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Willa walked the streets of Neo Verona -the capitol of her island nation by the same name- running a hand through her golden hair. Willa was a name that ran in her family, the Farnese family. Willa and William. The reason for this tradition is the legend that they are descended from William Shakespeare and it was a tribute to the writer, but no one but Willa wanted to follow in his footsteps these days. Her father, William, was the only of his siblings to give the Shakespeare themed name to his first born child in his generation. The story was all but forgotten. She fell into a park bench, breathing in the crisp cool autumn air, and opened the notebook she just purchased from the nearby office supply shop, retrieving a pen from behind her ear. Soon, her loopy cursive filled the page, it was a modernization of her distant relative's epic, Romeo and Juliet, something she had tried to write numerous times, dozens of notebooks were filled with her attempts,

"Willa!" a voice called and the struggling playwright smiled.
"Hello, Julia," she said, looking up at the black-haired girl before her. Julia looked at Willa's notebook.

"Another attempt at Romeo and Juliet?"

"Of course. My attempts are never good enough,"

"I always think they're good enough."

"Well, I'm the writer and I don't. That's what's important. I want to continue my many greats grandfather's legacy."

"Don't take that too seriously, Willa. None of you are even sure the legend's true,"

"Even so I have a great respect for the writer."

"Oh come on, Romeo and Juliet knew each other for exactly three days, and in that time they met, declared their everlasting love, eloped, had sex, and committed suicide for each other. And we call that the greatest love story of all time," Julia scoffed.

"Well, I have a feeling that isn't quite what happened, I think Shakespeare saw something like that in his life, and changed the story. I mean think about it. We Farnese believe he is in our ancestors, that he was a Farnese by birth, though he -as was and is custom- took his father's name. He would have been born in Neo Verona, despite what the history books say. The place where Romeo and Juliet took place was a town called Verona! It just makes sense, Cable!"

"Don't call me by my last name please! Most of my family chooses to act like wild animals. You know I don't like identifying myself with them," Julia slumped and took a seat on the bench as well, "My cousin's suspected for killing a Modarelli. Of course, we all know she did,"

"Sorry, Julia," Julia looked at Willa sadly.

"It isn't fair. Every time a Modarelli dies suspiciously, a Cable is suspected, and vice versa! Of course, the police is usually spot on," Willa put aside her notebook and enveloped her friend in her arms.

"Hey, are you sure that you aren't secretly in loooove with a Modarelli? I mean think about it, Cable, Capulet, Modarelli, Montague!" Willa winked, pulling away. Julia laughed.
"You wish! You just want inspiration for your tragic little love story!"

"You betcha!" Willa said cheerfully, "But really, it you fall in live with anyone- but especially if it's a Modarelli- you would tell me, right? I need to know if I'm writing love correctly."

"Why don't you get a boyfriend if you want write love stories realistically,"

"I don't have time for a romantic partner, Julia," Julia giggled.

"Sure, just keep telling yourself that,"

Julia wrapped her sweater around her, looking back at Willa on the bench who wanted to stay to write. There was a chance that Shakespeare was a Farnese, and that Willa was right. The Farnese family was always led by a female in the early days of Neo Verona, the time of Shakespeare's youth. So Shakespeare could have easily gone unnoticed. There was a legend that Neo Verona was once a continent in the sky and that when it fell, it was because a goddess that kept it aloft was dying. The only think that kept Neo Verona from being the root of the legend of Atlantis was sacrifice of two star crossed lovers, the girl's family had been rulers on Neo Verona, who had been killed by the next ruler. She and a handful of retainers were the only survivors, but the girl came back, a vigilante known as the Red Whirlwind. And she met the boy, the son of the man who killed her family. They fell in love. He hated his father almost more than she did. In the end, his evil father was killed in a revolution led by the Red Whirlwind the day the Red Whirlwind sacrificed her self to the tree, the boy tried to save her but died himself, she held him to herself as she completed the ritual, and together they entered eternity for the sakes of the people of Neo Verona. Julia had never believed the story, but if Shakespeare was a Farnese, the legend could have been where he epic romance. Come to think of it, Shakespeare was born before the continent was discovered by explorers from Europe and hadn't really emerged as a writer till after it was. Huh. Julia tried not to think that hard about what that could mean.

"Julia! There you are! We need your help!"

"Anthony?!" She looked down at the ten year-old boy looking up at her.

"Curio and Francisco are fighting a group of Modarellis!" He held up a pile of clothes, "Go change!"

"What?! Damn it, not again!" Julia pulled a black shirt over her red one, gasping. This shirt had certain modifications to change her apparent gender. Pulling her black hair into a bun and hiding it with a black floppy hat followed by her mask. She pulled on an extra long black trench coat last, not bothering to button it. Julia and Anthony went down the streets at a run. Skidding to a halt in front of the brawling men, she squarely planted a foot in the chest of her cousins, kicking them off the three Modarelli boys that were obviously loosing. "Stop it now! I am sick of the streets being disturbed by the senseless fighting of the Cables and the Modarellis!" she made sure to lower the pitch of her voice.

"The Ebony Whirlpool!" the boys said reverently. Her heart thrummed. She loved this role. It was something even Willa knew nothing about.

"Hi," she said tersely, "If you people don't stop fighting, there will be hell to pay," It was all she said before she signaled Anthony in his gray but otherwise identical 'sidekick' costume to let lose a few smoke bombs. With that, she and Anthony disappeared into the smoke, taking the first turn, and the first turn after that.

"Hey, Cori!" she shouted as she passed her older sister, but chose not to drag her along. She knew Francisco and Curio would be chasing after her. They always did when she interrupted a fight that they were winning. Not that they knew she was their little cousin, of course. They just wanted the Ebony Whirlpool to pay. She sprung onto a roof beneath her, Neo Verona's stacked layout was confusing at times, but useful for stunts like this. She gave Anthony the signal to break off in the other direction. She raced across the roof tops. As her eyes caught on the terrain before her, she skidded to a halt just before a break in the roof of the dilapidated building. She cursed, skidding to a halt. The bricks beneath her feet began to crumble, and she fell, fell, fell.

"Grab on!" A boy shouted from above her. A dragon steed! She had never gotten the chance to ride one before. She reached up. He reached down, and missed, his hand encircling her wrist, but her overestimated the girth of her arm and it slid right through. He reached again. This time he was successful. She frowned. She shouldn't have to be saved like this. She was pulled onto the white steed.

"You okay?" she nodded.
"I saw what you did for those people back there, I was about to intervene when you showed up." She looked at him doubtfully. The boy sighed, running a hand through red hair. They were flying through the open sky now, "Mercutio, Abram, and Balthazar aren't bad kids. Even if they can be more violent than they should,"

"Anyway, they're Modarellis. I dislike most of the people in both families, and they were involved with the fight, why should I believe your claim of them being good people?" The boy rolled his eyes. "What ever. Where do you want to be dropped off?"

"The park is fine, thank you,"

"Suit your self,"

The boy brought his dragon steed into a steep dive, landing in the center of the park. Julia slipped off the saddle, and began to walk away.

"You aren't going to thank me?"

"Why should I?"

"I saved your life, didn't I?"

"Fine then, thank you." she glared, before tromping to the out houses she knew were somewhere. She pulled off her trench coat, her top shirt, had and mask. Good enough. Her black hair flowed back into place, and she left the small bathroom after stuffing the clothing in her messenger bag.

She walked home.

"Julia where have you been?" He grandfather asked, Cori beside him. Cori and Anthony were the only people who knew she was the Ebony Whirlpool, but that didn't keep the stern look from Cori's face.

"Out with Willa,"

"Willa returned five minuets ago. She was surprised to see that you were still gone." Cori said, Grandfather Conrad nodding his support. Was that darned Cordelia trying to make Conrad find her out?

"I needed some time to myself, okay!" Julia stormed to her room to find Willa and Emilio, arguing loudly.

"Willa, just finish Romeo and Juliet! You have refused to write another of your own plays for the year you've been working on this one! It isn't fair! I need to act!"

"Keep this up and when I do finish this, I'll find someone else to play Romeo, Emilio!" Emilio left the room in a huff.

"What are you doing in my room?"

"Waiting for you, obviously." Julia put her messenger bag on the floor, "You aren't going to unpack it?"


"Look, Francisco and Curio came home complaining of how their fight was broken up by the Ebony Whirlpool. I know it's you Julia." Julia froze for a moment before responding.

"Why are you always so cannily perceptive of my every action?"

"Because, Julia. You're the ideal heroine. The Juliet in all of my attempts are based off of you, you know,"


"Your family is in a blood feud with another, you dislike that fact and prefer not to give out you last name if you can help it to avoid confrontation from those who have grudges against either the Cables or the Modarellis if you can help it." Willa paused, "Have you noticed that so many people in both the Cable and the Modarelli families have names from Romeo and Juliet. Even you, Julia. A name so close to Juliet. Why else do you think I asked to live here? Your family inspires my creativity."

"That is the creepiest thing you have ever said to me, Willa," Willa shrugged.

"Its true,"

A few minuets later, Emilio came into the room again in a tux.

"Willa, Julia what do you say to crashing the Modarelli family party this fine evening?"

"What?" Julia asked.

"It's a masquerade. No one will notice. I'm even bringing toilet paper so we can T.P. it on the way out!"

"I'm not a part of this feud! I am but a humble spectator!" Willa exclaimed.

"Even so! Both of you get dressed!"

"If we go, Emilio, will you promise not to T.P the estate?"

"Not T.P. the estate?!"

"Oh come on, Emilio, you can find another way to humiliate them. Through your words. You're a brilliant actor. I'm sure you'll think of something!" Julia said,

"Fine," Emilio relented.

"I'll go too," Willa said, warranting a smile from Emilio and Julia.

It took Julia and Willa another fifteen minuets to pull on dresses, Willa in fitted yellow

and Julia in loose black. The three of them piled into a car, smiling at each other. This was going to be fun. And better yet, no one would see the Cable beneath the masks. They slipped into the building. And Julia was in momentary awe of the roses. They were everywhere, permeating the air with their scent. Pop music blared from speakers and teenagers were dancing in tightly packed clusters. It was little better than jumping up and down. Emilio dove into the pack, joining the dancing. Willa laughed at him.

"Want anything to drink, Julia? I'll go get it,"

"Maybe a sprite?" She asked.

"Sure," Willa said, smiling wider. Julia didn't want to guess what was going through her head. She saw the boy from earlier dancing, making small circles around the room, a blond girl in his arms. She looked exhilarated, he looked bored. Down trodden, even. Julia saw him make an excuse to his partner, and exit the floor. Suddenly Julia felt unbearably warm. She removed her mask and used it as a fan, she couldn't leave and let Willa stay here alone, so she stayed seated, fanning herself vigorously.

Ramiro couldn't stand being with the smitten Hermione a moment longer and excused himself, making his way to the tables. They were all occupied, so he steered himself to the emptiest one, only one girl was seated there, she had removed her mask, he saw, and was using it as a fan. She was a vision in black, her dress smoothly cut, not quite cinched at the waist, and billowing out again till her knees, where it stopped. She paused to play with one of the flowers in the vase. The people in charge of set up must have made a mistake for there was a single iris among the flowers, and it was that one the girl pulled out. Ramiro felt his jaw open and close. As he drew closer, the sent of irises washed over him. It couldn't be the scent of that one flower alone that overpowered the countless roses. Soon, he realized that it was emanating from the girl herself.

The girl looked up, blue eyes wide and Ramiro's heart skipped a beat.

"The scent of irises..." he whispered, though he knew she heard him anyway. Louder, he said.

"Those blossoms, to they please you?" A blush spread across the girl cheeks, and she stuttered.

"W-well, yes,"

"As well they should," Ramiro began, "What I mean to say is what is your name?"

"My-my name? My name is-"

"Ramiro! Your father wants to see you!" In those moments the girl fled, leaving Ramiro wondering.

Willa's eyes glittered. Ha! She knew something like this would happen if she was patient enough. Now. How to put what she just saw to words? She sped after Julia who was evidently dead set on running home. HA!

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