It was dusk, just as it always in when we meet. I glided in, red skirt swaying behind me, and greeted my partner with a smile. The room was half-engulfed in shade and sunset light; giving everyone in it a touch more sex appeal. Not that he needed it.

"So we meet again, Mr. Howard."

"So we do, Ms. Laine," he replied, "Shall we?" I took his outstretched hand and pulled him close.

"Yes." Dominic turned me around and twirled me, so suddenly that my experienced feet almost couldn't keep up. I come back in an eyed him, but his ever-changing hazel eyes softened me. I followed Dominic's lead across the floor, completely at his mercy if he wanted to twirl me into oblivion again. But he kept me close. The tango we had started had transformed into a kind of fast waltz, infused more with passion than technical talent, though we were evenly matched in that area. When we danced in competition together, judges praised our focus on each other. It led to gossip that we were together. Our working relationship might be famous, but our personal one is not, despite the ongoing rumors. Dominic dipped me and pulled me up, leaving no room between our bodies.

"Is that all you've got for me?" he breathed seductively. I pressed my lips to his, but he quickly broke off.

"Ah ah ahh," he chided playfully, tempting me so. I took the lead and strutted Paso-style, pushing Dominic closer to the wall. But then he pushed back, scooped me up and put me down on the opposite side. My back now faced the wall. If it weren't so sexy, I'd be angry.

"Now?" I answered my own question, putting my lips to his. This time he accepted me, his arm around my waist. The butterflies in my stomach turned to sparks as his sensual lips swept over mine. There was a power struggle between our lips as Dominic guided us gently to the wall. He removed his arm from my waist to cup my face. My arms were tangled around his neck, caressing it. Suddenly, Dominic pinned my arms up against the wall, broke to take a breath and kissed me again vehemently. My hands restricted, do anything else to reciprocate but to try to kiss him back with as much force. He skimmed his tongue around the edge my mouth, creating a ripple-wave of lust inside me. My arms were set free at last, and I ran my hands down his back and around. My fingers drew up to the top button of his white shirt and undid it. One button after another fell, and I glanced more and more of Dominic's chest. His hand snaked up under my tank top and slowly glided up my spine. Electricity shot through me. My knees buckled, but luckily Dominic caught me. He sat cross-legged and set me on top of him.

"Am I too much for you?" he whispered coyly. I stared at him, his beautiful eyes, his shirt hanging almost completely open, supporting me like I might need first aid He very nearly overwhelmed me.

"Never." He grinned.

"We could do it. Run off to Vegas, get married, hide somewhere exotic for a week or so," Dominic said, absent-mindedly tracing his fingers around my collarbone.

"I like the idea," I began, "But could we really do it privately?" I told him of this concern frequently.

"I'm sure we could. Even then, the truth will come out eventually." I sighed and made a face while thinking. Finally I nodded.

"OK, let's go home and pack." WE got up and Dominic had a brand new spring in his step. I stopped dead in my tracks.

"I just realized something." Dominic turned around.

"The security guard probably had a nice time watching us."

"Well shit."