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Chapter 1: Kyousuke?

Where am I?

The orange-blond looked around him. It was dark, or should we say pitch black. There was nothing, only the darkness surrounding him. He was wearing a white simple dress, wait- WHY was he wearing a dress anyway?

And He don't know this place, but he felt like he been here before. He didn't remember what happen before, how did he get here. But how did he get here actually?

"Oh you're here already Taiyo-kun" A voice appeared behind him, it was near him at first then it fade away.

Taiyo turned around, and he saw a man in a white suit, wearing a hat. A black rose was on his right chest, it send a scary aura that made people stay away. Taiyo couldn't see the man's face, because the hat was titled. So the face wasn't shown, like Reborn! (Ha-ha sorry got addicted)

"Who are you?" The ex-captain of Arakumo asked in worried, he didn't know what's going and he's afraid of something bad. That is about to happen, as he flinched. Then he noticed something, as he stared at the ground. It turned into crimson red color, but his legs were frozen in one place.

What's going on?

"Don't try to hide, or run" The man walked towards him, with an evil grinned. Taiyo tried to step back, but he couldn't because his legs were frozen up. The boy looked away in worried and fear.

"What do you want?" Taiyo madden pushing the man away from him, but instead of feeling a normal human heart rate. He felt nothing, just the cold blood and pale skin. The skin was really cold, it felt like snow. The orange-blond shivered, he was worried before …

Oh no …

Now he's panicked, very indeed.

"Oi oi Taiyo, why so scared?" The other boy smiled, but it was in a furious way. Taiyo hesitated look up to saw the man's face, as his eyes widen. His jaw was dropped to the ground, speechless for a moment.


"Yes, and Welcome to Hell"




Silence passed through them, as none of them dared to open their mouth and spoke. The orange-blond slowly lifted up the other boy's hat, as the navy blue spike shows them off. The yellowish cat-like eyes looking the other boy with the cold YET calmed gaze.

"Are you surprise?" Kyousuke nuzzled the orange-blonde's smooth neck, making the other boy moaned slightly. But Taiyo quickly pushed the navy blue head away.

"What do you mean by hell?" Taiyou questioned in furious, as the ex-SEED raised his hands in surrender.

"You're dead"

I'm dead?




'WHAT, HE'S DEAD!?', the voice wasn't from Taiyo. It was from a screen behind him, as he turned slightly around. The screen showed what is happening on Earth, you could saw Tenma jumping around because of the news. And the others were trying to calm him down.

"It's Tenma" Kyousuke broke the ices that were holding the other boy back, letting him free from the cage. As Taiyo struggled a little because of the pain, he saw the painful look of Tenma. Poor the boy, he just lost his best friend. But for Taiyo who had never knew or notice,

Poor Tenma …

"Kyou, if I'm in hell then how did you get here?" The orange-blonde glared, pinching his cheek. Maybe this is just a dream; it would go away soon as he woke up. He's still pinching, but he stops as the pain increase.

"Ouch, that must hurt a lot" The ex-SEED touched the cheek that Taiyo pinched himself; the cold gave the orange-blonde shivered a little down to the spine.

I hope this is not real, I hope this is just an insane dream. Please tell me is a dream.

Kyousuke shook his head and patted the other's shoulder, "You're not dreaming, because this is the real hell." He covered the other bare shoulders with a blue warm blanket.

"Still, how did you get here?" Taiyo got mad, Kyousuke spanned but calmed down as his breathe was exhale. He started to open his mouth slowly to speak.

"I'm the lord the*"

Knowing that the person he loved was the lord of Hell, Taiyo also had to face that he was dead. But why and how did he? He couldn't remember a thing happened before. Wait for the next chapter to find out, and remember R&R!

(*) – William Shakespeare language for the word 'here'