If you were to observe Prima for a week, you would notice many things, but in hindsight, you would notice one main thing, that stood out from all the others. That being: She waltzed around Academy like she owned the place. Which in fact, she did. When Master started up the Academy, Prima offered her a large sum of money, which, Master accepted in a heartbeat. They had a deal worked out. Master got to run the academy as she wished, and Prima would get whatever she wanted.

Prima sat in her stool at the bar, daintily taking a sip of wine. Running a hand through her dark curls, she turned to Iku with a glare.

"Iku! Brush my hair!" Iku winced at the tone, and quickly pulled a hairbrush out of her pocket and ran it through Prima's hair calmly, as if she were used to being yelled at. Which honestly wasn't at all far from the truth.

Behind Prima in the back of the bar sat Meiko, laughing like a complete airhead and downing beer after beer. Iku looked concernedly at Meiko before shrugging.

"Prima…" Iku started.

A glare was received from Prima.

"Er, Prima-sama, don't you think I should maybe keep an eye on Meiko? She looks…'out of it' so to speak."

"Eh." Prima rolled her eyes.

Standing up, Prima shot a commanding look at Iku. "I don't want to walk. Carry me to my room."

Iku hesitated. "Prima-sama, my job description specifically says, that I am to help around with household chores, not do whatever you wa-" Her eyes widened, as she felt her neck being grasped, choking for air as the taller diva gripped her neck. "I-I'll do as you wish, Prima-sama."

Picking up Prima and heading towards her room, Iku eventually reached Prima's room, setting her down on her bed. "T-t-t-th" A pained expression appeared on Prima's face. "Uh…thank you." And with that, Iku Acme walked out of the room, amazed. Out of all the years she'd worked for Prima, not once did a thank you escape her lips.

Prima lay down, closing her eyes, and thought, simply thought.

'Maybe if I were nicer, I'd make some friends…Iku seemed kinda nicer when I thanked her…maybe I will try to be nice, but first I will need lessons…but from who I wonder…'

. . .

[Authoress's notes: I liked writing this. I plan to continue this story and delete any of my other stories with similar plots. I did a lot of research in order to write these two, by the way. It was quite interesting.]