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Willa was rereading Romeo and Juliet, again. She found herself wondering at the words, the people, the story. At the same time her mind wandered to the star-crossed lovers from Neo Verona's legends. Then she thought about Julia. After a moment of packing, she found herself running to the Legend-Tree.

Once she arrived, She ran her fingers across the bronze plaque nailed to the tree, and she took in the sent of irises. Beautiful. The sent of roses, too, infiltrated her senses from the thorn filled bushes that were so few and far between. She cracked open the journal she had taken from the Farnese record room. Some of these things dated back to before Neo Verona fell from the sky. If her calculations were right, if Neo Verona did fall from the sky, this would be the one that would contain decisive information.

To her surprise, there seemed to be decent documentation of the event, from a mind that had obviously just went through it. The writing was shaken, fearful. Worried. She looked at the name: William Farnese. Of course, the one Farnese name that was so common it was impossible to track. She returned to the journal and flipped back a few entries. Her eyes widened. Her eyes lighted on the few words that were not too faded to read. Capulet, regaining, throne, Montague, tyrant. WHAT?! Willa strained to see the words between the bursts of legible writing. Finding nothing else, she snapped the old handwritten book shut and shoved it in her backpack.

Mind in overdrive, Willa Farnese stumbled home to her little theater house wondering what the hell she just read and if it was some kind of sick joke. She called in Emilio and slid the notebook on top of her desk. The William Farnese who kept the journal had an assistant/actress named Emilia. Willa chuckled and turned to Emilio Cable, almost tempted to stuff him in a dress. She refrained and instead showed him the leather bound book.

Emilio flipped to the last entry, and nearly dropped the precious volume in his surprise, "Have you seen this?!" He asked, and Willa shook her head. Emilio handed the notebook to her, and pointed to the passage, this time it was Willa's turn to be in shock, and she actually did drop the notebook.

Julia, meanwhile, was in her room. Her head was aching, and there was a confused heaviness in her chest. What was wrong with her? Anthony sat next to her.
"Look. I'm sorry," he said in a small voice.
"No, you're right. He'd hate me if he knew who I was," Anthony shrugged.
"It wasn't my place to tell you if you could go see him. You were right, I did sound like Conrad. Would you like to?"
"No. It wouldn't feel right," it was that moment that Willa Farnese chose to barge into the room clutching a battered old leather bound notebook and a spiral notebook of her own.
"LOOK! Look, look!" she pointed to the last page of the open journal. Black ink declared in neatly penned letters on the crumbling page, " 'I need to do this, write their story. Romeo and Juliet deserve to be immortalized, but mom won't have a Farnese being a more serious playwright than I have been in the past, so I'll take my father's name. Shakespeare. I guess I'll leave this journal to be read, for those people in the future who wish to know the truth, because my play will be greatly romanticized, it has to be. This is end, my leather bound friend,
William Farnese Shakespeare,'" Willa's voice grew more and more excited as she read on.
Julia nearly choked on her spit.
"So you were right," the dark haired Cable said, voice betraying astonishment.
"Yeah," Willa said, sounding equally surprised.
"Well, spit it out! What happened to the real Romeo and Juliet?!"
"I don't know,"
"What do you mean you don't know?! It should be in the journal, just read it!"
"It doesn't say! Most of the events are written cryptically, plus a good deal of the ink is too faded to read, or pages are missing, some pages are missing pieces! This thing is hundreds of years old!" Willa and Julia stared at each other, breath coming somewhat harder than usual, and Anthony looked between them.
"Okay, what is going on?"
"Romeo and Juliet were real, and Neo Verona fell from the sky. That's the only thing that William Farnese Shakespeare's journal is clear on," Anthony's round brown eyes widened. Julia ran a hand in front of his face."You okay, Tony? Your eyes look like tennis balls," Anthony blinked and nodded.
"Surprised, is all,"
"Me too," she took in a breath, "Are you sure, Willa?" Willa nodded.
"That was the only thing the journal was clear on, probably because Shakespeare was too freaked out to be poetically cryptic,"
"Quite clear?" Julia questioned, volume quieting and pitch rising.
"Quite clear. Here, I marked the page," Willa began to recite "'The ground shook, and pieces of the land began to fall away. We were falling. All of Neo Verona was falling. None of us had even known that we were floating above the Earth. We thought that we were Earth. We are safe in the water of an unknown sea now, but Romeo and Juliet's demise puts a damper on everything- especially knowing that it was they (though mostly Juliet) who saved us all. It does sadden Benvolio and Cordelia's newlywed-,' here it gets difficult to read, ink's faded and the paper's a bit wrinkled," Silence descended upon the room and, after a few minuets, Willa was the first to break it, "Okay. It just sunk in. William Shakespeare was a Farnese," Willa let out a long high pitched squeal, "Yes!" she exulted. Julia forced a weak smile, "Now will you be my tragic heroine and visit Romeo today?"

"His name is Ramiro. Not Romeo," Julia scowled.

"So you will?"

"No. I won't,"

"Can I go tell him that?"


"Damn it," After a moment of silence, Willa spoke a again, "I'm gonna go make photocopies of this journal so I don't handle the real thing too much. I keep on thinking it's gonna turn to dust in my hand,"

Ramiro was in the field of irises, waiting. Where was she? Why wasn't she here? A few minuets later, Willa Farnese appeared, clutching a red pocket folder to her chest.

"Julia isn't coming," she said irritatedly, "Being stubborn, as usual,"

"You're friends with Julia?"

"Yeah," Willa scoffed, "Unfortunately. She's my best friend,"

"Unfortunately?" Ramiro laughed, "Why unfortunately?"

"Julia's just... Julia. She loves to be difficult, and point blank refuses to be my muse. Honestly, half of my writer's block comes directly from that girl!"


"Never you mind. Anyway, she told me not to come and tell you, but, if she refuses to be my tragic heroine, I figured I'd better tell the guy I had pegged to be my tragic hero,"


"It doesn't really matter. I'll return to my own plays as opposed to trying and updating old ones. Emilio would like that. Bye. Maybe Julia'll come around," Willa gave a bitter laugh, "But I don't envy you. That's for sure. Here, photocopies of a journal I found among the old Farnese records. I thought you should read it," Ramiro fell to his knees as Willa dropped the red folder at his feet and walked away.

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