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Chapter 6

*Carlos' POV*

I was walking to the kitchen the next morning, when Logan came running out of his room, almost knocking me over in the progress.
"What the…-" before I could even end Logan screamed.
"Wha-" and again I get interrupted…
"Logan's freaking out because we slept through our alarm clock, BUT IF WE HURY WE CAN STILL BE ON TIME!" I turn around and see Kendall coming out of their room, already dressed, explaining to me what was going on and obviously yelling the end at Logan.
"can you get dressed, I'll wake James up." Kendall said to me, while walking to mine and James' room.
When I'm done I go to the kitchen where Logan and Kendall are eating breakfast, or well… just cereal because we don't have time for a big breakfast…
I grab my cereal and go sit with them, when I'm almost done James comes into the kitchen grabs an apple and says:
"We were waiting on you! Ughh… let's just go before we're even more late." Logan says.
We walk out of the apartment and towards Rocque Records.

*James' POV*

"Don't stop
Keep it moving
Get it up
Get it going
Get your hands in the air
Until the sun comes up
We keep it up in the party
Getting down getting naughty
Get your hands in the air
Until the sun comes up

We gonna dance dance dance
dance dance dance
dance dance dance
dance dance dance

We gonna dance dance dance
dance dance dance
dance dance dance
dance dance dance"

"ughhh… just… Na Na Na from the top, before I KILL YOU DOGS!" Gustavo yelled, I guess he didn't like how we song Don't Stop.
The melody started for Na Na Na and we started singing.

"Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na

When you know some stupid boy's just trying to break your heart
Don't even play his game
He doesn't see how beautiful you are
Baby just walk away

When you're feeling like the world is pushing on your chest
Don't let it get to you
Sometimes you gotta step back and take a breath
Find a different point of view

Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
When your heart's about to break
Sometimes you just gotta say
Na na na na

When you need to get away from the place where you are
Sometimes you gotta hit the road, baby,
Turn the radio up, windows down in your car
Take a trip and let it roll, roll, roll, yeah

Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
When your heart's about to break
Sometimes you just gotta say
Na na na na

When it feels like all the walls are c-c-closing in
And the noise is way too loud for you
Put your headphones on and get lost in a song
Gotta find you a different crew
C'mon, c'mon

Yeah, from the top, here we go, c'mon

Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
When your heart's about to break
Sometimes you just gotta say
Na na na na

Na na na na
When you're feeling like the world is pushing on your chest
Don't let it get to you
Sometimes you gotta step back and take a breath
Na na na na"

"THAT WAS HOR-…not bad…" Gustavo.. complimented? Probably only because Kelly just hit the back of his head.
"alright guys, you have a little break now and then you're going to practice your dancing with Mr. X for the concert you have on Saturday." Kelly said.
We all started yelling and running out of the booth.


*Logan's POV*

I'm so happy we were on time today, I seriously thought we would be to late…
This morning we didn't have school because Gustavo made sure we got free so we could practice for the concert, but we still have to make homework so we don't miss anything. So that's what I'm doing right now, the others are at the pool right now, I know for sure they are going to put everything out till the last minute, but I'm not like that, I prefer to not worry about it.(im the exact opposite, I wait till the very last minute, which is stressfull, SO DON'T, im gonna try and change it )
After awhile I'm done with my homework, so I decide that I will join the guys down by the pool, 'cause it's only 4PM.

When I get down I only see James, so I walk up to him.
I put my towel in the chair next to him and ask:
"Where are Carlos and Kendall?"
"Carlos is by the vending machine and Kendall is in the park with Jo." Oh right, I almost forgot, Jo's back from the New Zealand. I know you probably think 'Whaaat? But it's only been one year!', so I will explain. The movies were filmed a lot faster than they thought, so they are all already filmed and the first movie just premiered in the cinemas. In that one year that she was gone, Big Time Rush also became a lot more famous, we did a two world tours and will be going on another one soon, well that's what I think…it's not sure yet but I'm sure it will happen, just don't know when yet. Like I said Jo's back and she is also a lot more famous now that the first movie is in the cinema. So everything is going good, trough me and Camille broke up… again, but I don't think we're going back together this time, I mean it's already been more than 2 months that it is over… you're probably wondering ( or not, I don't care I am gonna say it either way ) why we broke up, well I guess she just doesn't like it that we are on tour so much and just doesn't like that there are other girls that like me… oh well if she doesn't like my Rushers, she isn't worth my time.


When it's time for dinner James and I go back to 2J.
"Hey Jay, can you call for Pizza, you know what we want, I'm gonna go get Los and Ken, alright?"
I walk to the lobby, where I see Bitters talking to Buddha Bob. I look towards the vending machine, where I don't see anybody. I walk towards the pool and look around for Carlos. And, of course, there he is by The Jennifers, talking with him, ever since we are more famous The Jennifer said he could date one of them, but I guess, he changed his mind because he didn't like them anymore.. which I don't think is true, I guess he just likes them more when they thought we were nothing and he had to actually try to get them, so yeah… now we are all friends. They are surprisingly nice, which you won't think…
I walk towards them and say:
"Heyy Litos, we are gonna eat you coming?"
"YESS, OF COURSE!"And he runs past me, up to the apartment.
I look towards The Jennifers, they are looking at me.
"I'll see you sometime, bye" and with that I walk away.

I went to the park, to look for Kendall.
I walk around for awhile before I see Kendall and Jo sitting on a blanket together.
"hey K-dawg, dinner is almost here, you're coming?" Kendall looks up and nods, says something to Jo, which I don't hear, and turn around to walk towards 2J while the give their famous Good-Bye kiss. They have been a lot closer since she got back, I guess that happens when one of the two people is across the world for a year.


After dinner, which was just us because Katie and Mama Knight had a girls day out today so they were eating somewhere together, I said that they better go make their homework otherwise it will be last minute and I don't think they want that. They all looked in shock at me. After some minutes, I thought it was getting irritating so I clapped my hands in front of them. When they came back they started yelling things which I didn't understand because they all screamed something different.
"STOP," I yelled. They all stopped and looked at me. "one at a time please!"
they all looked at each other, then yelled: "CAN YOU PLEASE DO OUR HOMEWORK?!"
ughh, ofcourse… "why would I you can just do it, it isn't like you've got something else you need to do" "YESS WE DO" they all yelled and before I could even say anything they were all out of the room; James to his room and Carlos and Kendall out of the apartment.
I Gotta get new friends…

*Kendall's POV ~ Earlier, before dinner ~at the park with Jo~*

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was so late already-" I started
"Don't worry, I'm not in trouble and he's not mad at you either… Which is a first…" Jo said.
"yeah, about that, what happened to him normally we both are in a lot of trouble, why are we both not in trouble this time?"
"I guess he finally knows that we are old enough to decide on our own.. or something… let's just say that I hope that's it…"
"yeahh… let's hope soo…"
"so why weren't you at school this morning, none of you guys?"
"oh Gustavo called late last night and said that we were practicing the whole week for the concert on Saturday so he got us free."
"owhhh that's right the concert is this Saturday already."
"yeah and you can come cause I'm gonna make sure Gustavo is gonna give us some tickets." We smile at each other and lean in.
"hey K-dawg, dinner is almost here, you're coming" I hear after we pull away from eachother. I look up and see Logan, I nod and turn back to Jo.
"so I'll see you tonight, all right?" she nods and we give each other a kiss.
I stand up and start walking up to the apartment, but before I'm out of the park I turn around and look at jo, I smile and give her a hand kiss before going to the other guys and start eating.

X back to the time where we were X

After I ran out of 2J. I went to the elevator ( ELEVATE A LITTLE HIGHER! Sorry…I just had to…) and went up to the 3rd floor. I knocked on 3I and waited. After a while Mr. Taylor opened the door.
"Hello Mr. Taylor, is Jo here?" I smile at him.
He looks at me and then says:
"yes, would you like to come in we were just done with dinner."
"sure" I walk pat him, to their dinner table where I see Jo sitting. She looks up and smiles when she sees me.
"would you like some dessert, Kendall? Or did you already have some at your apartment?" Mr. Taylor asked while walking to the kitchen.
"No, I didn't have something yet, so yes I would like some, thank you." I sit next to Jo and give her nose a quick kiss. She giggles and smiles at me. Mr. Taylor comes in with the dessert and sets them on the tables, while sitting down. Jo and I were holding hands, under the table, the whole time we were eating . After we were done Jo and I stood up, and Jo said:
" We are going to my room."
"alright, Have fun… not too much fun trough." After he said that we both stood still, with our eyes wide. We both turned around to look at Jo's dad, he was reading the news paper.
"we weren't planning on any of that!"Jo said, clearly embarrassed by her dad.
Her dad didn't respond, just kept reading the newspaper.
Me and Jo walk in her room fast, because we both didn't want to be in the room with him anymore. We both walked towards her bed and sat down.
"I'm so sorry about him, I really don't know what's up with him…" Jo said.
"it's alright, I guess…. He really acts strange…" I respond back.
"I don't know he's never acted like this…oh well I don't want to think about it right now" she smiles at me.
"I don't either." I smile back.
We sit for a while before I lay on her bed and put my arms out.
"come here" I say.
She comes and we cuddle.


I wake up because of my phone that was ringing, I look around and see that I'm in Jo's bed with her next to me, well half on me. We must have fallen asleep last night I think. I make she doesn't wake up while I pick my phone.
"Hello?" I ask, closing my eyes.
I groan and look at the clock and groan again, it's only 4;05am .
I try to stand up without waking Jo up, which is a lot more difficult than it looks.
When I finally get up without her waking up I walk around her room, looking for pen and paper.

Hey Jo,

Gustavo needed me and the guys,
so, sorry I'm not there when you wake up.


I lay it next to her on the bed and walk out of her apartment quietly.
I walk towards the elevator and click on the 2 button. I wait till I hear the ding and walk out to 2J. I open the door with my key and walk towards Carlos and James' room. "WAKE UP" I yell in James' ear. He sat up to fast which cost him to fall off of his bed an into the floor. I started laughing, because come on that just looks funny! Because of all the noise Carlos woke up, he looked around when his eyes fell on James and me, he started laughing too immediately knowing what happened. When Carlos and I stopped laughing, I said:
"Get ready, Gustavo wants us at the studio." and with that I walked out of their room, towards Mine and Logan's. I see that Logan is still sleeping, apparently not having woke up from what just happened in the other room. I just hope my mom and Katie are still sleeping too. I walk towards Logan and shake him, hoping I don't have to wake him up the hard way, like I did with James. I sigh when I see that he's waking up I walk towards my dresser and say too Logan:
"wake up, Gustavo called and said he wanted us in the studio as fast as we can."
I decide what I'm gonna wear, while I hear shuffling across the room, letting me know Logan is up and getting ready. I walk towards one of the three bathrooms in the apartment, or as we known mine and Logan's bathroom, see we all share one bathroom; My mom and baby sister, James and Carlos and Logan and me, so like I said we have three bathrooms. I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and walk out towards the kitchen making the cereal ready for all of us. When I'm done, Carlos comes out and starts eating. A few seconds after Carlos and I started eating Logan came in and picked up his cereal, and comes sit with us and starts eating. When I am done I put my bowl in the sink and walked towards the bathroom where I knew James was still in. "James, are you ready you still need to eat, and we need to go!" I heard mumbling and muffled 'yeah, just a minute' and walked away. I decided that I could better write a paper for when mom and Katie wake up. I walk towards the couch and pick the paper and pen off the living room table. I write that we are already to Rocque Records, that we don't know when we come home yet and that we will let her know as soon as possible. When I'm done I walk towards the kitchen and see that James is almost done, while Logan and Carlos are talking waiting for James. I make sure I have my keys and phone. When I had checked I for like the 10th time, I knew for sure that I had everything. I looked up and asked "Ready?!" "Jep" came as responds from all the guys. We all walked out of the door, making sure all lights were off and the door was closed, and towards Rocque Records.
"Why do you think Gustavo wanted us there so early?" Carlos said.
"He said that he had something to tell us, I don't know what trough." I said.
"Well it better be important, because of him you had to wake me up waaayy to early and that's not good I need my beauty sleep, you know." Who else could this be seriously do I even have to say?
It was quiet while we kept walking towards our destination. Well, until Logan decided to say something.
"Hey Kendall, where were you last night? You weren't in our room."
"I fell asleep at Jo's."
"And her dad isn't mad at you?"
"No, well not that I know, I was away before he knew and Jo was still sleeping when I got the call from Gustavo. Besides he acting different."

"Oh okay, wait what do you mean different?"
"Well just different, nicer I guess… just different."
"Well you don't seem like you like it."
"Well, it's not that I don't like it… it's just Jo said he never acts like this, so that weird and besides that it's just very awkward…"
"Oh well, don't worry too much about it."
"Easy to say."

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