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At the bottom of the deep, deep earth, I am fated to sing prayers to the dragon for all eternity- without knowing anything, I lived

Only weaving songs

A sunny song

A rainy song

A tender requiem

"You will sing for all eternity"

"High Priestess Luka, our Diva has been slain by the dragon," Advisor Ruko announced, walking into the room with her robes swaying gracefully around her. The high priestess looked annoyed.

"Send for the priest," she said loudly, her delicate features wrinkling slightly. A man with long purple hair and long priest's robes entered the room and bowed.

"We need another Diva, and this one is perfect," Luka smiled, the mirror on her wall flashing to reveal a young mother with her twin children.

"High Priestess, you can't do this! It's immoral, taking children away from their mother at such a young age!" The purple haired priest, Gakupo, announced. He was cut off by a boot crunching hard against the back of his head, smashing it to the floor.

"If you won't do it, I'll get someone who can," Luka said, quietly and dangerously.

"Take him away into the dungeons!" She said in disgust, and guards entered from the shadows, pulling the struggling priest to his feet and out of the room.

The blonde mother smiled tenderly as she nursed her twin babies. The boy, Len, and the girl, Rin, she knew, would have a special connection. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. When she opened it, royal guards were standing at the entrance.

"No… please… no…" She said, sinking to her knees, for she knew why they had come. Had not the last Diva, Teto, been killed by the dragon? She spread her arms, screaming and crying, blocking the doorway to her house. The guards grabbed her roughly by the arms and took her away, screaming and crying hysterically. The babies, waking up to the noise, began to bawl, but the guards took the baby girl and left. All that was left was the dying mother clutching her baby son to her chest.

14 years later

"Master Len, it's time to wake up!" The maid, Neru, announced, bouncing into his bedroom.

"Ugh," Len groaned, rubbing his face with his hands. He tied his shoulder length hair into a short, messy ponytail and grabbed a shirt. It was time for combat lessons. Len Kagene was the only son of the rich merchant, Rei Kagene and his wife Rui Kagene. Giving the necklace he wore a quick kiss, he stretched and walked downstairs. The necklace was a beautiful ebony carving in the distinct shape of a bass clef. He didn't quite know how he had obtained it, and his parents didn't seem to know for some strange reason, but he had had it for as long as he remembered. He felt t held a certain… connection somehow, something he couldn't quite place. Passing his father's room, he heard Neru gossiping to another maid. Neru was terribly fond of a juicy bit of gossip, and he normally got his weekly news from listening in on her big mouth.

"And then I found the papers on his desk, and can you believe Len never knew!" He heard Neru loudly whisper in a secretive tone. He opened the door.

"M-master Len, we didn't hear you there!" Neru cried, jumping and scuttling away, cleaning supplies in hand. He frowned and looked at his father's drawers, where papers were out of place, presumably where the maids had been rummaging. Moving to clean them up, he noticed a piece of paper. Little did he know that this would forever change his destiny and the destiny of his people, and thus, Synchronicity was born.

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