Going to the fair with Baby Flashette,

Ok... so here your prompt. Zatanna is sulking around the cave after the doctor fate event, so Wally takes her to a fair to cheer her up. Then the Rogues show up and think Wally on a date, kidnap and threaten her if she hurt Wally, she kiss him at the end,

I don't own Ripley believe it or not, nor young justice,

The week after Misplaced, November 13


Zantanna POV:

I was busy eating some of Megan burnt cookies, comfort food, if I discover Robin is spying on me I going to freak, I hear the zeta beam active, KID FLASH B02, great someone else better than me, "Hey Zee, want to go the fair,"

"No thanks," I said,

"I wasn't asking," He said, he grab my arm, I yank my arm away from him,

"Why do you want me anyway, what about Robin?"

"Robin is patrol, and Batman won't let my play with me in civvies,"

"What about the rest of the team,"

"Megan at cheerleading practice, Conner watching, Artemis is training with Green Arrow, Kaldur is in Atlantis, and The Flash won't go, due to the league and won't let me go alone,"

"Your parents?"

He cries, "Dead,"

"I sorry Wally, I think I go to the fair with you,"


At the Fair:

Wally was kind enough to buy me funnel cake, it the first good time since my dad put the blasted helmet, why did I ever put it on, because I not good enough magician without the helmet of fate, "Zee you OK,"

"I just disappointed I needed to use the helmet of fate, I wasn't, and still isn't enough,"

"You're not the first hero to need to use the Helmet of Fate, epically against that pain in the neck, Klarion,"

"Thank you Wally," I don't deserve a friend like him,

"So far you are one of the few friends I have I can have fun outside the cave, most of the time everyone busy, Robin have free time, but not allow in public with me," he said,

"Wow, let's have fun," I said,

"How about that magic shop," he said pointing to a random magic shop,

"I thought you didn't believe in magic," I said,

"You can't proofed something doesn't exist, if you don't know what 'something' is," he said,

"That make sense," I said,



I was amazed by how patience Wally was he didn't interrupt the demonstration once, he told me how it was done, I knew since I can't use my real magic as a stage performer, he was right every time, smart kid, could defeat the witch without the helmet, no we're not equals, not even close, he so much better,

"I lucky to have friends like me, and the rest of the team,"

I thought Wally was going flirt with me, try to kiss me, to grab my ass, but he quite a gentleman, that and no one would want a loser like me, stop thinking that,

"Hey Wally can we go in Ripley believe or not exhibit," it was more like a mini museum,


After the Museum,

Wally was like a kid in a candy store in there, and most of what was in there I saw there I saw during a mission with my dad, "Zee why are you crying," I didn't ever notice,

"Was thinking about my dad," I said,

"In that case you're grounded from thinking," he said,

"You can't ground me,"

"Watch me," I was blushing,


Someone POV:

I was watching Baby flash when I saw how close he was to a girl, "Hey James, look like baby Flash found a Baby Flashette,"

"He does has one, Hartley,"

"We are going to have to kidnap her, to keep her in line,"

"Agree, we don't need a broken heart Baby Flash,"


Zee POV:

Wally was riding the new roller coaster, it was too fast for me, don't want to throw up, the next thing I know I an explosion happen, and everything went black,



I woke up in some kind of room look like it belong to a preschooler except it had weapons, I had handcuffs on me, look around, and saw two I kids one my age in a clown costume, and other 3 years older than I dress as the pied piper, these guys were the youngest members, and saw Mirror master leaving in a mirror,

"We saw you on your date with Baby Flash," Baby flash oh that what the Rogues call him,

"It wasn't a date, my dad is kidnap, he comfort me," I said,

"We're sorry for you're lost, but we are giving you a warning, break OUR baby heart, we break you," The Trickster said,

"Behave Baby Flashette, or else," Piper said,

After a few minutes of them talking to me, Wally came in his Kid Flash outfit, he didn't waste time talking to the villains like he normally does, by look in his eyes he didn't want to talk to them,

After a while:

Wally and I are back at the fair, Him being in as Robin call them civvies, "So your nickname is Baby Flash,"

"Unfortunately yes, Trickster love to give people nicknames, 'Baby Flashette', ," he said,

"It does have a nice ring to it, even if I'm not a speedster," we both smiles,

"Oh that reminds me to call off your search party," he pull out his phone, "Hey Kaldur, I found Zee,"

Kaldur said something, "For you," he said handing me my phone,

"Hello Kaldur,"

"My friend you alive," the fish boy said,

"I don't think the Rogues kill, especially the youngest two,"

"I call the others, bye," he said,

"Bye," I said, hanging up the phone, "Wally wants to go on the Ferris wheel with me,"

"Sure," Wally took me in the Ferris wheel, I started to felt bad, Wally started tickles me, I look at him he was so handsome I couldn't help it, he grab me bridal style, and kiss me,

I broke the kiss, "Wally sure we tell the others,"

"Let's postpone it till we now it will work, can't gives anyone hopes up," he said,

"Wally now that were dating stop flirting with Megan,"

"Do I still get cookies?"

"Do you need them?"

"Yes high metabolism,"

"Forgot, want to train with me when we get back,"

"Anything for my Baby Flashette,"

To be continued,