"What day is it? . . . Wednesday, ugh I'm already sick of school."

Chapter 2

Part 1

Nothing but Alone

Light sinks into the room, dim rays passing the single window. Though the area was small, it felt spacious; only a mattress laying on the floor, a thin white desk pushed against the wall and a wooden chair, looking fragile like anytime it would just collapse. It was so empty, the atmosphere sad and dust lingering in the air.

A simple click and then the scratchy radio voice: Beep, beep, beep! A fine morning in Deldin Bay, cool sixty-seven degrees with temperatures rising to a nice seventy-five this afternoon. Little to no clouds all day and fair low winds blowing in from the West. There's been controversy between an approaching disaster late next year due to high water levels in the Eastern coast and dangerous wind currents crossing from the Antarctic through Brazil. The combination of both can be catastrophic, predicting to wipe out more than half the United States. Officials are still not certain f-

I reach out, locating my phone, unlocking it to stop the noise. It's time to start the day.

Pulling over my uniform shirt, I change into grey sweat pants and tuck in my phone. Slowly making my way to the bathroom next door. Dirty and cramped. I look up to face myself in the mirror, leaning my hands against the sink. With streaks along and fog cornering the glass, I can just barely make out my face. But I know by my red eyes and black hair, that I am the same nothing. The kid with no friends, no family and no love for anything. Just that nobody you glance over at then just forget about after a week or two. I'm the kind who watches everyone live their lives, eventually getting so sick and tired of it that I just end up blocking everything out. My so-called father barely notices I breathe! My so-called teachers hardly remember my name! My so-called friends… are gone. My so-called mother… left… She probably hated me too.

I just don't care anymore.

Even if I did, what's the point in me even being here? If you're in the world just to feel pain and suffering then why do it, why stay? What's the reason for me to keep living?

My name is James Pit Icarus, a seventh grader at Deldinian Middle School. I'm thirteen and all the life I remember is me being alone. I don't have a mom or siblings. My father works a single job six days a week. Leaving half an hour before my final class ends and coming back when I'm already sleeping. I don't see him much and even in the morning, he's dead in slumber as I get ready for school.

I grab my bag hanging by the door handle of my room and shuffle down the stairs, making my way to the kitchen. If anything, it's just a run down table and fridge, not even a chair or stove. I take the capless, nearly empty, gallon of water and chug a good amount, returning it back to the frozen hunk of metal. Breakfast check. Not giving the effort to look back, I head for the door. Kick on some shoes and drag myself out the door.

The stairs outside the apartment are rust filled, steep and creaky. Streets burdened with cracks and potholes. Sidewalks crooked and misshaped. This is the corrupted side of town, but once you cross the railroad tracks that separates the poor, everything gets better. To the buildings down to the road. I head alone to the low town, filled with simple shops and family business. The buildings are side by side, decorated by trees and black street light posts. Around me everything begins to liven up, people about and cars zooming by. The sun shines down and natures awakening brightens the day. I'm in a group of students waiting for the crossing light to turn green, my head down and hands stuffed into my pockets. Throughout all the noise - chatter, cars, construction sites - I just barely hear a girl's voice. Popping my head up, struggling to look past the heads of people, I see a glimpse of blue hair. A girl walking with a kid by her side, smiling and saying kind words.

Her laughter drifted farther away. "Don't worry I'll see you again! I have school now but I promise I'll be back as soon as I can!"

"Wait…" I respond, but no one hears me and the walking signal switches. The crowd pushing past me and moving on. I can't see her anymore but her voice was so… happy. It reminded me of how a mom would talk like in shows I've seen through shop windows. Gentle and promising. Nearly getting ran over, I pick up my pace crossing, following the flow of students to school. The voice glued to my brain.

:O :O :O

"Alright everyone." Announced the teacher, beginning class. "Toda-" Before she could say more, the door slammed open, a jump-scare for everyone. I don't turn like everyone else, not even giving the effort to see who it is. I just continue resting a side of my head on propped up arm, gazing out the window. Though part of me forces to listens. The teacher began to talk, but was once again was cut off by a voice. It was sharp, mean and belonged to a girl.

"Name's Pandora Amazon." She grinned. "By the end of the week, you should all know who I am! Hey you, kid in the back, you're in my seat." Again, I don't care. But then I start to hear footsteps approaching, some whispers fall over the class. The girl repeated standing right behind me, "I said… You're. In. My. Seat." Who does this girl think she is? Bossing people aroun- "You're really depressing ya know that, do us all a favor and move." She spat, disrupting my thoughts.

Okay hell no. I turn around to see a girl with long blue hair and bright pink eyes. At first the color of her hair caught me off guard but by the sound of her voice, I didn't believe it was her. "Do us all a favor a jump a cliff." I say, almost with some feeling. I was mad, duh, but showing my emotions isn't my forte. And just like that, all the students and even the teacher gasps. Never before did I say a word in class. They never heard me speak. My blood red eyes glare her down and the girl backs off. More murmurs in the distance. They know by heart, that when I give them the glare, it's best to back off.

"Look, Mr. Emo Kid, do you know who I am?"

She clearly doesn't know who I am around here, shrugging I reply, "Well, I'm not sure what kind of name Panda-"

"IT'S PANDORA!" She yells.

I don't need this. I sigh, "Whatever." Propping my elbow on my desk once more and leaning my head on it. The girl takes the seat next to me and class resumes. I don't pay attention, instead, I think about the mother-voice from earlier. Once the first class is over, I leave. I just didn't feel like it today, I guess.


"What day is it? . . . The day when I met the girl who changed my life."