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Chapter 2

~James's POV ~

Today is a sunny day, even though it's one of the worst days in history.
Today it's 9/11 , it's been 11 years since then.
Even if it's one of the worst days in history, it just seems like a normal day… as normal as it can be at the palmwoods.

Gustavo give us free for the day. I don't know why, but I don't care. I'm at the pool, just relaxing and tanning… and checking out hot girls…
Logan is helping Camille with her script for some audition in Camille's Appartement.
Carlos is… I don't know where he is. I guess that he's at the corndog stand in the park.
Kendall and Mama Knight are out. I don't know where so don't ask me.
But Mama Knight looked upset this morning when she and Kendall left.
Mmhhhh… I'll immediately ask Kendall when he comes back, maybe he knows why Mama Knight was upset.


I'm on my way to our apartment. The day went fast and the pool was busy, almost everyone of the palmwoods was at the pool.
When I open the door of 2J I see Carlos and Logan watching tv.
I walk over to the couch and sit next to Logan.
I look around, hoping that Mama Knight and Kendall are back already.

" They're not back yet." said Logan.
" Do you think that we might need to make dinner tonight?" I ask.
" Ohhh, If we need to make dinner, i want to cook. Can I?..." Said Carlos excited.
Logan and I exchange looks. Carlos keeps asking till Logan speaks up.
" Carlos, last time you cooked, the whole kitchen was almost on fire."
"Yess, But I'm better now, and nothing serious happend and nothing needed to be replaced, so be glad."
"Carlos, Bitters almost kicked us out of 2J."
"But he didn't."

Just when I was about to interrupt, I heared the door open.
I looked up to see who just came in, even though i already knew.
" hey Kendall and Mama Knight." I said.
"Hey Guys." Kendall said, after that he walked towards his and Logan's room.
So , i guess i can't immediately ask.
I look at Mama Knight. I can see she cried, even though she smiles, 'cause she has red eyes.
"Hey sweeties, How was your day?" Mama Knight ask as she walked towards the Kitchen.
"Good, I was with Camille helping her with learning her script for an audition." Logan said.
" I was at the park." Carlos said as soon as logan stopped speaking.
"let me guess, eating corndogs." I said.
"How did you know?"
" I can think… I know you love corndogs."
" Ohhhh…."
When the conversation between Carlos and I is done, we are all laughing.

" And you James, What did you do?" Asks Mama Knight.
" Ohh, I was just tanning." I said. " What did you and Kendall do, Mama Knight?"
Please give me a answer of why you where upset.
" Ohh , Kendall and I where just in the city, enjoying the outside." She smiles.
Ugh, not I hoped to hear about.
After that the conversation ends, and the guys and I are just watching tv, while Mama Knight is making dinner.


"Guys dinner." Mama Knight screams as she sets dinner on the table.
The guys and I walk towards the table and sit down.
When I sit down, I see Kendall walking into the room towards the table.
Kendall sits down in his normal spot, wich is next to Logan and accross from me.
I take a good look at him and see he has red eyes, I frown.
"What's Wrong?" I asked.
He looks up from his plate, and says;
" But Kendall, you have red eyes. You have obviously been crying in yours and Logan's room."
"Nothing allright, just drop it."
"No , I want to know you and Mama Knight have both been obviously been crying today, so I want to know why."
" Sweetie, maybe we should talk about it." Mama Knight said, when Kendall didn't answered.
" Mom I don't think i want to talk about it today." Kendall said.
" We'll talk about it tommorow then, allright guys?"
" Sure, Mama Knight." We said.
" Kendall?"
" Allright, I guess."
After that we just continued to eat in silence or just some random conversation.


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