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Chapter 4

*Kendall's POV *
Just as we all sat down on the couch, the door opens.
We all look towards the door and see Katie walking in.
She walks to her and mom's room , to lay her stuff away.
The guys return to look at my mom and I.
My mom sighed and said:
"We'll wait for Katie, I don't know if she knows the whole truth."
We all sat in silence, waiting for Katie to return from her and mom's room.
I don't really know how to tell the guys, I mean, it looks easy to just say;
' Hey, my dad and my little sister, that you don't know that I had, died in 9/11.' , but it's not.
After a while my sister came back and walked to us and sat down.
She picked the remote up from the coffee table and put the TV on, and started watching TV.
I looked at the guys and saw them looking at me, like 'Katie's here, so talk'.
I looked at mom and she looked from Katie to me and back.
She was looking at Katie for a few moments before looking back at me.
After she got the message that I wasn't going to begin, she sighed looked back at Katie and said:
"Katie can we talk to you and the guys for a few minutes?"
Katie looked at us for a second before she said "Sure".
It was silent for a few minutes, while I looked at my mom while she looked at me.
While she was looking at me I was kind of saying to her to go on.
While she was saying, do it yourself.
I sighed and said "Katie can you please do the TV out."
Katie looked at me and sighed and put the TV out.
After she did that the guys wasted no time in saying - or more shouting….
"Come on, say it, we want to know it."
"Know what?" Katie asked.
"Ummm… Katie you know that dad died right?" Mom said, apparently choosing to go the soft way…
" Yes… What are you trying to say? Dad didn't die? Are you dating someone? If so that's amazing…" And… Katie is just talking… away? Yeah you can see it like that…
My mom laughed and said
"No Katie, he did die and I'm not dating someone."
"What is it then?"
"You're dad died in 9/11, Sweetie."
"That's all you wanted to say? Because I Want to look TV again."

"Yeah, it explains why you two are always so sad on this day." Logan said.
"Ummm… No that isn't all, that was just the 'easy' part." I Said.
"Then go on." James said.
My mo looked at me telling me silent to tell the rest.
I sighed and said:
"Umm... How am I going to tell this… Umm … Not only dad died in 9/11."
"Who else then? An Aunt, Uncle, Grandma or Grandpa?" Katie asked.
"No… umm.." I sighed and closed my eyes "Our little sister too".
I Waited a few moments till they would say something, when they didn't I opened my eyes and looked at Katie she was looking before her, I sighed and looked at the guys.
They all looked shocked, Their eyes were wide and it looked like their jaws almost hit the ground.
I looked back at Katie She look at me and whispered, almost so soft that I didn't catch it;
"I had a little sister?"
I saw that she was at the point of breaking down, so I walked to her, sat down next to her And hugged her.
"Yeah, to be exact you were 13 minutes older."
"She was my Twin?" She sniffled.
And she let the tears fall.
I started whispering soft comforting words to her and rubbed circles at her back and let her cry.
What would you think if you just heard that you had a twin sister and that she died when you were little?
I heard my mom and the guys talking, but didn't know about what I was too busy with comforting Katie.

* Aubree's POV *
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It was dinner time and I was helping my mom with dinner.
I had just helped her with cutting the vegetables and potatoes, now I was setting the glasses and stuff on table.
Mom was doing the finishing touch and dad was reading the newspaper on the couch.
When dinner was done, I sat down at the table and waited for my parents to join, so we could start.
Soon my mom and dad sat down and we started eating.
I was still thinking about that guy I saw today he looked so much like my dad.
Okay you might begin to wonder why I still remember how my dad looked, maybe you thought that I have photos of him or something, but I don't have any photos of my real family.
Then why do I know how he looked, you might ask.
Now, I know how he looked because, I have a really good memory I still remember 9/11 like it was yesterday, I know that I had a big brother and a twin sister and such but I don't know my real name weird?
Yes, I know…
hmmmm…. Maybe my parents know my real name, I mean, it won't hurt to ask, right?
"Hey mom, dad?"

"Yes sweetie?" My mom asked.
"Do you know my real name?"
My parents looked at each other and sighed.
"We knew this day would come." My dad said.
"We don't know you're real name but we know you're dads name." My mom said.
"What is it?- or was it? Maybe it's my last name too I don't know if I got my mom's last name or my dad's or if they were married but maybe I can find my family." I said.
" Kevin Knight, was you're dads name."My dad said.
" We know that you're parents were married, so it should be your last name too." My mom said.
"Thank you, mom and dad, and don't worry you guys will always be my parents even though I am not your real daughter and I want to know my real family." I said, picking up that stuff on table and putting it in the dish before walking to my room upstairs and putting on my laptop and walking towards my closet and putting on my pj's ( www. Polyvore cgi/ set?id =67141438& .locale =nl ( She has blonde hair, just like Kendall, and brown eyes, just like Katie) ) and doing my hair in a ponytail. Once I'm done with changing, I walk back to my laptop and go to Google.
I type in the search balk: Kevin Knight and click on the first site that Google finds, which is Wikipedia.
I start reading it.
Kevin Knight was born on 16 January 1973 and died on 11 September 2001.
He was married to Jennifer Knight-Cates and had three children, one son and two daughters;
Kendall Knight 2 November 1995 – now
Katilyn Knight 27 May 1999 – now
Kathrine Knight 27 May 1999 - 11 September 2001
So my real name was Kathrine Knight, maybe I can find something about myself.
I go back to Google and type in the search balk: Kathrine Knight and click again on the first site that Google finds, which 'surprisely' is Wikipedia, and start to read again.
Kathrine Knight was born on 27 May 1999 and died on 11 September 2001.
She was the daughter to Jennifer and Kevin Knight, twin sister to Katilyn and a little sister to Kendall.
Wow, nothing that I didn't know already… -.-"
maybe I can find something on my mother…
So I search for: Jennifer Knight and click again on the site of Wikipedia.
Jennifer Knight is born on 22 July 1973 and married to Kevin Knight, who died in 9/11
She had three children but one also died in 9/11, so now there only two left; Kendall Knight and Katie Knight.
They currently live in The PalmWoods Hotel in L.A.
I grab pen and paper and write the address down.
I look at the clock and see its already 10.39 p.m. is.
I turn my laptop and lamp out and lay in bed.

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