Mission away from Baby Flashette part 2.

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Central City, November 11, 2:00 am, Wally POV:

I was sleeping, and I notice for some reason my cover were too heavy, I then realize I had a person on me, I was about to attack when I got a kiss on my neck, I woke up, and to my pleasure I heard Zantanna voice, "Like what I'm wearing," I was only half awake, she only look like a black, and yellow blur, it took me a minute, "Wally are you ok," she asked,

"Yes, still partly asleep," I said,

"Yletelpmoc ekaw yllaW pu," she said,

"Much bet…" I then see Zantanna was wearing a female Kid Flash tee, "You're beautiful,"

She mumbles "You can do better,"

"Never with someone who is kind, smart, beautify, and able to fight, whether it be your energy, or hand to hand," I make her blush,

"Wally how did I get so lucky, I couldn't think of a better boyfriend," she said,

I pin her down, "You're still grounded from thinking until you can learn to think positive about yourself, my baby flashette"

"I got an idea, my baby flash," she said,

"Ok," I said,

"Since we just started I don't think I should give you birthday spankings right now," she said,

"Yes," I said, staring at her glorious shirt,

"I give you birthday kisses," she said,

"The best idea I heard since before I met Superboy," I said,

I was flip she place one on my check, "One," she said,

Then one on the other check, "Two," she then kiss my nose with cause her eyelashes to run over my face, it tickles, a few more later, "Fifth teen," we were on the bed, "Sixteen ,"

I got up then, "and one to grow on," I felt a pain in on my backside I then yelp, "Zantanna," I said in a slight yell,

"I said I wouldn't give you a spanking, that was a quick spank," she said,

"And one for the fun of it," Ow,

"I remember that during your birthday," I said,

"I'll be waiting," she said,

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November 12, 06:39 Zantanna POV:

Everybody made a surprise party to Wally; I decided to delay telling the team I just wanted to make sure I wanted Wally as a boyfriend, and not just for comfort, he came, he enjoy the party even with M'gann cake, there a mission Wally can finally join the league,

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After Mission briefing,

I can't believe they gave Wally a minor mission, why didn't they care about him, plus if it a mission why not make him happy and have one of the league do it, he was so long on how he want to while we were on the Ferris wheel, he spoke so beautiful about it, and it wasn't much he was asking, hopeful he won't leave the team or me, not at he was selfish, maybe the mission will be fun, I wish I knew why I didn't tell them about our relationship during the party what's wrong with me, am I ashamed of Wally,

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Between the getting the mission and going on it.

Wally and I were kissing, with me temporary allowing the world to freeze I got a potion, I don't use it in fight it only works for 5 minutes, and I couldn't move for more than 3 yards, luckily I told Wally about it, so he could come and kiss me, he tackle me, luckily I stay in my 3 yards space, and kiss all of my face, "Wally I love you,"

"Love you," he said,

"Wally be careful on your mission we both know the shadows are planning something, and I don't want them to hurt you," I said,

"I understand," he said,

"If it ever comes down to the mission, and your life, don't die, I can't lose you to," I said,

"I can't I can promise you many things, but letting someone die I can't" he said,

"I understand, don't be afraid to after to wound them," I said, he nod,

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November 13, 12:03

After putting souvenir up Wally POV:

After changing the angle of my latest souvenir I fell someone kissing me, it better be Zantanna, I turn around, and to my pleasure she appear, "Hello my Baby Flashette,"

"Hello my baby flash," She said, I kiss her, I then pin her down, "What are you doing," she asked,

"I am going to try to find a new way of punishing you that isn't spanking," she nods that, I then started to tickle you,

"Wa 'giggle' lly 'giggle' what 'giggle' are you 'giggle' doing," she asked,

"Punishing you, I think if working if you begging," I said, she so enjoying it,

"Po 'giggle' ts yll…" I lay a smack on her backside,

"Bad girl, don't use your energy against me," I said,

"I'm sorry," I start tickle her again, "Wal 'giggle' ly 'giggle' please 'giggle' stop," she asked,

"We talk about this earlier; you just need to stay one thing,"

"Wal 'giggle' ly I 'giggle' can 'giggle' 't," she said,

"Then I'm guessing I'm not going to stop," I continued,

"Ok, ok, your evil for a super 'hero', 'Magic is not real, and I'm not a magician just a human energy rod'," the word didn't make sense, and the voice that said the words was so beautiful,

"Was that so hard?" I asked joking,

"Unbelievably," she said,

"Since you were smiling the whole time, and don't like saying it, I won't stop," I start tickling her again,

"You 'giggle' are 'giggle' pure 'giggle' ev 'giggle' il," she said while laughing,

"Zantanna, having you for a girlfriend is the best gift I could ever receive," I said,

"Real 'giggle' ly," she asked,

"Think who would else could kiss me as well as you can," I kiss her lips, "With beautiful hair," I then run my fingers through her hair, "Beautiful," I crease her face, "A strong body," I hug her, "Powerful energy, a voice of an angel," she cause a mini lightning bolt in my cave room, "and eyes that look like the night sky after the strike of lightning," I look in her eyes,

"Baby flash you know what to say," I though one thing, one day this woman will be my wife,

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To be continued…