"Explain now, Kyousuke. WHERE the hell are we?" Taiyou pointed his index finger at the navy blue, with no mercy of course. It's been 3 hours that he had to deal the fact that he's now living with the taller boy; he only allowed coming back to earth 3 times a year. And worse, the ex-SEED planned this up.

"Dude calm DOWN, it's not like you're in hell" But after Kyousuke said those words, he slapped this mouth. HOW could HE forget that there are in Hell right now, he could saw the 'wtf?' look from the orange-blonde sitting beside him. He inhaled and exhaled, hesitated to open his mouth to spoke.

"Okay … first off, I'm dead" Taiyo pushed himself towards the wall after hearing that, he loved a ghost? The ex-captain of Arakumo Gakuen felt like banging his head on the wall for a moment, this is getting really awkward if he asked more questions.

"Second, you'll know my feelings" The other boy muttered the words out, but it wasn't loud enough for Taiyou to hear. And Kyousuke glad that he didn't, well, it's still too soon for that right? He wanted to let the blonde feel for a little longer (A/N: yeah right Kyou).

"Oh never mind-"


That loud explosion shot up out of nowhere, giving both of them creeps. Smokes came up surrounding the whole living room; a boy appeared up in a butler suits and grayish eyes. He looked like he was 23 already, but then who is he anyway?

"Master, I'm sorry for the explosion. The new patch got lost in the lobby" the man apologizes and ran away. What did he mean by new patch? Well, ghosts that what he mean is. The people who had just send away from Earth, like … dead.

"It's ok Sebastian, finish your work" Kyousuke calmly replied back and shooed the grayish away as quickly as possible.

"Um … ano … who is he?" Taiyo sweat dropped as he asked the question. The navy blue head turn around with a serious look, giving the orange blonde shivered to the spine. It creeps him up, really it did.

"Amemiya Taiyo, stay here for 10 minutes or else you'll get in trouble." He said before he left the room, Taiyo pouted.

'He still the same isn't he?' The ex-captain of Arakumo Gakuen sighed. He looked around the room, trying to finds something play with as the time plies. But for the whole time, as Kyousuke came back. He found Taiyo sleeping on the couch, holding all of his … manga …

'Taiyo …' the blue head sighed as he came closer to the sleeping figure in front of him, he looked over the mangas. Most of it were Magi, but some of them were Junjou Romantica … (if anyone know this then … yeah)

'Uh Oh' the younger Tsurugi's face faded away, he started to collected all of his collection and put it back. With double lock this time, so Taiyo if you want to red it then … tried to open the lock.

But what Tsurugi doesn't know was that Taiyo saw the huge secret he was hiding.

"Kyou? Why are you hiding those manga?"

Before he could said a word

Kyousuke face turned pale.

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