luckily as they watched me rolling around trying to put myself out, not sure they had had anyone manage to escape before lucky for me," The man chuckled.

"If it weren't for the fact that I know when someone is lying I would think you made all that up," Harry shook his head.

"I live an eventful life. And you know when people are lying?" The man asked curiously.

"Eventful definitely seems to be the word for it," Harry chuckled. "And yes I know. Like I know you are leaving a pretty major element out from your stories, and TARDIS isn't quite the plane you have described, but I more than understand the need to keep some things quiet,"

"Very good, very very good, how do you do it?" The man asked eagerly.

"I don't know, just a skill that I have picked up along the way," Harry chuckled before letting out a jaw breaking yawn.

"I didn't realise the time…I have not stayed up this late, or early as the case may be talking for a long time," The man said sounding so shocked that Harry didn't laugh as he may have done.

"I don't think I have either," Harry smiled checking his watch, 7:00. "I should get going," He sighed stiffly levering himself to his feet and reaching his hand down to help the man to his feet as well.

"I'll see you soon," The man said, for the first time indicating that he would be coming back. Harry grinned as he started to make his way away from the man.

"I'll hold you to that,"

"You do know soon generally indicates a close amount of time, not two months," Harry said dryly when the man fell into step beside him as he was pushing Teddy through the village.

"I'm sorry its been a hectic few months, I was involved in a landslide and got chased up and down two mountains, I nearly broke a leg," The man provided. Harry ran a worried eye over him, but he seemed fine.

"You're ok?" Harry asked carrying on his stroll.

"Oh I'm fine, I always am. I think my friends are nearly on their last trip though," He sighed before peering in the pram. "He's cute, Teddy?"

"Yup this is Teddy," Harry smiled proudly.

"He's cute," The man grinned.

"Its polite to introduce yourself, even to babies,"

"Hello Teddy I'm the Doctor…oh clever, very clever!"

"I try," Harry shrugged fighting to keep his smile hidden.

"Sneaky, I like that,"

"Come on," Harry rolled his eyes making his way down a pathway.

"Huh?" The man, the Doctor, asked confused.

"I've already been out for fifteen minutes, its too cold out for Teddy to be out much longer, and I want to know what sort of name the Doctor is. I make a mean hot chocolate," Harry said over his shoulder before he eased the pram through his front door and left it open in invitation.

The Doctor stepped into the hallway and closed the front door behind him just as Harry had unstrapped Teddy from his pram and was lifting him out of it. The baby was fast asleep which had been Harry's point in the walk so he quietly motioned the Doctor to follow him down the small hallway to his kitchen. The doctor watched quietly from the doorway as Harry placed Teddy gently into his playpen in the corner of the kitchen before making his way to the kettle and flicking it on.

"You can sit down," Harry teased nodding to the small round table close to the playpen as he pulled out two mugs.

"I like your house, its very…you," The doctor said looking around with thinly veiled curiousness.

"You don't have to stay at the table, you can poke around," Harry rolled his eyes. The Doctor grinned and bounced from his place hurrying over to the fireplace and to the pictures that were resting on the top. He looked curiously at the first picture of a man and woman that could only be Harry's parents going by their features, they looked like they were dancing in the snow in front of a fountain. The next was of their wedding thought it looked as though one side of the picture had been trimmed a little, but Harry's parents were beaming happily and the two men either side of them looked equally happy. The next picture was of a redheaded family, a very large redheaded family! Then of a bushy haired brown girl and a redheaded boy from the previous picture wrapped around a young Harry grinning at the camera with what looked like a castle in the background. The next few photographs were of the threesome with a slightly chubby brunette boy and a pixie like blonde girl popping up around the fifth picture. The last pictures were of Harry with the man who had been standing beside his father at his wedding, and a picture of a tired but proud looking Harry holding a very young Teddy.

"Here," Harry held out a mug of hot chocolate with cream on the top to him as he joined him. "That's my family of sorts. My mum and dad died when I was a baby. Sirius was my godfather but he died when I was fifteen, that's Remus, Teddy's dad, he died a few months ago," Harry finished pointing to the other man in the wedding picture.

"You weren't exaggerating when you said you have lost a lot," The Doctor frowned.

"It sounds a little morbid. Pointing them all out, but they were the most important people in my lives. Ah, that is my best friend's family, and that is the girl they want me to marry," Harry pointed to the redheaded family and to the only girl in the picture beside the mother.

"She's pretty," The Doctor found himself scowling at the picture.

"Ah, I came to an epiphany while you were gone," Harry said imperiously making his way to sit at the table.

"Oh?" The Doctor asked as he made his way behind the counters and nosed about. It would appear Harry was quite the cook.

"She's a little too female for me," Harry nodded.

"Oh…OH!" He blinked owlishly at Harry who just watched him calmly but with clear amusement. "That's a very good reason not to want to be with her,"

"Apparently not," Harry rolled his eyes.

"What, seriously?"

"Yup, I'm now going through a rebellious phase before I realise that I am madly in love with her and we're going to run off together and get married and have three messy haired children who we shall call James, Sirius and Lily after my parents and Godfather, middle names haven't as yet been chosen but I am sure Ginny is working on that," Harry recited with a tone that said he had heard the words often enough to have them memorised.

"That sounds…scary," The Doctor scrunched his nose.

"They have unfortunately found out where I have moved to, I had to have a better w…alarm system set up when I caught Ginny trying to sneak into the house in the middle of the night. The biscuits are in that cupboard beside you," Harry motioned to the cupboard and the Doctor reached for it automatically while he gawped at Harry.

"You caught her trying to break in, what did you do?"

"Actually she had broken in, she made it upstairs before I realised, it was the middle of the night and obviously dark, so I had her hogtied before I realised who it was," Harry blushed a little.

"Serves her right," The doctor muttered before taking a sip of his hot chocolate, and promptly nearly passed out from pleasure. "This is amazing! I have to introduce you to Amy and Rory! Though they might kidnap you and chain you to their kitchen just to make them hot chocolate," He said seriously between sips.

"You like it then?" Harry asked amused.

"Its delicious! This has to be the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted!" The Doctor hummed coming back over to the table.

"How's things going with them? The be a different part of their lives thing," Harry asked.

"They still give me funny looks whenever I show up," The Doctor pouted.

"They haven't asked why you're showing up though?" Harry asked reaching out to steal a cookie from the packet the Doctor was holding.


"Then it clearly doesn't bother them, they're just wondering why you are doing it," Harry told him.

"You think?" he perked up a little looking like an over grown puppy enough that Harry had to smile.

"Yes. They just need time to adjust to a new relationship with you," Harry reassured him. "So, Doctor, what sort of name is that?"

"A taken one,"

"A healer, interesting name to choose for yourself," Harry hummed.

"You don't want to know my real name?" The Doctor asked confused.

"You obviously aren't ready to share it," Harry shook his head.

"I haven't for a very long time," The Doctor admitted quietly.

"Then why would I push you for it?"

"Most people don't see it like that,"

"I am not most people," Harry smiled taking the Doctor's cup and making his way to the kettle to fill their cups again. "Do Amy and Rory like stew?"

"Hello, I was looking for Harry?" The Doctor smiled at the stern looking older woman who had answered the front door to Harry's house. She had salt and pepper hair which was tugged back into a tight, neat bun, her grey eyes were sharper than a knife's edge and staring at him fiercely, assessing, and though she was small and delicate in frame the Doctor recognised a strong, dangerous woman when he met one.

"And you are?" She asked, her voice and accent telling him that she had been raised among the highest class.

"I'm the Doctor," he said feeling a little nervous, but all of a sudden the coldness and bite to the woman disappeared and a warm, friendly looking woman stood in front of him smiling, though none the less dangerous.

"Oh, come on in. Harry, your Doctor is here," She called into the house as she practically dragged him inside. "I'm Andromeda," she smiled at him.

"Doctor, I didn't order a…Oh that Doctor hello," Harry came down the stairs dressed in a pair of old, worn sweats and a wet black shirt, Teddy was in his arms looking freshly scrubbed and a little disgruntled.

"Hope you don't mind me dropping by," The Doctor said unsurely bouncing on the tips of his toes.

"Of course not, twice in a week, I count myself honoured. Well I would if I didn't have a sneaky suspicion you're just back for my hot chocolate," Harry grinned good naturedly. "There we go Grandma, all clean," Harry added holding Teddy out for Andromeda's inspection.

"We had a bit of fun with Teddy's first none milk meal," Andromeda explained to the Doctor.

"How he managed to get it into his ears when you were feeding him I don't know," Harry snickered.

"He said it wasn't his fault, it jumped there," The Doctor said before flushing when he realised he had translated Teddy's baby talk automatically, Harry really did make him relax too much. "I should…"

"Oh don't be stupid, come on kitchen," Harry shook his head grabbing the Doctor's hand once he had handed Teddy to Andromeda and tugged him into the kitchen.


"I looked you up,"

"You looked me up?"

"Yup, those expectations come with the little leeway for myself. It was really a shot in the dark, but there you were,"

"And how exactly did you look me up? UNIT?"

"The Muggle army thing? No, Department of Mysteries,"

"You're a wizard!" The Doctor gawped at Harry as he watched the younger man flitting around the kitchen.

"Would you prefer me to go get my robes and pointy hat?" Harry teased.

"But…but…but…how did I not know?!"

"Maybe your old age is getting to you? I mean nearly 1,200 that has to do something to your memory,"

"Hey!" The Doctor protested insulted, pouting and crossing his arms when Harry laughed harder.

"Sorry, couldn't help it. So when you said you travelled," Harry smiled, his eyes twinkling amused.

"I travel a little further than the other side of the world," The Doctor grumbled.

"Oh stop pouting, this way you don't have to watch what you say," Harry patted him on the back before turning to fill two mugs.

"Why didn't you just ask me?" The Doctor asked quietly sobering Harry up.

"Because I wasn't sure exactly what was going on. To be honest I suspected you were a wizard as well, but one, I didn't really want to risk or even try to get that information out of a muggle, and well, if you were a wizard…How much do you know about current wizard events?" Harry asked nervously.

"A bit," The Doctor frowned, he had never seen Harry this nervous before.

"You know about Harry Potter and Voldemort?" Harry asked not looking at him.

"Yes I know…oh," The Doctor stopped staring at Harry in wonder.

"I like talking to you and spending time just chatting, being treated normally. If you were a wizard I didn't want to spoil that by telling you who I am," Harry confessed quietly, busying himself with pulling out the whipped cream.

"I can understand that," The Doctor said quietly, moving to lean against the counter beside Harry.

"I didn't mean to invade your privacy like that," Harry said apologetically looking up at him with slightly mournful green eyes.

"I know, I understand," The Doctor said warmly. "Besides, how can I not forgive you when your stew went down so well with Amy and Rory and your flask of hot chocolate!" The Doctor laughed to lighten the atmosphere, and it worked as Harry smiled a little.

"They liked it?"

"Loved it! Though I now have demands that I have to introduce you, especially from Amy, I think she might be a little in love with you," The Doctor beamed. "And it was a little less weird!"

"That's great, they have stopped looking at you weirdly?" Harry chuckled as he hopped up to sit on the counter.

"There was a little weird look, but they were fine with it. Though I felt as though I might be intruding," The Doctor frowned.

"Do you show up on random days? Without warning?" Harry asked.

"Yes," The Doctor sounded so confused Harry couldn't help his warm smile.

"Maybe you should show up on a set day, every Wednesday or every other Wednesday, or call ahead before you go?"

"Would that work?"

"You really don't know much about human social situations do you?"

"I know a bit," The Doctor said a little defensively.

"Its not a bad thing, it's a little cute," Harry nudged him with his bare foot gently.

"Cute?" The Doctor wasn't sure whether to be offended or pleased.

"Mm hm," Harry nodded taking a sip of his hot chocolate.

"Oh…so I need to learn a little more about human social situations for this to work?" The Doctor decided to get back on track to try and distract himself from the blush decorating Harry's cheeks.

"Maybe a couple," Harry said thoughtfully.

"Will you teach me?" The Doctor asked hopefully.

"Oh…sure…though I think we have most of them down. You need to try and set a day that's alright for you to visit, they're a married couple, they might want to have time for themselves,"

"How often should I show up?" The Doctor asked.

"How often are you wanting to? Would every week be too much for you, every other week?" Harry asked.

"Would every week be too much?" The Doctor frowned.

"From what you have said and the relationship that you have with them, no,"

"I don't want to not be in their lives. I've done that often enough but Amy and Rory are different, they are like…family, deeper family than anyone else has been before. The others, they leave and they miss me, they're happy to speak to me when we cross paths or help when something happens, but, they don't look back, they don't…Amy and Rory, they always look back, they look back, and they have carried on a lot longer than they probably would," The Doctor confessed.

"So we'll get you up to date on 21st century human social skills and make sure that they know you are going to be in their life, just in a different way," Harry smiled.