Edward stood there looking out into the vivid green forest. Seeing a moving form that looked neither human nor animal he ran quickly to investigate. Then the moving form stopped and turned. It had no face or hair and was in a suit.

Hello it thought. "Wh-what are you?" Edward stammered. Slender man it thought-replied. Go back to your coven. Your friend Alice has seen something. Apparently it is your coven's new vampire. "How do you know about Alice?!" Edward said in shocked fury. I know about everything and anything. I know you're your full name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I know you were born in 1901 and you were changed into a vampire in 1917 because you were dying of the Spanish influenza. I know you play the piano. I KNOW EVERYTHING. Edward was shocked. 'How could this "slender-man" know about us?' Edward thought. Go back to your coven and I shall erase your memories of me. Slender man said. Edward, still shocked, turned and walked at a human pace away from slender man. You shall soon see your mate. Slender man thought before erasing Edward's memory of him and vanishing.